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Harvest Right Home Freeze Dryer Review

Rating: 4.7 / 5.0

With the Harvest Right Freeze Dryer, it is currently workable for home clients to make freeze dried foods that meet their own particular specific needs. This is a freeze dry machine that capacities like modern hardware however is intended for normal home clients as far as size, limit, usability, and moderateness.

Obviously, that doesn't mean it's for everybody, and this audit gives the points of interest to help you choose. The producer has likewise made a far reaching site that can answer every one of your inquiries, so for much more inside and out data make sure to look at the Harvest Right site.


  • Extensive 4-Tray Capacity (stainless steel plate)
  • ​Advanced Display Panel
  • ​Business Grade Vacuum Pump
  • ​Made in U.S.A.
  • ​Accessible in 6 hues
  • ​Standard 110 Volt
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

Harvest Right Home Freeze Dryer Overview

Most essential for newcomers to this procedure is to know that freeze drying is not the same as drying out. Lack of hydration therapists foods and changes the surface, which obviously is precisely what you need when making something like jerky. If that is your motivation, then you require investigate getting an Excalibur. Then again, freeze dried foods hold their unique size, shape and shading. All the dampness has been expelled, so they are light weight..

Overall the Harvest Right pulls roughly 990 to 1210 watts of force for each hour, yet at pinnacle that can go up to as much as 1870 watts. It utilizes standard 110 Volt control, and the maker prescribes a committed 20 amp circuit. (These are regularly found in kitchens for iceboxes and other vast machines, yet these sort circuits are likewise required for different uses, for example, a treadmill or for power apparatuses in a carport or storage space.)

Size & Weight

  • Outside Dimensions: 30″ tall x 20″ wide x 25″ profound
  • Weight: Slightly more than 100 pounds

See that the vacuum pump sits nearby the primary unit, requiring somewhat additional room you should take into account.

This home freeze dryer makes a huge impression and is very overwhelming for successive moving, so do consider your accessible space. If you would prefer not to give it a lasting space in your kitchen, a wheeled truck may be perfect. Another component to consider is that when the pump kicks on it makes some clamor. If you adore your tranquility and calm then a stroll in wash room or close-by storeroom may be a superior area for your unit.

Setup and Operation

While there might be nothing recognizable about setting up your new gear, it isn't difficult. You can see with your own eyes in this short 3 1/2 minute video:

If you do keep running into any glitches, call client bolster. I've found various reports that they are well disposed and to a great degree accommodating.

Limit and Performance

The four plate in this freeze dryer will hold 6 to 10 pounds of food. Obviously your aggregate limit relies on upon what you're preparing as the measure of air and fluid in foods fluctuates incredibly. For instance, a pound of ground meat levels with around 2 glasses, where as a pound of crisp okra will give you around 4 1/2 containers.

One decent thing about freeze drying is that you don't need to stress over blending flavors. Here's a snappy video about freeze dry your protein foods:

Time required for freeze drying will change contingent upon the kind of food, furthermore on a few elements, including:

  • Thickness of food cuts or lumps – prescribed standard is no more that 1/2 inch
  • ​Temperature of food when set in freeze dryer (clearly, if you pre-freeze food as you prepare it, you'll decrease add up to handling time)
  • Fluid substance of food (for instance, organic products may take any longer to freeze dry than meats)

The main execution issues I've gone over identified with client naiveté. One illustration is baffling outcomes with grapes, blueberries, and cherry tomatoes. The issue is that these are high dampness foods with thick skins, which makes it difficult to totally haul out all the dampness. The arrangement is to divide such foods before freeze drying. That will create better outcomes furthermore accelerate your preparing time.

About the main foods that don't function admirably are those with to a great degree high fat substance. Cheddar, yogurt and most dairy items work fine, yet not margarine. One client portrayed his endeavor at freeze drying spread as an awesome disappointment, however the uplifting news is it shown him that the inside of this machine is anything but difficult to clean.

Two different foods that don't work are sausage and bologna, yet what difference does it make? Perused the fixing names and you'll never need to eat them again at any rate. (Proceed, look into "meat trimmings" and "mechanically isolated chicken".)

What's Included

  • Business Grade Vacuum Pump
  • ​4 Stainless Steel Trays
  • Guideline Manual
  • ​Take note of that the outside vacuum pump will be dispatched to you in a different box.
  • Optional Accessories

The machine itself has no adornments, however you should consider how you plan to store your dried foods. Alternatives include:

  • Vacuum Sealed Plastic Bags – These work just for fleeting stockpiling.
  • ​Canning Jars – These will work long haul if you utilize oxygen safeguards and keep in a cool, exceptionally dull area.
  • ​#10 Cans – This can be a phenomenal decision for long haul stockpiling, yet know about the downsides: you'll require a can sealer which is horribly costly, and now and again #10 jars can be elusive.
  • Mylar Bags – This is frequently viewed as the best alternative for various reasons, including a timeframe of realistic usability of up to 25 years. You do require a drive sealer, yet nothing terribly costly. (Take note of that a large portion of the most well known vacuum sealers don't work with mylar bags, so make sure to check for that element before you purchase.)

Bags and oxygen safeguards are accessible from the maker, however it's a smart thought to likewise check the choice and costs on Amazon. Once in a while you can show signs of improvement arrangement on mylar bags and oxygen safeguards that are bundled in groups.

Purchaser Feedback

To clear up any disarray, this freeze dryer is not sold on Amazon and is accessible just by direct buy from the maker. Yes, you will see some client surveys on Amazon, however those relate to the more established, unique Harvest Right model that is no more drawn out accessible.

There is no real way to give the typical star rating to this item since you won't discover several surveys about it on retail destinations.

What you will discover are posts from proprietors who have involvement with the item. There are some on YouTube, yet most are on online journals composed by survivalists and other people who are intensely put resources into off-the-network living or crisis preparing. That makes it more difficult to look into in light of the fact that these audits are scattered everywhere throughout the web, and the vast majority of them are very long.

The Cost

If you've inquired about home freeze dryers before, you know they aren't modest.

When I first observed how much does a harvest right freeze dryer cost the sticker price ($2995) I winced a bit. However after truly evaluating this machine for four months now, while I trust it's NOT for everybody, I am certain about saying if you are not kidding in regards to readiness or food protection, this is a decent speculation.

For one thing, if you are right now acquiring freeze-dried food for crisis readiness (which is brilliant in light of the fact that it endures such a great amount of longer than whatever else), there is a robust piece of cash to be saved money on that end. Take peaches for instance.

The inexact cost of a #10 container of financially arranged freeze-dried peaches is around $43.

If you freeze-dry your own particular peaches, you would pay approximated $6.93 for the new organic product, $1.80 for the power to run the freeze-dryer, and $0.75 for the mylar sack and oxygen safeguard. That comes to $9.48 total– an investment funds of $33.52– only for one jar of peaches. You can envision how quick that includes if you're regularly acquiring business freeze-dried food.

Pros & Cons


  • Simple to work and requires negligible upkeep.
  • ​Delivers great outcomes with a to a great degree extensive variety of foods.
  • ​Jelly unique taste and surface of foods and holds the greater part of the nutritious esteem.
  • ​Offers longest conceivable timeframe of realistic usability, up to 25 years if put away appropriately.
  • Bundle your food your way – empowers you to meet your individual dietary needs, wellbeing necessities, and individual inclinations.


  • Top of the line machine might be cost restrictive for a few.
  • ​Size may make it unacceptable for a few kitchens.
  • Not effectively moved because of weight.


There is no doubt that freeze drying is one of the best techniques for food conservation. It empowers you to hold the first flavor and surface of foods furthermore keep up the most noteworthy supplement level. For examination, drying out can devastate up to half of supplements in a few foods, though with freeze drying any loss of nourishing worth is amazingly little (zero at times).

This machine is unquestionably ideal for anybody truly included in get ready for long haul, off-matrix living. Regardless of the possibility that that isn't your expected reason, it offers a lot of advantages. Stock your wash room with food that is advantageous, constantly crisp, free of undesirable added substances, and eating regimen cordial for you. That incorporates tasty goulashes and even full dinners that can be reconstituted and prepared to eat in a snap.

For the individuals who have the financial plan and the accessible space, the Harvest Right Freeze Dryer offers a definitive in food safeguarding. This well fabricated machine accompanies stainless steel plate and a business review pump, and its easy to use configuration makes it extremely easy to work. At this early stage there is constrained client input, however the organization is now setting up a notoriety for superb client service after the deal.

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