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Crosman 2100 Classic Bolt Action .177 Air Rifle Review

People always try to find the best possible piece so that they can hunt properly. I have been a hunter for more than a decade and I know why it is important to have the best rifle on board. With that in mind, I have also seen a lot of people fail to buy a rifle worth mentioning. This happened because today’s internet world is much more complex than yesteryears. It consists of low-quality information and reviews to confuse mass people. In that regard, I am introducing a rifle called - Crosman 2100 Classic Bolt Action .177 Air Rifle through an in-depth review. It is a high-quality rifle with unique features. It has the ability to solve many people’s hunting doldrums. Are you still confused as to whether I am telling you the truth or not? OK! You don’t have to trust me! Just scroll down and read the comprehensive Crosman 2100 Classic Bolt Action .177 Air Rifle review to find the truth!

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About Crosman 2100 Classic Bolt Action .177 Air Rifle

For me, the Crosman 2100 Classic is a versatile rifle that comes with the power of shooting either steel BBs or .177 lead pellets. I have shot for hours without reloading the rifle because it has 200 BB rounds in the gun’s reservoir (17 BBs in the magazine). Most of the time, I just pumped it and shot for fun. I also shoot pellets as well by reloading the rifle for once. So, I think this rifle has brought flexibility in my armory as I can hunt with either a repeater or single-shot.

Moreover, I used the Crosman 2100 Classic for a number of reasons. It is light weight in nature yet it has a full-size powerhouse for launching pellets up to 725 fps and BBs up to 755 fps. In short, the rifle is for serious people like me who wants accuracy and efficiency in one package. Most importantly, the Crossman 2100 classic will give you bags of excitement just as it gave to me at my first use.

Quick Details about Crosman 2100 Classic Bolt Action .177 Air Rifle

• The Crossman 2100 Classic is a multi-pump pneumatic repeater with 17rd BB magnum (200rd BB reservoir).

• It comes with a single-shot pellet rifle and 11 mm dovetail.

• The rifle is renowned for an excellent level of accuracy with powerful velocity.

Design Overview of Crosman 2100 Classic Bolt Action .177 Air Rifle

The Crossman 2100 Classic has an exciting design and this is one of the reasons I used it for several years. It comes with an adjustable iron sight alongside grooves. The grooves will assist in fitting a scope into the gun. The materials of the rifle are as follows:

• Barrel: Rifled Steel

• Stock: Synthetic

• Forearm: Synthetic

• Muzzle velocity and pellet: 725 fps bb and 755 fps

If you want to load the magazine, you will see a 17-shot magazine along with a 200-orund capacity reservoir in the stock for BBs.

Technical Information about Crosman 2100 Classic Bolt Action .177 Air Rifle

• Manufacturer: Crosman

• Velocity: 755 fps

• Ammo Type: Pellets

• Barrel Style: Rifled

• Fire Mode: Repeater

• Hop Up: No

• Mechanism: Multi-pump pneumatic

• Front Sights: Fiber Optic

• Trigger Adjustability: Two-stage non-     adjustable

• Warranty: One-Year Limited

• Caliber0: .177 cal

• Condition: New

• Action: Bolt-action

• Blowback: No

• Gun Weight: 4.81

• Loudness: 3-Medium

• Safety: Manual

• Rear Sights: Adjustable for windage       and elevation

• Trigger Pull: 4.75

• Use: Plinking / Fun / Target Shooting

Price of Crosman 2100 Classic Bolt Action .177 Air Rifle

When you are buying a product, you will be concerned with the price. In that case, the Crossman 2100 Classic is an affordable one because the price is only $65.99. Now, a lot of people have questioned - is it worthy to buy this rifle? It is not expensive, but the manufacturer has claimed that it will offer dual functionality with lots of attractive features. How is it possible? Well! All these things are still possible as this rifle will offer you double function with different features like – a metal receiver, high velocity, and an astonishing accuracy. Not to mention that all these things made me crazy to test out the rifle and believe me; I found out that investing on this rifle my best ever investment decision!

The Insider Details of Crosman 2100 Classic Bolt Action .177 Air Rifle

Gun Type

Previously, I said that the Crosman 2100 Classic is a multi-pneumatic air rifle with a lightweight and compact design. This is why I had a greater level of control over the power of the gun. I was able to shoot indoor by pumping for three times and on the other day; I could shoot with extreme power by pumping for 10 times. So, these features allowed me to hunt in almost any condition. Besides, I was happy to know that the rifle is the most suitable one for shooting and plinking with a caliber of .177” (4.5 millimeters). In fact, I was thrilled when I found out that it is a 2100 BB repeater because I didn’t need to open or cocked the rifle recurrently. Each time, I shot, the rifle would have a new BBD= reloaded automatically. So, I could shoot without worrying about cocking and thus, it enabled me to focus more on the target.

Like I said earlier that the Crosman 2100 Classic is a dual functionality gun, it has shooting options for both BB and pellet. As a result, when I was hunting squirrel, I could easily switch from BB to pellet. Keep in mind that the switching I made was based on the condition or the requirement of the shooting. For example – if I wanted to shoot continuously, I would just switch to BB. Aside from enjoying the flexibility, I was able to teach my nephews how to operate a BB and a pellet gun simultaneously. So, this rifle is one of the best buys for me.


When I was thinking of buying a rifle, I decided that I would buy a lightweight rifle that will not be affected by moisture and temperature. The reason was simple; I was planning to hunt for almost one month in the jungle. So, I avoid the Woodstock and went for the synthetic stock made rifles. Luckily, I came to know that the Crosman 2100 Classic is constructed with synthetic material and a metal receiver. Afterwards, I could hunt in almost any kind of weather including humidity places. In addition, you will be benefitted by the textured grip and forearm. If you are sweating while hunting, this will prevent any slippage and maintain stability whilst aiming.

Here's a video of the Crosman 2100 for more information and review.


The Crosman 2100 Classic utilizes .177 pellet and .177 BBs as the major source of ammo. Amazingly, the BB is cheaper and I was able to buy thousands of rounds of BB for a few dollars. With that said, the .177 pellets is another cheap element on the marker because I brought twice as many .177 as .22 for the same price. Plus, I could easily choose hundreds of types of .177 pellets and it allowed me to realize that the Crossman 2100 Classic is a superior rifle for target practice and plinking.


The sight of the Crosman 2100 Classic is fiber optic sight. This fiber optic sight allows the dot to gather and channel ambient light towards the rear sight in a way that the target looks brighter in dark or cloudy situations. This is why I love this rifle most because I can shoot fast in an accurate way even in the darkest corner. In addition, the rifle’s rear sight consists of windage adjustment and elevation adjustment. As a result, you can shoot at your target precisely.

Velocity, Accuracy, and Power

This section is very important as it explains three different aspects of the rifle – velocity, accuracy, and power. When I was thinking about using the Crosman 2100 Classic for the first time, I did some analysis and read several critical reviews from experts. What I found that the rifle has a velocity up to 755 FPS along with steel BB and 725 FPS with lead pellet. Both these stats indicated that the velocity is medium if the rifle is paired with other pellet guns. However, the velocity would be high if it compared with other BB guns. After analyzing the facts, I understood that the rifle was capable of blowing any tin can or water balloons easily.

Besides, I also realized that I could hunt squirrel or chipmunk with the rifle, but I have to be at a close range and thus, I need to hit with a perfect shot placement as well. On a positive note, I also figured out that I could easily blow birds, doves, crow, pigeons, etc. In addition to these facts, I found out that this rifle was a perfect one for accurate target shooting with a firing range up to 30 yards because I was able to take down common plinking object provided that the shooting range was up to 100 meters.

Check this out: Crosman 2100 - Accuracy and Velocity

Noise, Shooting Range, and Use

I love using the Crosman 2100 Classic for lots of fundamental issues and one of these issues is the noise. In fact, it doesn’t make any noise, which is important for hunting. With that in mind, I would also emphasize the fact that the effective shooting range for this rifle is 30 yards. I beta tested this rifle for different shooting ranges before using it for my hunting adventures. The result was that it performs better at a shooting range of 30 yards. So, I can definitely say that this rifle is perfect for shooting, dropping birds, and plinking.

Here's another video: Crosman 2100 - Hunting Pigeons

Pros and Cons of Crosman 2100 Classic Bolt Action .177 Air Rifle


1) The rifle comes with a dual functionality.

2) It has a great metal receiver with a beautiful stock, equipped with a texturing grip.

3) The sight of the rifle is breathtaking with fiber optic sight.

4) It has a greater level of velocity with an accurate shooting capacity.

5) Everybody including the kids can use the rifle for its easy-to-use functionality.


1) Some users have complained that they took a little bit of time to master the pumping action fully.

2) At some points, they also remarked that the pumping actions can be monotonous.

Bottom Line: Should you buy Crosman 2100 Classic Bolt Action .177 Air Rifle?

At this stage, you should have grasped all the basic information about the Crosman 2100 Classic because I have explained every bit of information of this exclusive rifle. It is an under-priced gun with loads of potential to be your best hunting rifle. If you are not still convinced to buy it, just remember that you won’t find a BB/pellet combo gun for a price of $65. So, don’t hesitate and make your purchase today!

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