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Estwing E24A 14-Inch Sportsman’s Axe Review

So you are looking for the Estwing E24A 14-Inch Sportsman’s Axe with Leather Grip and Nylon Sheath? The Estwing E24A 14-Inch Sportsman’s Axe is forged in one piece steel that is very durable with a genuine shock reduction leather grip. It comes with an embossed heavy duty nylon sheath. It has a tempered 3 1/4 inches cutting edge for easy cutting. This famous camping hatchet is the best choice of outdoorsmen everywhere. If you are looking for an ability to absorb tremors and impacts at the same time resists damage from various positions, then this is the best affordable camping hatchet just right for your needs.

Manufactured by Estwing, this hatchet is the most versatile tool that you can carry with you outdoors. The manufacturer polished this tool well to serve the needs of the consumers. With a good track record since 1923, Estwing has taken pride in scheming and producing the world’s strongest, comfortable and striking tools. All products are made to the highest possible standards and offer an exact worth to both tradesmen and craftsmen alike.

The company’s continued innovation proves that they only provide quality products to consumer specifically patterned for their needs and wants.

It is very important to know the details of every product you purchase for your great satisfaction. An informed customer is always promising, so we have a guided material below.

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Product Information


13 x 7 x 2 inches. The Estwing E24A 14-Inch Sportsman’s Axe serves as a knife on one side and as a hammer on the other side. While not is use, you can store it conveniently inside your tool chest or cabinet because it won’t occupy so much space. Take note of which side the blade faces to avoid accidents.

Item Weight

14.9 ounces. It is very handy and relaxing to carry when you go for your outdoor picnics. In terms of keeping it when not in use. It won’t really contribute a lot of heaviness to your tool chest.

Shipping Weight

1.3 pounds. If you decided to have the item shipped, it is also a great idea. Since it is light enough to be shipped to your houses or other desired locations, it will not cost you much.


This item can be shipped to any state in the US and to selected countries worldwide. Once you decided to purchase the item on Amazon or Walmart, then when you enter your city outside of the US, you will know if your location is included in those selected countries.


$35.00. Knowing the ability of this tool, it is cost effective and very affordable. You can also check for current pricing lists.

Estwing E24A 14-Inch Sportsman’s Axe with Leather Grip and Nylon Sheath Review

Rating: 4.6 / 5.0

Customer Reviews

As of this writing, there are a total of 1,133 reviews on Amazon. Top Customer reviews shows great satisfaction of the Estwing E24A 14-Inch Sportsman’s Axe. Consumers are proud to say that the item is very durable and can even be used up to several lifetimes. They are also very happy of this tool because it is indestructible, not too heavy and makes it very useful outdoor. Other friends who have seen this axe from the consumers are interested and wanted to purchase the same tool.

For those who already purchased the product, they claimed that it is worth every penny and gave them the real deal.

Estwing E24A 14-Inch Sportsman’s Axe with Leather Grip and Nylon Sheath Review Video Review

Pros and Cons


The handle of Estwing sportsman hatchet is leather so it will not rust as compared to other hatchets found in the market. Shock is also minimized because the handle is not metal. It is hard to destroy such a durable handle. Metal handles weakens overtime.

The sharp blade trims bushes and thick dead standing wood well. And because it is lightweight it is not tiring to perform the tasks as compared to other heavy hatchets. You will never experience a loose hatchet on this tool since the head and shaft are drop-forged of one piece of fine steel.

Its tapered head is thinner than any other hatchets which makes it very easy to sharpen and its effective handle design of leather washers over a steel shaft is safe, comfortable and well-cushioned.

It is not stainless but it resists corrosion very well. It keeps good sharp edge for years compared to other hardware-store hatchets and axes that are relatively soft and will not have any advantage at all.


The Estwing hatchet is not designed for heavy work like cutting down trees but of course I would rather use a bowsaw for that anyway.

The bevel in the edge is a little mismatched. But you won’t notice this while you are using it. The hatchet will need to be sharpened regularly. After sharpening, the mismatch will be gone.

Information on how to clean your hatchet will also be very useful so we have provided the following:

Use a grinder to eliminate large scratches and reprofile the blade. You can also use a hand file to avoid all those big works. In using a file, keep the entire edge in equal contact with the abrasive material of the hand file.

To protect the edge of your hatchet from harmful elements, you can cover it with beeswax. Occasionally, wipe down the handle with linseed oil to maintain its flexibility.

Never soak the head of your hatchet in water if ever it becomes lose, instead re-wedge the handle to fix the loose head.


I am not a fan of writing reviews about the products I purchase but this is a precious creation that I really recommend to my friends and family who love camping and outdoor fun. It is the best affordable hatchet being sold in the market these days. I am proud of this product and when a skeptic person like me is proud of something, it really means everything. Try it and experience the magic of this tiny but mighty tool. You will surely write a great review of it as well.

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