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Garmin Tactix Tactical Gps Watch Review

This is the first GPS watch from Garmin whose main objective was to cater for those that is in the military hence it is also referred to as military watch. The watch was made for law enforcement and police special operations in 2013. According to Dan Bartel during the launch of the watch, it can be used by both civilians and soldiers and it is different from other watches due to the preloaded tide data and jumpmaster software along with its stealth design. This is surely true as I have not seen another watch that has these great features.

Its key features

The Garmin tactix has a typical grid reference system such as UTM (Universal Transverse Mercator), MGRS (Military Grid Reference System), Latitude, longitude and height. It is therefore easy for you to choose whichever reference to use regarding to your field. If you are in the military, it will be easy to carry out search and rescue missions and set up co-ordinates for field training. It is also easy to review your co-ordinates at any time. Although you may lose signal every now and then while in the woods, the watch will finally take you to your destination.

Its backlight that is night vision goggle friendly is great features that will enable you work at any time of the day. It has a green LED backlight that is unique from other watches. To prevent the watch from appearing like a glowing ball of fire when viewed through the night vision goggle, its screen has inverted colors. The backlight can be adjusted to the level of brightness you desire that is comfortable for you and you can also specify how long you want it to stay on.

The screen is made of a non-reflective, scratch resistant and curved mineral glass that enhances your privacy since nobody can be able to read the coordinates and data on your watch. If you is working or training in the woods, the screen cannot be scratched and destroyed due to its strong screen that cannot be easily scratched. The curved mineral glass also enhances your appearance as it is beautiful and you appear classy.

During training the watch is very essential as it helps you keep your progress record in regard to distance covered, the time used and the calories you have burned. This will help you stay healthy and keep fit as your body calories will be burnt during the training. If you are working in the military as a skydiver, this watch will guide you when to jump as it has a jumpmaster mode. It calculates the high altitude release point (HARP) that is used when the parachutist needs to know when to jump. The watch detects when you jump and it navigates towards the desired impact point. This is important as it prevents you from any danger that can occur from jumping at the wrong time and using the wrong equipment. As a military, it is therefore important to have this watch for these reasons among other things.

This watch is water proof and can go up to 50 meters deep in water without spoiling unlike other watches. It can be able to withstand harsh weather conditions such as snow, high winds and rain. Therefore during your training and other adventures you will not have the fear of it faulting due to weather. It also provides tidal data regarding to tides when diving for a navy military though this is only available for the US models only.

Customer Review

Where can I buy the Garmin tactix?

I can buy this watch from either Amazon or directly from the manufacturer suppliers who sell them.

How do I reset the watch?

I can reset the watch by checking out Garmin’s forum or visit a professional who deals with watches to help me through the resetting.

How do I update the watch?

I should visit the Garmin’s website to get guidelines on the latest firmware updates and follow the steps written systematically. I can also get the guidance of a professional watch dealer.

What items I bought together with Garmin Tactix?

  • Tempe temperature - This gives me accurate reading of the temperature in my surroundings as a military officer.
  • Garmin Cadence Sensor - When buying the watch, I also got this item that helps me in enhancing my cycling experience and provide accurate speed , distance and pedal strokes.
  • Heart rate Monitor - This item helps me in my collection to get accurate data like calories for more enhanced running experience.

Garmin Tactix Tactical Gps Watch Video Review

Pros and Cons


Garmin watch helped me during hiking in the wilderness trails. It enabled me to trace my way through the woods and get my way out. It would not have been easy without the watch and I would probably get lost in the woods with to one to help me out. As an athlete, this watch enables me to keep a good record of my time, distance covered and how many calories I have burnt during the running thus helps me keep fit. This improves my running as I will work towards improving the time I take and the distance I cover every time and finally become an efficient athlete.

The box containing the watch comes with other several items that are very important and therefore this has made it easy for me to use it. I can charge the watch using the USB I got directly from my laptop and any other mode that is available at the time. The charging cables is original and have not given me hectic times. Since it is waterproof, I have to fear working out in my watch through the house work chores as it cannot spoil.


As a civilian I can also use this watch but the functionality is limited because it is mainly designed for the military. I can only enjoy using the watch if I like hiking as it performs great as an ABC watch similar to Garmin fenix 3.

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