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Epic Rap Battle: Marines vs. Army

Breaking news……Soldiers and Marines are really friends! Well at least it appears so in this latest video just put out by Mat Best AKA - MBest11x the President of a company called

If you haven’t figured it out, “art15clothing” stands for Article 15 Clothing. Under the uniform code of military Justice, Article 15 refers to Non-judicial punishment (NJP). Now I am not sure if these guys got in trouble while in the military but they have turned a great idea into a lot of money.

The antics that the world sees on the internet, that take place in the “Den of Debauchery”, are totally real. Article 15 Clothing was asked by the one and only “Kesha” to spend time with these guys last Veterans Day. They even made an awesome video that anyone can appreciate but any veteran will absolutely love. Look below for a link to that video.

Their business model is based on off duty military thought based clothing with attitude. And oh by the way, they make hilarious videos that only those who have served will understand. They have been to the same zones and eaten the same crappy food. One thing I really love is that these guys will actually call you up on Skype and thank you for your order.

Coining phrases such as the “Bikini Snap” and “Tactical Comedy” have made these guys legendary on YouTube in a very short period of time.

Each video totes epic titles like “Bikini Snaps and the New Rap Battle” to “Tasers, Tattoos, and Well Oiled Clippers” and even “How to Work Out Like an Operator”. Whatever your preference in military comedy I’m positive you will find these guys truly entertaining.

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