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Leatherman Charge TTi Review

I still remember two years back from now, how I was desperately looking for a multi-tool that's flexible for many tasks. 

I used to be frequently at garage, or calling experts whenever my water pipes had a damage, door hinge screws were loose, or my wiring systems were disconnected.

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I asked for the best multi-tool from several retail shops, or inquired from my fellows of their knowledge about any multi-tool, until one of my best friend mentioned to me the word, Leatherman. 

Now I own several types of Leatherman multi-tools including: Leatherman Raptor, Leatherman wave, Leatherman Skeletool, Leatherman Rebar, Sidekick and more. 

Out of all of them, one of my favorites emerged as Leatherman Charge TTi. 

Product/Tool Properties

Product/tool name: leather man Charge TTi

Dimensions: 5.2 by 3.4 by 2.6 inches

Weight When Shipped: 3pounds

Weight: 9.6

Other Tools Added

Bottle and can opener


​Needle nose and regular pliers

​Regular and hard wire cutters

​Clip-point and serrated knife


​Pocket clip

​Large and small bit driver


Wire stripper

N/B: The above list is just but the few segments of my Leather man charge T Ti tool I own. Practically add up-to 26 parts, so guess how many tasks it handles?

Product/Tool overview

What is leather-man TTi charge? To put simply, it is a lightweight pocket portable tool durably designed to work through a wide range of tasks. It's known for it's wide capabilities including  bottle opening, cutting wires, driving screws in or out and more. 

Apart from the bottle or can opener, if you check on the opposite side, you will see a mental/wood file and plain edge blade(S30V). 

For me being that a lot of my tasks deal with wiring,like the other day I found my son tampered with the wiring systems of my sound system,I never got mad at my kid since I was confidence that the wire cutters and crimp-er of my tool would do me great support and honestly I fixed it within no minute.

The needle nose and pliers if am not wrong, has been of huge assistance in fixing my loose bolts specifically of my doors hinge.Another big reason I say I prefer leatherman charge TTi though I still considers leatherman wave be as wells good,is the wave ruler.This no doubt saves me a lot when it comes to accuracy if am measuring the dimensions of ropes for cutting.Not to forget, is the sharp scissors and the saw which crown it all in helping me fix my pipes by cutting.


  • Performance of the small tools – I particularly like this exactness apparatus on this multi set. The standard issue with exactness devices is that the tip of the driver really has no quality which makes you not ready to utilize it by any stretch of the imagination.
  • ​The tip of exactness apparatuses on this Leatherman Charge, and alternate screwdrivers, are really exact and fits well on the screw surface. You won't waver turning the screw clockwise or counter clockwise on the grounds that you realize that the tips won't give out on you.
  • Security locks and bushings – this is one of my most loved capacities in the device. The locks are imperative as to keep the instruments unfaltering when you utilize them. The locks make it tough for use furthermore keep the apparatuses set up if not required.
  • ​With minimized apparatuses like this, the typical issue is getting out the instruments. The Charge really has a bushing that makes it simple for you to easily open the instruments. This permits simple snatching of one instrument at once.
  • ​Lightweight – This certainly is a light weight device yet cumbersome on the pocket. It just measures 1 pound which is significantly light for a 8-inch instrument.
  • Warranty – The guarantee, in spite of the fact that not lifetime, is entirely developed which implies that the organization believes their item to convey in execution and solidness.
  • Bigger and wider knife blades – When contrasted with different multi tools in the business sector, this really is longer and more extensive. This gives better hold and better usefulness when utilizing the blade.


  • Price – On account of the material utilized and the configuration, this is somewhat expensive when contrasted with other apparatus sets of this gauge.

Customers Review

From majority of customers opinions about the tool or product,the common concern raised is all but the pricing level of the product otherwise we, me being included,the performance is just awesome.


The leatherman charge TTi is of great support specifically to some tasks that might send you to the garage yet all the answers and solution is just in our hands. I prefer this type of tool for its strenght and the sharpness of its stainless bladdes hence it serves multi-task though I still prefer other related tools liikee leatherman wave which too is also of great benefit. Otherwise it is worth the price despite the mega complains about by customers. I believe one will only raise that complaining while purchasing but after using it for quiet sometime,they see the sense behind the high pricing.

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