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Humminbird 859ci HD Combo Review

If you’re looking for an affordable fishfinder is easy to use, the Hummingbird 859ci HD definitely one to consider. This model is large and easy to read with a simple installation. Among the top useful features of the 859ci HD are the 2 SD card slots and GPS that will ensure complete reliability. As it may work best as a standalone device, this device will surely suit your fish finding needs. 

Humminbird 859ci HD Combo

Rating: 4.2 / 5.0

While it isn’t the best choice if you’re looking for multiple screens with a sophisticated network, it works great for those who want a fish finder that works.

Features of the Humminbird 859ci HD Combo

  • 7” VGA display
  • ​GPS-Sonar combo
  • ​Dual Beam PLUS with Switch Fire
  • ​10Hz Precision Internal GPS with built-in cartography
  • ​GPS Speed
  • ​New Higher Speed Processor
  • ​Ethernet networking
  • ​360 Imaging Compatibility
  • I-pilot Link Compatibility


Although the display screen on this fish finder is low resolution, it is far better than more of the similar models on the market. The hummingbird 859ci has a high definition display that’s both aesthetically pleasing and easy to read. While the 800x480 screen is nowhere near as impressive as a Smartphone, it will still provide a great user experience.

Another great feature on this fish finder is the reduction in glare. We like this detail as you can still be able to view the display on an extremely sunny day.


The Humminbird 859ci HD comes with a transducer, which offers a precision beam. The precision beam that is cone shaped with a 20-degree view. We like how this device unit offers quality capability with strong accuracy. You can also use the wide beam for search over large areas of finding schools or fish. The wider beam is accurate and useful as it is set at 60 degrees.

This feature allows you to find a large school of fish and helps you to position your boat at an angle for an easier catch. One thing we’ve noticed is that this device doesn’t excel well when looking for fish close to the surface.

Depth Finding

This powerful fishfinder is strong enough to detect fish up to 600 feet away. While this occurs in optimum conditioners, you must also consider the adverse conditions that may occur. I personally have not tested to see how deep it can go as I mainly use it in local fresh water that doesn’t go more than 175 feet deep. If you are looking to find freshwater fish, we just this model as you would rarely ever need more than 200 feet of depth.

With the Humminbird 859ci HD, you will be able to receive an accurate scan when travelling up to 14-15 mph in your boat. Keep in mind that travelling any faster will cause the fish finder’s performance is decreased. The mileage may vary depending on how your place and mount the transducer.

Ease of Use

The Humminbird 859ci HD di is fairly easy to use as the menus are easy to navigate and each setting it well explained. Once you have the device plugged in and powered up, there’s no need for tweaking at all.

Although I’ve seen the fish finder jump where the water reaches 150 feet deep and glitch for a split second saying it was 2” or 5” deep, though this was a rare experience.


The box had everything I needed to install the unit but was missing a few things that I consider important. If you plan on using this device with your pontoon boat, you might need to purchase some steel bolts, steel nuts, steel washers, electrical shroud, power connectors, and more to install on your pontoon.


If you’re looking for a budget-friendly fish finder that will fit your needs, the hummingbird 859ci HD di has it all at an affordable price.

Humminbird 859ci HD Combo Unboxing


  • Allows you to search for fish up to 600 feet deep
  • ​Easy to use
  • ​Strong GPS system
  • ​In-depth options available
  • ​Affordable
  • ​20-degree precision beam
  • ​60-degree wide beam
  • ​1-year manufacturer warranty
  • High-end quality at half the price


  • Users have complained about poor technical support
  • ​Not accurate in finding close-range fish
  • ​Low-resolution screen
  • ​Underpowered processors
  • No third-party apps

Humminbird 859ci HD Combo Main Features

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the maximum readable depth with the transducer?

A: Many have gotten as deep as 1500 feet with the salt water settling.

Q: Does the Humminbird 859ci come with a side view?

A: No, this model does not as this model focuses on sonar. If you want that feature, the Humminbird 859 HD CI Combo is also a great unit.

Q: Does this model have Ethernet capability?

According to users, yes the Humminbird 859ci does.

Q: Does this model come with a protective cover?

Yes, the Humminbird 859ci comes with a black snap on plastic protective cover. This will definitely come in when not in use or in storage.

Customer Review

Many customers are satisfied with the contrast and detail of the unit. Users find the sonar and GPS useful with positions and maps of lakes. Users also claim that the unit device is a bit heavy and requires more work on mounting it. The instruction manual is decent but not the best, according to one customer.

Before I bought the Humminbird 859ci HD Combo, I was still quite nervous about the decision and I would not want to be disappointed after spending this amount of money on a fishfinder. However, I have nothing but great things to say about this device unit as it was easily installed without hassle. The controls are relatively intuitive. Along with a cursory scan of the manual, I have been able to take advantages of the available options. I really like the nice hard protection cover that came with the unit.

This fishfinder is extremely enjoyable as it provides GPS images and quality sonar data. I heard Humminbird provides great customer service but have personally never needed to contact them as my fish finder has yet to cause a problem.

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