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KEEN Utility Men’s Atlanta Cool Review

Rating: 4.4 / 5.0

All that you need in a work boot, but all stuffed into a decent comfortable shoe! KEEN Utility Men's Atlanta Cool Work boot has most every one of the elements you require to secure your feet and still have the capacity to move like your strolling in sneakers. Moreover, they are sufficiently solid to use in the most perilous working conditions, for example, construction, confining, and material. Furthermore, they are sufficiently snazzy to wear as a regular shoe.

We've found these work boot very novel and have recorded them as one of the best work boots/boot accessible, and now we will review them further to furnish you with a top to bottom look on why they are so uncommon.


These specific work boot are lightweight and have the adaptability and comfort of a sneaker, which is pleasant if you need to do a ton of strolling. The Hydrophobic work liner additionally works as an indoor regulator, keeping your feet cool in hotter temperatures, and warm in colder ones. Heel locks are fused on these work boot to keep your feet from slipping. A Metatomical Dual Density EVA footed went with the Compression Molded EVA padded sole gives torsion and inflexibility.


To the extent durability goes for a work shop, they are really extreme and can confront a considerable measure of abuse. Be that as it may, we feel a normal style work boot can outlive these work boot in outrageous conditions, simply because of the style. We do trust that these work boot are all around constructed and have those unique elements, for example, the fortified toe with steel embed and the water safe calfskin and would be a decent choice for the individuals who need to constantly be progressing and require protection at work destinations. Like most Keen items, the KEEN Utility Men's Atlanta Cool seems well made with strong sewing and an all-around composed, formed sole. Numerous reviews have asserted up to a year’s use and that is practically everything you can request regarding durability. The KEEN Utility Men's Atlanta Cool is made all the more great by exactly how light they are on the feet.

Safety Features

In spite of being outlined in view of breath capacity, no corners have been cut in the wellbeing division. The uneven steel toe will protect your toes at all circumstances and the slip safe soles will keep you on your feet. Remember however that these are low profile boots and thus, offer zero lower leg protection.


As said before these are a work shop that has included protection required for unsafe working conditions. They look like an athletic sneaker and they accompany secured bands that can be extricated or fixed at the top. They don't require tying, and can be effortlessly acclimated to empower your foot to slip in and out.

Accessible in a decision of three calm hues, the Cool Steel line appear as though they'll run well with simply anything shy of suit jeans. One thing that I don't care for however is that the work lining appears as though it will recolor much less demanding than standard calfskin. If you anticipate working around a considerable measure of clean and dampness, you may need take a gander at these boots.


These boots accompany a left and right asymmetrical steel toe, which is one of the most grounded materials used to keep damage from pressure and effect. What's more, they additionally meet ASTM gauges for electrical danger protection also.


Notwithstanding the steel toe, they likewise have a tough elastic toe top for extra protection in those touchy territories, oil and slip safe, non-stamping elastic outsole to avoid slipping, and water-safe Untuck cowhide to help with keeping your feet dry.


KEEN Utility Men's Atlanta Cool have been constructed with water safe cowhide and a hydrophobic work coating that inhales and reroutes water. They are not totally waterproof; be that as it may, applying an extra water safe application will give more protection. Discover how to waterproof your work boots here.

Customer Reviews

Keen have assembled a strong notoriety for the nature of their items and the Cool Steel line seems to experience this. At the season of composing, they've been reviewed over a hundred circumstances on Amazon, averaging at 4.6 stars out of 5. Their most well-known elements give off an impression of being comfort, weight and general ventilation.

All in all, Keens endeavor to construct a defensive boot that can deal with high temperatures seems to have been fruitful. There aren't many available boots this vaporous and there aren't many steel toe boots that are this light. If you're searching for a couple of boots for overcoming the summer, I think they make for an extraordinary buy.


There are a few uses for these specific work boot, they are particularly perfect for somebody who needs to move quick and brisk, as they have that additional adaptability rather than a work boot. Composers, roofers, circuit testers may discover these work boot valuable in their occupation. Indeed, even mechanics has discovered them a decent decision as they appear to be extremely flexible to oil and fuel. Trust you making the most of our KEEN Utility Men's Atlanta Cool work boots?


Conclude here is what we mean by:


The huge upside of this shoe is its adaptability and light weight. This shoe can be worn in pretty much any condition: a day at the shoreline, mountain climbing, or a day on a hazardous work site.


The heel is just 1.25" tall and in this way doesn't offer much lower leg security - so if your profession requires awesome lower leg bolster (e.g. as a lumberjack would) this is not a decent alternative for you.


  • Light Weight: you won't' locate a lighter work shoe out there – meaning its super comfortable.
  • ​Extremely Cool: Mesh liner gives breath capacity to keep your foot somehow cool in warm climate situations.
  • ​Cowhide and Mesh development.
  • ​Extraordinary Grip: oil and slip safe.
  • ​Elastic Sole.
  • Cushioned recuperate designed for most extreme solace.

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