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Leatherman New Wave Multi-tool Review

The Leatherman New Wave Multi-tool is undoubtedly one of the most popular hand tools from Leatherman. A popular tool among adventurers and handy men in general, it comes with great improvements from its earlier versions. Consumers are impressed with the scope of work this tool is capable of covering. Stronger pliers, larger-stronger knives and longer wire cutters are just a few pros introduced after the redesign in 2004.

It is a practical multi-tool, according to customers, capable of handling demanding jobs and best of all, four of the tools are employable by the use of one hand. It is clearly a favorite as compared to many other multi-tools. Let us see what sets it apart from the competition and if it suitable for what you want it to do.

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Tool Capability

The Leatherman New Wave Multi-tool is capabel of handling a diverse range of jobs as a result of several all locking tools concealed within its structure. They are:

1. Needle-nose pliers: as the name suggests, this pair of pliers is narrow ended and thus is ideal for narrow openings and generally for crevices.

2. Regular pliers: It is larger than the needle nose pliers and is more ideal for pinching larger objects.

3. Wire cutters: 420HC stainless steel meant for cutting ordinary gauge wire.

4. Wire stripper: This tool is meant for removing the insulation on various types of wires.

5. Hard-wire cutters: Similar to the wire cutter but is made of stronger grade steel ideal for cutting harder gauge of wire.

6. 420HC knife: Crafted from 420HC stainless steel designed to be corrosion free.

7. 420HC serrated knife: Is a saw-like knife with a jagged edge ideal for cutting rope due to its serrations.

8. Saw: Similar to the serrated knife but operates mainly on a pulling principle and maintains an open toothed design thus preventing material accumulation the would require repeated cleaning.

9. Spring action scissors: A spring in the couple mechanism of the scissors pushes back each blade so a to reduce tiring the hand while cutting. It is ideal for cutting through paper or any light material.

10. Wood/metal file: A 420HC stainless steel with a rough surface formed by a crisscrossing pattern extending to the end as well as down the side for an accurate edge.

11. Diamond-coated file: Coated with filings of synthetic diamond for a rough texture suitable for filing hard steel.

12. Large bit driver: It is essentially a slot that holds large bits from the Leatherman tool bits array and may be interchanged.

13. Small bit driver: Similar to the Large bit driver but for large bits.

14. Medium screwdriver: Similar to both the small and large bit drivers but is used for medium screwdrivers.

15. 8-inch (19-cm) ruler: A linear error-free measuring tool capable of determining measurements of up to 8 inches or 19 centimeters.

16. Bottle opener: This is suitable for opening the caps of most fizzy drinks.

17. Can opener: Designed in such a way that it pierces the can into its groove to minimize injury to the user.

Since the tools are essentially move-able parts, proper maintenance practice would involve keeping away from water, dirt and any corrosive material. The Leatherman New Wave Multi-tool should be kept away from material that may also get jammed into the rotation mechanisms.


An option of a durable premium nylon with internal dimensions of 4 by 1.4 by 0.8 inches or a branded leather sheath with internal dimensions of 4 by 1.5 by 0.75 inches comes with the purchase of the Leatherman New Wave Multi-tool.

The Leatherman New Wave Multi-tool has, as an added design feature, an all locking mechanism. This means all tools, except the plier head will be locked. The Crunch however, enables a locking plier head alongside the tools. This enables each tool to be utilized safely and effectively without interruption from another tool. When completely closed, four blades can be opened buy the use of the thumb inserted into the thumb hole and rotated repeatedly until it extends completely. This action in turn causes the Leatherman New Wave Multi-tool to be securely locked for ultimate grip ability with the multi-tool. The multi-tool comes in three shades; stainless steel, black and green.


The Leatherman New Wave Multi-tool is compact due to to its all locking feature. Remarkably it is 2 inches wide, 4 inches in length when closed and 6.3 inches when open. It is made of 100% Stainless steel that results in a well balanced 241 grams. The primary blade is 2.9 inches long.

Consumer Reviews

As of today the Leatherman New Wave Multi-tool has been reviewed on Amazon 986 times by customers together with Leatherman's 74 on their official website. The average rating was 4.7 and 4.6 out of a possible 5 respectively. This shows an overall customer satisfaction among customers who purchased the multi-tool. Most customers agree beyond any doubt that the multi-tool is definitely well made.


While other multi-tools seem to lack some or maybe just one tool the Leatherman New Wave Multi-tool seems to have it all.

  • It is good for all sorts of jobs with a wide variety. You will have carried almost all of the necessary tools with this one multi-tool in your tool holster.
  • ​The multi-tool is made of 420HC stainless steel which means it is quite durable to damage by corrosive agents such as water. A feature you will appreciate if you are an avid camper or lover of the outdoors.
  • Leatherman as a company prides itself on product performance. As a result, they allow a generous 25 year guarantee for their tools. The Leatherman New Wave Multi-tool is no different.


Alot of customers complain that multi-tool is made of brittle metal and it is very prone to rust.

  • However, on close examination, most of them realize they may have bought knock offs from China and the like. Being a strong brand, there are bound to be several cheap imitations of the product.
  • ​Please beware. As a multi-tool, it is obviously restricted to just a number of tools. You can not get every tool out there on one compact product anyway.
  • When newly bought, I have found the product's joint to be very tight and oiling them didn't work towards making them more smooth. The inside tools were basically inaccessible. I recommend loosening the joints using a good torque screw as I did.


Personally, I have been impressed by the capabilities of the Leatherman New Wave Multi-tool. It is a useful tool for many jobs and would be a worthwhile investment. Since it comes from a reputable maker of hand tools, it is expected that a lot of knock offs may be in the market and it would be a good idea to evaluate all options before buying from any dealer.

I would however, strongly recommend the Leatherman New Wave Multi-tool as a great multi-tool to purchase.

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