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Falling Asleep Can Make You “Famous”

Scientific research has proven that a quick, power nap is refreshing and rejuvenating but experienced men in uniform say the opposite. A sleepy soldier is impossible to resist for his colleagues as it was firsthand experienced by ‘ a few good men’ in this video.

Funny enough, I came across this video once I myself was about to doze off and the way the soldiers were ‘manipulated’ by their colleagues alerted me full time. The first thing that you will do on seeing it will be to look around you and find a sleepy target for testing one of the tricks.

Putting items in mouth and nose are common even in schools but the soldiers take it one step further where they even burn the crotch. Shrink wraps are also handy at such occasions and getting a pastry or two are sure to add creamy fun to one’s face.

So if you are feeling sleepy, look around you to make sure that none of your friends is in sight because he or she is going to be the ‘catalyst’ in making you ‘famous’ for the world. But if you are adamant to sleep, do not forget to keep a pistol between your legs but even that might not save you from your close friends.

So my advice for the soldiers getting bored to death is to stay awake, stay anonymous.

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