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Danner Men’s Acadia 8″ Boot Review

Danner is a surely understood brand in the field of footwear, especially with regards to boots. Work boots need to accomplish a list of goals, and the Danner Men's Acadia Uniform Boot is ready to satisfy most of your needs. If you're hoping to supplant your old pair of work boots with something new and strong, and if you're interested in slip resistant boots, the right now reviewed model should be on your shortlist.

Rating: 4.7 / 5.0

Made in the USA, the Acadia® features Danner's famous stitch down construction, giving a more stable stage underneath and superior solidness. This boot has a waterproof breathable GORE-TEX® lining and a blend upper of 1000 Denier nylon and full-grain calfskin. The Vibrio® Kletterlift outsole provides superior shock absorption and extraordinary footing on both wet and dry surfaces. Beneath is a Danner Men's Acadia 8" Boot Review.

How it fits

The 650 last offers a sleek, slender profile with a more limited fit. Boots on this last tend to fit those with a more thin foot superior to those with a more extensive foot. This ensures a snug fit for landscape and activities that interest support and stability. If you do have a more extensive foot, we suggest requesting an "EE" (wide) in this style.

Features and specifications

The Danner Men's Acadia Uniform Boot comes with a series of perks that make it an ideal choice with regards to finding a strong work boot which can be worn in a wide assortment of environments. There are some features which make these boots certainly stand out of the group:

  • Vibrio sole. If you have to discover dependable slip resistant work boots, you unquestionably need to look at footwear which employs Vibrio in its sole design. This organization provides substantial obligation elastic for the Danner boots, which is designed to last for quite a long time of constant use. Thanks to this sole design, you can depend on these work boots regardless of the possibility that outside is cold or if you stumble upon slick surfaces. The grasp doesn't lose its quality for a considerable length of time in succession.
  • Butchery Tex lining. Butchery Tex is the thing you need if you need to keep your feet dry at all times. The inside of these Danner boots remains breathable, so your feet don't get sweaty in hot temperatures; simultaneously, any water that you need to experience will stay on the outside, keeping your socks and feet completely secured. The Danner-specific stitch-down design also contributes to keeping liquids outside of the boots.
  • Tall shaft. The 8"shaft of the boots is designed to give a perfect fit to your feet, keeping them shielded from any dangers inches over the ground; the corduroy and cowhide blend also brings down the general weight of the boot. The tall shaft works as an inseparable unit with the fiberglass shank of the boot so as to keep your lower leg in an appropriate position. Thanks to these two features, you won't wind up with sore feet subsequent to wearing these boots for a considerable length of time in succession.
  • Retractable design. Switching to another pair of boots following a couple of years of using your trusted footwear is not an easy step to do. Be that as it may, with regards to these Danner boots, if you wind up wearing out the sole excessively, you just need to give them a quality resoles instead of discarding the boots out and out. Refurbishing the boots can make them last up to 10 years of constant use.

Danner Men's Acadia 8" Uniform Boot Video Review


The Danner Men's Acadia Uniform Boot comes with a series of solid advantages, settling on it the favoured decision of numerous buyers out there.

Accessible in various widths. Danner understands not every one of us have "ordinary width" feet, and that is the reason the Danner Men's Acadia Uniform Boot are also accessible for people with either limited, wide or additional wide feet, so more individuals can appreciate the same level of solace while wearing these boots.

Scratch-resistant shaft. The corduroy-made shaft won't not seem promising, but rather the material is very suited for substantial obligation tasks, where you may wind up experiencing pointy or restless items. The shaft keeps your leg secured, while also bringing down the general weight of the boot.

Stable underneath design. The sole region does not advantage just from Vibrio itself to keep you stable on uneven ground; the underneath design benefits from profound ridges, which avoid softer materials, similar to mud or snow, from meddling with your activities.


Unbending design. For some, the stiff design of these Danner boots may feel overpowering, because it can prompt sore feet. Be that as it may, if you wear the boots constantly, for several hours in succession, they will adjust to your feet in the blink of an eye, clearing a path for agreeable work hours.


Purchasing a work boot as per Danner Men's Acadia 8" Boot Review that is both solid and agreeable is a difficult task, and when you require additional features like a slip resistant sole and water insurance, things get much trickier. In any case, this pair of uniform boots can satisfy your needs is a fantastic pair of work boots. These boots are at present used by professionals working in various fields, and their slip resistant sole is profoundly respected. It uses Gore-Tex and that means it prevents water getting in (waterproof!), whilst still permitting perspiration out. It helps to keep your feet cool, agreeable and dry.

Of course, some people have had some issues because Cardura and cowhide are stiff materials that need time before they will form to your feet. On uncommon occasions, customers needed to give back their boots because they felt that the boots were somewhat too substantial or small, but if you do the best possible measurements, you shouldn't keep running into any issues by any means.

This pair of uniform boots is a genuine investment and a worth for-cash pair if you consider the solidness of it. This makes this pair of Danner uniform boots an awesome decision if you are searching for a decent all-rounder for your employment.

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