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JQUEEN Double Watch Winder Review

Just when I needed one, I came across the JQueen Double-Watch Winder for my husband and I. As part of our 1st wedding anniversary celebration, we invested in automatic Rolex 41mm watches that suited our taste for clockwork and tiny mechanical gears moving as per the energy exerted by our hands. We sure needed an equally memorable and efficient watch winder.

Rating: 4.7 / 5.0

We chanced upon the JQueen Double-Watch Winder with Japanese Mabuchi-Motor and we were very impressed by the sleek and glossy exterior surface casing, polished with piano lacquer. The product enjoyed a decent 4.5-star overall rating and the price it showcased was reasonable as well. Coming to customers at an original price of $159.99 but on Amazon for $95.49 on sale, the piece was much more elegant than what it was priced at. So, I thought of it as a great deal to come by.

I needed to get my hands on it and so, after carefully reading through the descriptions and the reviews, as many as 128 reviews with 76% of the reviews citing a 5-star rating, I went ahead and bought the model number W002. A double winder made sense for us as we would love watching our watches wind up together.

In this review, I will elaborate on all the different aspects that make JQueen Double-Watch Winder a good product for its price, its features and its pros and cons. If you find any solace in these factors I am writing about, then you should go in for this product.

My Personal Review

As mentioned before, I bought the double watch winder for a good price, and because the trust I have in Amazon, I knew I would receive the product at the earliest scheduled time. I received the winder in perfect condition, with a shiny outlook. After reading through the catalog and instructions, I got to work with our watches.

The interior looks elegant and the finish is superb. The beige color maintains the delicate nature of the box & looks vintage. We received a microfiber cloth for cleaning purposes.

The one thing that did not work out too well for me was the fact that the cream-colored pillows did not accommodate the wide wrist watch correct. There was a slight gap, which can easily go unnoticed, but it is with that glitch that this winder lost one star from my side. I managed to use a patch of bubble wrap to bind the gap as suggested in one of the reviews I read during my research.

The Japanese Mabushi Motor is extremely silent and you won’t be able to hear it run unless you stick your ear right nearer to the box. The instructions are pretty simple and the entire function is uncomplicated. The turntables rotate smoothly with no obstructions.

It worked very smoothly for us and I still cherish the piece. The product can be powered by the AC adapter as well as local batteries; I personally use it while it is plugged in.

At the bottom-right edge lies the polished, stainless steel-coated knob that adjusts the winding directions (clockwise, counterclockwise, and alternate). There are also Turns Per-Day settings that can be effectively used to wind your watch.

There are 4 well-planned modes that you can choose from while setting up the watches.

  • Mode 1 – 2 mins CW; pause for 6 mins; repeat
  • ​Mode 2 – 2 mins CCW; pause for 6 mins; repeat
  • ​Mode 3 – 2 mins CW; pause for 6 mins; 2 mins CCW; pause for 6 mins; repeat
  • Mode 4 – 5 mins CW; 5mins CCW; repeat for 3 hours; pause for 9 mins; repeat

Quality by JQueen

It is 2 months now that I am using this winder and so far, the working condition is absolutely amazing. The quality is undeniably high and the product stems from best of class parts. JQueen is seriously accumulating the stars on Amazon or any another portal where it is selling this product. I am also going to comment that I love the customer service it has rendered. I received a follow-up mail from JQueen asking me if my experience was good with the product. They asked for valued feedback and I am sure that should I encounter any trouble in the future, they are going to come in clean.

I have known JQueen to be a dependable brand as my father used a JQueen winder for 10 years. This prodded me to purchase this product.


  • Width – 18 cm
  • Breath – 18 cm
  • ​Height – 20 cm
  • Weight – 4.2 pounds


  • I found many pros in this product as I didn’t, fortunately, encounter anything drastically wrong with the winder.
  • ​The first thing that was a pro for me was the fact that it was a double-watch winder; we needed it and so it fits well. Those who need singular winders can skim through the JQueen catalog and see a variety of products.
  • ​It is a trusted brand so I didn’t have to worry about anything. JQueen’s customer service is great.
  • ​The motor is a smooth running machine and will go on for ages. By the looks of it, the durability is good.
  • ​Cost-effective double watch winders that you would not have to resort to a new one every once in a while.
  • ​The double watch winder comes in with an 18-months warranty is prescribed by JQueen and they will ensure you have a good experience with it even after the warranty period.
  • ​100% handmade so you can be assured that the winder has had some human touch to it.
  • The movement of the watches are complete synchronous and the modes can be selecting as per your convenience.


This is not a good fit for large and heavy watches. You will find it problematic to close the acrylic glass hatch. Stick to single watch winders for your large watches. Inversely, smaller watches will need customization.

My Overall Experience

I have had a tireless experience with the JQueen Double-Watch Winder with Japanese Mabushi Motor. The 4-star rating is for a great start to automatic watches that take us back to the era of clockwork watches and sheer elegance. It is a great purchase for individuals looking out for a reasonable double watch winder and especially for awesome features.

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