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Danner Rivot TFX 8 Inch Safety Toe AR670-1 Compliant Boots

Are you looking for a boot that offers durability, toughness and lightweight all in one? Danner takes pride in their boots by using the top quality materials for their products. The Danner Rivot TFX 8 Inch Boot is one of our favorites. The boot was built and crafted in Portland Oregon.  The Rivot TFX is built with a lightweight TFX platform, 360 degree pivot lug pattern, space frame wedding, and a 1000 Denier nylon upper. That doesn't make all that much sense to you? No worries, that is why we put together this guide for you.

The Rivot is AR 670-1 compliant for optional wear.

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Best Environment for Use

The Danner Rivot TFX Coyote boots are used for military Armed Forces, physical construction works as well as hikers who need more foot protection.


What makes the Rivot lightweight is the TFX platform, while the leather upper and 1000 Denier nylon provides a durable toughness to the boot. The space frame webbing enhanced motion and allows you to make fast, sudden movements as the boots feature a lug pattern with a 360 degree pivot point. Your feet will feel top of the line ventilation and continuous airflow with the space mesh. With great support and ample toe room, your heels will be secure with a boot that provides an excellent fit and great comfort.

Fiberglas shank

The fibre glass shank is softer and warmer than steel but provide durable support. Due to the soft material, it is extremely flexible and lightweight – allowing you more freedom to bend and move easily. It offers just the right amount of bend to create natural movements in your feet and support the arches to help ease stress.


Heavy boots will easily add weight and fatigue during hot weather, especially when soldiers them for long periods of time under the sun.

Non-Metallic Safety toe

The non-metallic safety toe prevents high or low temperatures to protect the body heat of the user. The safety toe doesn’t exactly provide the same protection as a steel toe, but still provide an ample amount of toe protection. This is a great boot option for users who are under the sun all day as the steel toe can become hot to touch during extreme hot weather.

Durable nylon and leather

The leather is tough and durable with the 1000D nylon upper to allow for comfort, superior protection and resistance against abrasive surfaces and dirt.

Spacer Mesher

The state of the art spacer mesh releases heat vapours to allow continuous airflow. These boots will allow your feet to breathe while keeping them comfortable and cool during the hot weather season.

Speed lacing system

A speed lacing system allows the user to move the laces from the inside out. This feature removes friction between the shoes and the laces to allow the fit to go on and off without much effort.

Space Frame Webbing

The space frame webbing was designed for the purpose of increase in mobility and flex in the upper.

Polyurethane foot bed

The Polyurethane foot bed offers top-quality shock absorption for improved air circulation with an additional layer of open cell construction. It is tested to be 50% better than rubber and very durable.

Terra Force X Platform

The Terra Force X platform provides a lightweight fit with traction, manoeuvrability, and durability.

Vibram Rivot TFX outsoles

The Vibram Rivot TFX outsole offers high-quality pivoting, acceleration, braking, and traction in rugged terrains. For pivotal movements, the boots feature a 360 degree pivot point lugs and broad flat lugs in the toe region, outer edges and heel.

AR 670-1 compliant

These regulations aren’t exactly new but they are not enforcing the standards. Purchasing unauthorized boots may even cause you to be sent home to change them.

Top-quality craftsmanship

The boots have excellent craftsmanship with triple seams that gets rid of the need for frequent repairs. Some has said to have the Danner Rivot TFX throughout their entire tour in Afghanistan.


As compared to the previous Danner models with a hook eyelet, the speed lacing of the Rivot TFX run through eyelets that must be loosen all the way down to the tongue to remove the boot.


The boots have an 8-inch height and weighs approximately 54 oz. It follows a true to size with a supportive and athletic fit. The boots provide a good amount of room in the toe region. The specific heel shape allows the heel to lock into place for better comfort and fit on the back of the boot. The fit is supportive and is ideal for those who plan to get the most out of their gear.

8” Height

The Danner Rivot TFX boots have a standard 8 inch height to help protect not only your feet but your ankles as well. This may bring comfort to those hiking through snake country.


The sole of the boots are said to be both comfortable and heat-resistant. This feature will help keep the external heat from being transmitted to the feet.


The Rivot boots are somewhat waterproof, although it is not classified as a waterproof boot. This is due to the vents on the sides that keep your feet cool with breathable ventilation.


We like how light and comfortable the boots are all year. Users say it took less than a week to break in to achieve the ideal level of comfort. The boots are quite durable and sturdy with a good sized width. Another plus is how the tongue guards up as the toe is soft enough to bend down or squat without feeling any sudden discomfort or unusual damage to the toe.


The down side to the Danner Rivot boots is that it might be a little too heavy for some although it is said to be a lightweight summer boot. The uppers are quite bulky and might disrupt your walking if not tied correctly. The size of the boots also run a half size small, so be sure to go a size up or try it on before you buy.

Users say…

Users praise the Danner Rivot TFX boots on the perfect fit as to be expected from the high quality brand. Some have also mentioned how durable the boots are as some have said to have frequently used them on a 12-mile hike without any issues. These boots fit as well as the chart says making it great with solid stitching and durable construction.

Overall Conclusion

The Danner Rivot TFX boots are proudly made in the USA, although some models are made abroad due to the needed materials. The price is a bit expensive, but as the saying goes “you get what you pay for.” The boots are quite sturdy and have been said to take whatever abuse has been thrown at them. With solid built construction, the Rivot is lighter compared to other models in its category.

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