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GW-9400-1 Master of G Rangeman Review

Rating: 4.7 / 5.0

I love hiking and for a long time, I have been searching for the best watch to take with me. The search has been long and hard as so many watches have frustrated me. Some shutting down completely out of nowhere while others could not withstand the hardships that come with being in the great outdoors. 

To be fair, I did not really know what I was supposed to look for in a watch meant for hiking, so one day I decided to look up Casio watches. I have used other Casio watches in the past and they did not disappoint. For me this is the best brand I have used so far. I came across the g-shock type and got really impressed by the GW-9400-1, which is part of the master of G series called range man. I have written a review so that you will know what you are getting when you buy it.


When opened, it has this cool stud design and at the back, there is a forged case with the black cat sort of emblem. It is a multiband six watch which is solar atomic with a triple sensor.

This watch is well suited for hiking, because of its rugged’ nature. The manufacturer says that it is durable and built to last with 100 meter guaranteed water resistance and 10 year battery durability.

It has a rubber strap and casing making it almost indestructible. When hiking, I often encounter a lot of sweat, dirt and even mud, but it would not be an issue with this watch because it has a quartz mechanism which basically floats inside urethane foam. This lets it withstand all kinds of shock. You will however have to be careful to get the original once you decide to purchase, due to the large amount of fakes in the market.

This watch uses a triple sensor that is resistant to shock, and that is what makes it capable of keeping temperature, barometric pressure, direction and altitude readings. Its buttons are cylindrical which allows better resistance from impact and exceptional operation.

Now, I am not a gadget geek and so I end up breaking or misusing most of the gadgets I have, if they are not easy to use. Most of the time I have trouble setting watches and find myself having to ask for help to do it. Luckily, this watch has an elaborate way of functioning so I don’t end up confusing myself. The sensor button which is on the center right is made of metal cover, shielding it from lateral impact while keeping foreign materials from getting in. Once it is pressed, you are taken to the sensor screen, where every sensor has a different tone making it easier to tell the difference. It has one touch time recording and elapsed time measurement.


I find the features on this watch to be very suitable for outdoor hiking. When buying , it is important to note the kind of features you are looking for and make a purchase based on that. Besides what I have already mentioned, here are more features.

  • Back light that is LED.
  • ​A signal reception of time calibration.
  • ​Esasy to use digital compass.
  • ​An altimeter.
  • ​Barometer.
  • ​Thermometer.
  • ​Sunset and rise time display.
  • Stop watch.
  • ​Countdown timer.
  • ​Power saving ability and battery level shower.
  • Automatic calendar.
  • ​Regular time keeping in 12/24 hour style.
  • Accuracy of 15 seconds each month give or take.
  • Lasts 8 months on rechargeable power if stored in the dark with the power save function on, when fully charged.
  • Lasts 23 months on rechargeable power with normal usage, but without exposure to light when fully charged.

How It Functions

To select a mode, I would press D and holding it will return the display to time keeping mode.

For sensor mode, I would press B and every time it is pressed, the sensor measurements change.

Whenever you select the altitude measurement mode, measurements start automatically and results are updated each second.

To measure atmospheric temperature or pressure, I would select the mode and it will automatically begin. results are updated every 5 seconds (for like 3 minutes) then it repeats the process.

To tell direction using the compass, one needs to have the 12 o’clock position aimed towards the direction you would like to measure.

Customer Reviews

I like to check customer reviews and comments just to see their views on an item and possibly get a testimonial from a purchaser.

I was able to look up this watch on amazon and a few other sites, and the comments were mostly positive. Most people cited its affordable price, which is also what I like too, considering its features.

There were some negative comments too mainly because of the technicality involved. Someone even mentioned that it is complicated. However, this watch is meant to be that way because it is not a beautiful or fashionable watch, rather it is meant for outdoor enthusiasts and is great for hiking. That is what it is best for.

One commenter confirmed that it truly is rugged and that he has it. Safe to say that the manufacturer delivered what they said they would.

GW-9400-1 Master of G (Rangeman) Video Review

Pros and Cons

  • This watch is cheap for its great functionality. There are cheaper watches but this one had everything I needed.
  • ​It can switch time zones and it has Bluetooth and a world timer of 1-2 seconds month accuracy.
  • I must say it has a pretty small read out so if you have poor eye sight, you need to have that in mind.
  • If you are using a Topographic map, this watch will be very useful.
  • In case it matters, it does not work on sea level standard, but uses the combination of the barometer and temperature function. I would have to set the altitude reference myself. If done right, it is accurate.
  • It also has no carbon fiber but only because it is a cheaper watch.

My general take is this watch is perfect for outdoor hiking. Think about it and have fun!

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