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G-Shock GA110MB-1A Military Watch Review

G – Shock GA110MB- 1A Military Watch is a wrist watch designed for men but it can also be worn by women. It’s a fashionable watch that is on high demand due to its performance and other desirable features that comes along with it.

Rating: 4.3 / 5.0


This product was made in USA and assembled in china. It has dimensions 4.3 x 3.8 x 2.4 inches which are a moderate size and big enough to be worn on the wrist. Its model number is GA110MB-1A and model year is 2015. Apart from that it’s also a product of Casio which is the best watch production brand with a collection of quality products.


GA11OMB has both the analog and digital display. The analog is one in which numbers are mounted on the screen display and has rotating minute and our hands. These types of displays have been in use for a very long time making the watch usable by a range of people from young to the old.

The G-Shock watch is round in shape and of an interesting a pleasant design which looks good on the wrist. With its attractive design, anyone with yean to acquire and own this watch. Its main color is black which makes it comfortable to where with any kind of outfits and still look smart and classy, and well dressed up.

The digital display indicates time in numbers in form of hours and minutes e.g. 12:30. Depending on one’s settings it cans show time in form of hours, minutes and seconds (2:45:15).its gives one a chance to use a system that is easier for them.


With all the desirable features that this watch contains it is still of good quality starting from the appearance and what it is made from. Its comes at an affordable price, a price that matches its features and performance, which mostly is suitable for professionals and people who are time conscious.

It a modern products which has some features added to it. Its shock magnetic which means it isn’t affected by any kind of movement. It does not get damaged easily when thrown down, hit on the floor or any kind of slumming. It doesn’t break when one engages in very vigorous activities and that is why it can be worn by any kind of person from kids, teenagers to adults.

The g-shock has the ability to resist water to a depth of two hundred meter. A user of this product can do their activities in water while still wearing their watch and it still functions well. Its well protected and covered to prevent it from being damaged by water. You can even go swimming, shower while wearing the watch and its still functions well unlike other watches which are not water resistance and get damaged and stop functioning immediately they come into contact with water. This is one of the most important aspects that make g- shock watch desirable and great. It’s the best watch to be used by divers and water sports activity.

Light in weight and very comfortable to wear. It weighs 8.5 ounces. The user is comfortable doing their activity without feeling any irritations. It’s durable since it’s made of high quality products making its performance above average when it comes to rating. Has an alarm. The alarm is pre set to alert the user depending on how it’s been set. It also comes with Auto LED light with afterglow.

G – Shock GA110MB- 1A Military Watch Unboxing

The military watch has a longer lasting battery of about 2 to 5 years of proper functioning without replacing its battery. This means it can be used for a very longer period of time without replacing its battery. In case a user needs to replace there batteries, it’s advisable to visit a watch store or a jewelry expert to help them replace the battery. The watch is very delicate and when tamped with it can be badly ruined or when it’s mishandled without using the proper tools.

G – Shock watches have World time and full auto calendar. Depending on the country in which are, all you need to do is select time zone and it automatically sets itself giving you the correct time and the calendar in terms of day, month and year. Who wouldn’t want to acquire such a watch that makes things easier in any continent or locality, all you have to do is just do the settings.

It’s somehow considered a complicated watch since it has additional features such as the calendar, alarm and shock magnetic. It doesn’t only show time but performs other important functions. It also has a stop watch and a countdown timer. This allows the user to set time in performing various duties and the watch alerts them when the time has elapsed.

Anything that has a desirable feature must also have some undesirable features and so does G – Shock GA110MB- 1A Military Watch. It has one main undesirable feature in terms of its performance that is poor lighting on the screen. It has very low lighting on the screen that makes it hard to read time and other things on the watch. One strains a lot to do so especially at night when there is no or less lighting. Its screen appears to be dark at night and the light that is produced is not enough to make one read time clearly. That’s the major fallback of this watch, but apart from that it has all other things set right which makes it great.


As it’s designed, the user can change the buckle or straps of the watch. In some cases, it comes with additional straps when bought to enable the user change whenever necessary and to different sizes. It’s a product that when bought or given as a gift will make you appreciated. It makes one time conscious and to be always on track in time management or when performing various activities that need timing. It’s a good reminder of time, date. If you’re ever looking for a good watch then consider getting one of the G – Shock GA110MB- 1A Military Watch. It’s simply the best one can ever get.

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