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Danner Men’s Desert TFX G3 Uniform Boots Review

I decided to write a Danner Men's Desert TFX G3 Uniform Boots Review because the shoes were just the epitome of comfort. I was in the army and these boots are good uniform boots. I purchased them from amazon and they are worth every penny I spent on buying them. They are soft, comfortable and give a good fit. While walking initially there was some noise coming from the shoes but after wearing it 4-5 times, it went off.

Rating: 3.7 / 5.0

These shoes really took a week to make their worth felt. I walk a lot and these shoes are my best companion while walking to work or even outside. One thing you have to say about these shoes they really look cool. Wherever I go people ask me where I got my boots from and I don’t let them on to my little secret.

These shoes are well made as one would expect from Danner. I am a mountaineering freak and these shoes give a good grip while climbing high mountain terrains.

I have bought these shoes for the third time, and boy! Am I their avid fan? The support of GFX soles is one of a kind and second to none. I won’t buy any other brand any more. The shoes took just 5 days to break in and within a week I was breezing in these shoes.

My previous pair lasted me two years and after two years of rough use they started to break at the seams that is when I decided to go for my next pair and the choice of the brand remained Danner! I was that satisfied with my previous two pairs that a third time in a row I went for Danner shoes. I enjoyed the superior comfort and amazing durability of the previous two pairs until they were finally worn out.

I signed on to my Amazon account only to find that my favorite boots were out of stock. I waited for two weeks to get my favorite pair and third time around also I’m as happy as I was earlier.

I have read many Danner Men's Desert TFX G3 Uniform Boots Reviews on Amazon, and I was surprised to find some negative reviews. My experience with these shoes has only been positive. While walking on even ground or mountainous terrains these shoes are just comfortable. The look, the feel and the comfort level that these boots offer is amazing.

The laces tuck in comfortably and the eyelets are just perfectly designed (Most shoes ignore these finer points but Danner has taken care of every wee bit of detail.)

As I said earlier I was in the army and boots are an essential part of our gear, I carried my memories of the army outside with these Danner boots. They are comfortable and sturdy like my army boots.

The TFX G3, boots are lightweight so wearing them for some 15 odd hours is not a pain. They fit perfectly, feel light on the feet, are sturdy and of course repeating for the nth time are comfortable.

These shoes are waterproof so wearing them in all seasons is a pleasure. Danner claims that the TFX G3 Uniform Boots are their best-selling boots. I completely agree with them. Their vibram outsole makes walking in them a pleasure. They are lightweight as I said earlier and are designed for speed and constructed for stability. In its product description Danner claims that the boots feature a durable rough-out leather upper with lightweight 1000 Denier nylon. It is true. The Vibram Striker, torrent outsole is designed with a pentagonal pivot point lug pattern for grip in all directions. This was proved during my mountain hiking trips, it gives a superior grip and is comfortable. It is very comfortable around the ankle area as most shoes of this type tend to press on in the ankle area, but this one feels comfortable.

Designed with speed and stability in mind, this boot has the lightest weight and most versatile platform. It also features a durable rough out leather upper with lightweight 1000 denier nylon. This shoe fits with an athletic and supportive fit while providing sufficient room in the toe area. This shoe is perfect for those who seek a high mileage performance from their boots. The boot contains breathable moisture wicking mesh lining that ensures that your feet breathe easy when encased in the boot for more than 15 hours. The boot also provides variable lace system for secure glove like fit of the boot. It features a cross stitch design which gives added durability and stability in the toe and medial heel pivot zones.

This one is an improved version of the original boot. Its built is slimmer, lightweight and long-lasting. It still offers the same functionality and advanced technology that Danner is known for. The slip and oil resistant Vibram Striker Torrent outsole handles extreme climates that is why it is an all season buy. The extraordinarily cushioned polyurethane midsole provides critical arch support and shock absorption for long periods of wear on long missions. Danner has not neglected the insole either, there is a breathable lining in the insole which dries out sweat and promotes a breathable interior in the boots.


These boots look and feel good, are technically sound and the best buy for your money. It is a perfect case of money well spent. The skid free feature ensures that you walk safely on any terrain and wear these shoes up to 15 hours in a day. The breathe easy feature ensures that you have a sweat free wearing experience and own a pair that do not smell once you remove them. Each feature ensures that you have a unique buying experience and you are sure that the $170 that you spend in buying this pair of boots is not going down the drain. Memory of army days are revived with these superbly designed pair of boots as they are the perfect uniform boots and good to wear with civilian clothing as well. I would recommend these amazing pair from Amazon to all buyers who are looking for a good pair with state-of-the-art features. Go buy these boots and become happy owners of a comfortable pair.

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