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Garmin Echo 100 Fishfinder Review

Finding the best fishfinder that will fit your needs can be challenging. As value is everything, the Garmin Echo 100 is a strong fishfinder that is packed with all the important functions without the hefty price tag. What makes the Echo 100 stand out is the crisp 4-inch display with an 8 level greyscale FSTN screen and 160 x 256-pixel resolution. The Garmin Echo 100 can quickly extend to its single 200 kHz beam transmitter that works to bring even the smallest details hiding in less than 600 feet of fresh water.

Due to the compact size, the Garmin Echo 100 is ideal for small-to-mid-sized boats. Everything you need for a fishfinder is included in the box. Along with the fish finder itself, the box also includes a tilt and swivel mount, the necessary power cables, transducer and manual instructions.

Features of the Garmin Echo 100 Fishfinder

  • Garmin HD-ID Technology
  • ​4” Display
  • ​600 ft. Depth
  • ​100W Sonar Power Transmitter
  • ​Single Beam with up to 60 degrees
  • ​Water Temperature Sensory
  • ​Audible Alarm System
  • Auto Gain Technology for minimizing clutter and maximizing targets

HI-ID Technology

To increase your chances of catching fish, the HD-ID target tracking technology makes it easy to easy what goes on underwater and what you should catch. This unit provides a great separation between images with quick refreshers.


The 4” display screen is quite moderate for a model of this price, but it works nonetheless. Compared to other units in its field, it is quite superior due to the 8–color greyscale screen, making it capable of displaying sudden temperature changes. The depth reading abilities are excellent as the screen provides depth readings and depth of the catch below. This is incredibly handy when you look for fish that prefer to stay in certain temperatures or when changing temperatures that cause an increase in oxygen.

The screen is easy to see in sunlight, in order to stay useful no matter where you use it. This screen also provides 2D imaging along with the black and white feature that works well as there will be no colour to distract in the light.


Similar to other products in the same price range, the Garmin Echo 100 carries a single sonar unit that operates at 200 kHz. This feature allows you to capture high levels of detail. Combined with one of the best screens in its category, this factor makes fish finding and locating structures quite simple.

As with all Garmin products, the Echo 100 unit is readily installed with the latest in HD-ID technology. This means that capturing fish patterns and arcs is incredibly detailed and simple. The scanning range of this unit is in-line with similar products in the category. This unit operates at 60 degrees -10db to provide a large enough arc of the scan while allowing you to stay mobile on the water.

Single-bean Transducer

As one of the best in its field, the transducer is able to tell the difference in temperature within the body of water. This brings vital importance when it comes to fish finding, which is also something that the Echo 100 manages with ease. While the suitable hardware is standard, a supporting bracket and a trolling motor camp can be attached to the unit. The transducer has a frequency of 200 kHz with a cone angle of 60 degrees, making it ideal for large bodies of water.

Power unit

Despite the great features, this unit provides within its budget, the power unit is surprisingly low when compared to other units in its price range. The unit runs between 10-20V while in operation, as 100W is devoted to the sonar unit.


We like the portability style model like the Echo 100, as it is beneficial to anyone on a small boat and knows the value of space. This device features a portable design, which makes it ideal for small spaces. It is easy to mount and has a quick release tilt mount for easy assembling and dissembling.


  • User-friendly device
  • ​Ease of Use by amateur and experienced fisherman
  • ​Ease of Installation
  • ​Excellent Performance
  • ​Great Screen Resolution
  • ​Space Saver
  • ​Provides hardware and screws for easy installation
  • Affordable


  • The transmitter is a single-beam, rather than a dual-beam
  • ​The water speed is not displayed
  • ​No GPS tracker
  • ​The Battery voltage is not displayed directly on the unit
  • ​The design of the unit is not quite kayak-friendly – which many require more time to install correctly
  • Plastic Protective Cover is sold separately

Here's a three part demo of the Garmin Echo 100 Fishfinder.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can the Echo 100 be used on a watercraft or a jet ski?

A: The Echo 100 fishfinder is small enough to be used on a jet ski. However, it is important to note that due to the speed of the Jet Ski, the performance will increase.

Q: Does the Echo 100 have a backlight?

A: This Fishfinder does have a backlight feature that can be activated through the settings menu.

Q: Is the fish finder rechargeable or does it require batteries?

A: There a depth finder that is hooked up to the 12V battery on the boat. If the boat doesn’t contain this, you will be a need 12V battery. Everything for the mounting is included in the box.

Q: What is the overall size of the screen?

A: The screen is approximately 2.5” wide, 3.5” high and 4”in diagonal to produce clear and sharp images.

Customer Testimonials

According to one customer, the device does what it claims to do, giving it a 4 out of 5-star rating. Many of the testimonials we’ve found claim that it’s well worth the buy and many are content with the Echo 100 fish finder. Another customer gave the fishfinder a 5-star rating as the device works perfectly well.

The Garmin Echo 100 is a great unit that provides excellent results in its field. The depth reading of the screen is excellent as it is rated second to none when compared to similar products in its category. To help save you time, the Echo 100 is very easy to install. Most users who have tried it have given positive ratings on the unit. While the unit lacks the desired dual beam sonar and a GPS tracker, what may lack in flashy features, this fishfinder makes up for it in efficient performance, speed, reliability, and value.

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