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KEEN Utility Men’s Pittsburgh Work Boot Review

Rating: 4.5 / 5.0

KEEN Utility Men's Pittsburgh Work Boot offers some truly extraordinary work boots that hold up to pretty much anything you put them through. We will separate it for you in classes to additionally clarify what the Utility Men's Pittsburgh Steel Toe Work Boot brings to the table. This is the thing that we mean by putting these brands under the magnifying lens, and burrowing further to demonstrate to you why they've made it in our reviews.

Besides, toward the end of this page we will let you know how they rate with security, cost, and comfort on a scale from 1 to 10, 10 being the most elevated.


When it comes to durability of the KEEN Utility Men's Pittsburgh Work Boot, the extraordinary construction and implicit components permit the boots to withstand pretty much any working environment, however life span relies on upon what you're subjecting them to. Working on soil surfaces and solid, they hold up somewhat well, in addition to they are waterproof.

At the point when KEEN Utility Men's Pittsburgh Work Boot concocted this specific boot they called it Pittsburgh, the subsidiary of the city, with its industrial facilities and steel plants, and all the persevering people who perform hard work errands every day, in this way these boots must be similarly as intense and rough. With the deviated steel toes, elastic toe protect, and holding elastic outsole, a few layers that would need to be bankrupt down before the boot would demonstrate much wear.


To the extent comfort, these boots feel like sneakers or a very much cushioned climbing boot. They are furnished with a waterproof breathable coating that keeps dampness out, in addition to they contain and EVA footed and EVA padded sole for comfort and support. These specific boots can be worn throughout the day on cement, or strolling all over strides without feeling exhausted. Besides, they are perfect for those with plantar fasciitis or level feet as they give that extra support in the curve and heel zone.


The Keen Pittsburgh then again, isn't hesitant to venture out of the conventional chestnut and black, conditioned down calfskin look. Beside mechanical looking black and dim, Keen added some yellow accents to the Pittsburgh.


Not just are these boots tough and sturdy, they are additionally attractively great looking. They look like a climbing boot with sufficient protection. Moreover, they are a mid-stature work boot with a trim up highlight and bolting ribbon snares. Men's sizes run from 8 to DID. Weight per match is 3.8lbs.


Would be perfect for outside work where one may be subjected to the components, in addition to likewise extraordinary for climbing. Construction workers, agriculturists, circuit testers, substantial hardware administrators, are only a modest bunch of occupations that would profit by the Pittsburgh Steel Toe Work Boot because they meet the greater part of the security models that are required for these positions.


There are a few consolidated components on these work boots that offer adequate protection on any risky employment. Leading all, they are steel toe boots with an ASTM rating of F2412-11 and F2413-11 I/75 C/75, or more they offer electrical peril protection and intelligent webbing. Moreover, the outsole is oil and slip safe and is built with an elastic toe guard.


Getting these boots wet is not an issue; they are constructed with a waterproof Untuck calfskin lining and a waterproof breathable film that keeps the water from dousing into your boots and interacting with your feet. Strolling through mud gaps at work is not an issue, as your feet will stay dry. Look at our different reviews on waterproof work boots!

Footing for Action

Nobody likes slipping with consistent footwear. At work site, the difference between great footing and terrible footing can be the difference that forestalls damage or even passing. Sharp's "Grasp" innovation features oil and slip safe outsoles that meet or surpass ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) F1677-96 MARK II non-slip testing benchmarks. We haven't read up on F1677-96 MARK II principles of late, but we're almost certain they mean these boots are slip safe. I observed the Pittsburgh boots to be grippe and surefooted on an assortment of surfaces, but we didn't test in wet or sleek situations.


While we are talking safety, we ought to specify the intelligent webbing on the Pittsburgh boots. While it's not precisely like wearing a monster intelligent safety vest, we found the intelligent bits of the boots to be pretty attractive when hit with light during the evening. Since getting keep running over or keep running into at work is a drag, we think the intelligent webbing is pleasant scrupulousness with regards to safety. It looks quite cool as well. The intelligent material on the lower part of the boot additionally serves to suck your foot immovably into the heel divide. It's safety meeting usefulness.

KEEN Utility Men's Pittsburgh Work Boot Video Review


There is some worry with the locking ribbon snares as they won't ease up if you fix the bands too tight, we prescribe securing to a customary strain so it won't tie. Likewise, they appear to feel genuinely hot amid sweltering summer days when the breathable film needs to work extra time.


There wasn't much I hated about the Keen Pittsburgh boots, be that as it may I found blame with a little segment of their binding equipment. Binding boots can be somewhat of an agony. Binding regularly includes an ungainly hunched position and that precarious finger move of attempting to keep appropriate weight on the bands as you advance with tying. Call me meticulous, but I get a kick out of the chance to bind my boots without looking at or give careful consideration to what I'm doing. Lamentably, with the Keen Pittsburgh boots, that is not something that is anything but difficult to do. The main two trim snares are so near one another that I would often catch them two with the ribbon, as opposed to catch them each one in turn. Here why you buy this boot:

  • A waterproof and breathable layer Untuck upper cowhide and texture with unfaltering and intense steel toed boots.
  • ​Hydrophilic/hydrophobic linings with 2 zone adaptable and comfort innovation.
  • ​The footed comfortably fit with separable, Metatomical and doubly thick EVA.
  • ​Composed with double thick EVA and UP internal sole for support to appendages and spine.
  • ​Interlocking with full length and TPE turn plate for quality and flexibility.
  • Thick external sole for oil-and slip safe and electrical safeguard.

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