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Garmont T8 Tactical Jungle Boot Desert Sand Review

The three largest combat boot brands are Rocky Boots, Belleville and Garmont. Of those, only Garmont is located outside of the U.S. As a professional reviewer of military gear, I frequently hear from service men and women concerned about buying non-American-made equipment.

Here is a list of other Garmont T8 Boots

Obviously, members of the armed forces are patriotic and wish to support American companies whenever possible. In addition, they are also concerned about quality. Can a boot made in another country really conform to the strict compliance standards set by the U.S. Army?

In terms of quality, the answer is absolutely. The Garmont T8 jungle boot desert sand is one of my favorite boots of all time. Read on to find out why.

Timeless, Old-World Quality

Garmont was originally part of the Calzaturifico Mortin, established in 1867 (let’s be honest – this is a legacy which American companies simply can’t hold a candle to). Today, Garmont operates in 45 countries. They make footwear for climbing, running and other outdoor activities. They’re also well known for their tactical boots, trusted by both military and law enforcement organizations around the world.

The Garmont T8 Tactical Jungle Boot Desert Sand is a specific coloring of their signature T8 product line. The T8 is a general purpose boot which works well in practically any type of terrain. I personally have worn them while deployed in Afghanistan. More recently, I tested them across a variety of rocky and muddy terrain near my house. I even ran around in the rain for an hour one night, getting the boots thoroughly soaked and caked in mud.

Top Features

The Garmont T8s are:

Fully compliant with the updated AR 670-1 regulations. While     ultimately the final decision rests with your Unit Commander, I haven’t heard of a single compliance issue related to these boots (and I hear more than my fair share of boot stories).

 Made to last. The uppers are made with 1.6mm suede leather, 250g 600 D nylon mesh, and polyester webbing. Every stitch is doubled.

 Combat ready. The boots have zero optical refraction and ball-bearing hardware. The desert sand is a very light tan/gray color.

 Helps you carry large loads. With an eight inch heel made from breathable DD Diamesh, your feet will be both well-supported and comfortable. The inner sole is made by Vibram.

 Flexible and adjustable. With laces attached to the tongue, the entire shoe fits your foot precisely. Your feet with be secure, yet not so tightly bound to the point of discomfort. A pull assist on the back of the boot makes it easy to take the boots on and off.

Make Your Mark on Any Type of Terrain

Ventilation on the inner side of the shoe and an overall water-resistant design made this a great boot for nearly all types of weather. My foot was dry and comfortable in both the heat and the rain.

The lug on the boots is large, with a pattern of both waves and circles. The sponge-like, rubber outsole has a pliable grip. Traction across rocks – even wet ones – was superb.

I did have a relatively minor issue with the lugs. Their large size tended to attract debris. Mud, leaves and other bits of nature caused a loss of traction over time. While cleaning was simple enough – I just poked at the gunk with a stick – this isn’t a problem I’ve noticed as often in boots with a smaller lug pattern. However, I think a little extra field cleaning is a small price to pay for such versatility.

Overall, these are good boots to have on hand (or rather, foot) when you don’t know where you’ll be deployed.

How to purchase Garmont T8 Tactical Jungle Boots

Based on the many stories I’ve heard about these boots, I feel comfortable saying Garmont is “true sized.” You’ll probably be fine if you order your boots in the same size as what you wear in civilian shoes. If there’s a problem, returns and exchanges are easy and straight-forward. You can return the boots up to 365 days after you buy them, too.

The T8s average about $140. This is a pretty mid-range price for boots of this type. The general rule is to expect your boots to last about a year with heavy use, and a little longer with more average use.

Italian Boots and American Soldiers: A Proven Partnership

I prefer to support American products, especially when it comes to protecting our military. But I’m not going to discount the Garmont T8 tactical jungle boot desert sand edition simply because they’re made by an Italian company. (It doesn’t hurt that Italy is a long-standing U.S. ally.)

The bottom line: these are high quality boots which thrive in a variety of conditions. They’re comfortable, provide excellent support and are reasonably priced. This is a boot the American solider can depend on.

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