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Maxpedition Gyrfalcon Backpack Review

This is the new period of EDC, and useful multi-packs and Maxpedition dependably stays on the curve. At the end of the day, they have done recently that with the up and coming arrival of the Gyrfalcon, which is a flexible pack that offers inward casing and removable midsection pack. This gives the client the chance to go load bearing as well as light weight, Depending on your requirements. You can lash additional packs on too with the PALS webbing offering great particularity.

Rating: 5.0 / 5.0

Maxpedition Gyrfalcon Backpack Features

The Gyrfalcon Backpack, named after the Gyrfalcon - the biggest of the Falcon family on the planet is Maxpedition's most progressive inward casing backpack. It were separable lower waistpack and cushioned burden bearing midsection belt can be reconfigured, utilized together or utilized exclusively to suit your central goal needs.

With a general size of 10.5"(L) x 9.75"(W) x 22.0"(H), the backpack's interior casing with sheet is both removable and customizable. The well proportioned and breathable lattice cushioned twofold shoulder straps form to your mid-section, and a sternum suspension strap appropriates weight equally all through your abdominal area.

The wide load-bearing, breathable and network cushioned midriff belt incorporates PALS connections while the pack comes furnished with 5 pressure straps and 2 webbing tie downs for lashing freight, for example, boxes, jars, chambers, and so on. The Gyrfalcon has an entirely particular outside for scaleability. Dynamic Duty Gear offers FREE Shipping in addition to a FREE SOG Key Knife with the buy of this bag. At present Black, Khaki and Khaki Foliage are the accessible hues.

Maxpedition Gyrfalcon Backpack Durability

To make the best packs and backpack, Maxpedition Gyrfalcon Backpack Review compromises. Beginning with expansive, unseamed boards of 1000 Denier Nylon, they carefully strengthen every emphasize point with composite string. No pointless creases or polyester parts are utilized. Next they include military evaluation nylon webbing for straps, handles, and particular connection focuses. Bona fide Duraflex clasps and equipment include quality and usefulness. They utilize complete YKK zippers and slides solely. They complete their packs with a triple layer of polyurethane for water resistance and include a last layer of Teflon DuPont Fabric Protector to repulse the components. Just the best parts and outlines are utilized.

The Maxpedition Gyrfalcon Backpack is a 36L inside surrounded pack (inflexible edge sheet and aluminum stay), that likewise includes a removable abdomen/fanny pack that can be utilized as a part of conjunction with the packs' midriff strap. The edge makes conveying heavier loads significantly more agreeable by moving the heap down the edge and onto your hips. Various pockets and compartments make keeping composed a snap, and the removable midsection strap and midriff pack make keeping vital apparatus on your individual conceivable at all times.

Maxpedition Gyrfalcon Backpack Specifications

General measurements:

10.5"(L) x 9.75"(W) x 21.5"(H)

Top pocket:

4"(L) x 2.25"(W) x 8.5"(H)

Center pocket:

8.5"(L) x 2.25"(W) x 9"(H)

Base (removable) waistpack OVERALL:

8.5"(L) x 5"(W) x 6.5"(H)

Base (removable) waistpack FRONT:

8.5"(L) x 2"(W) x 6.5"(H)

Base (removable) waistpack BACK:

8.5"(L) x 3"(W) x 6.5"(H)

Principle compartment:

10.5"(L) x 4"(W) x 21.5"(H)

Auxiliary compartment:

9.5"(L) x 3"(W) x 14"(H)

General volume:


  • Removable, flexible inner casing with sheet
  • ​Wide load-bearing abdomen belt, with PALS connections
  • ​5 pressure straps, 2 webbing tie downs for lashing payload
  • ​Removable waistpack
  • ​Included payload strap, for joining boxes, jars, chambers, and so on.
  • Completely measured outside for adaptability

Maxpedition Gyrfalcon Backpack Video Review

Maxpedition Gyrfalcon Backpack Materials

  • 1050-Denier water and scraped spot safe light-weight ballistic nylon fabric
  • ​Teflon® fabric defender for grime resistance and simple support
  • ​High-quality zippers and zipper tracks
  • ​UTX-Duraflex nylon clasps for low solid terminations
  • ​Triple polyurethane covered for water resistance
  • ​High elasticity nylon webbing
  • ​High elasticity composite nylon string (more grounded than customary industry standard nylon string)
  • ​#AS-100 high review shut cell froth cushioning material for unrivaled stun security
  • ​Inner creases taped and wrapped up
  • ​Paracord zipper pulls
  • ​Empasize focuses twofold sewed, Bartacked or "Box-and-X" sewed for included quality
  • ​Cleaning Instructions
  • ​MAXPEDITION's nylon fabric is treated with Dupont Teflon for great water and grime resistance.
  • ​To clean, basically wipe down with a clammy material. Permit rigging to dry.
  • ​Try not to machine wash.
  • Try not to utilize cleanser or dye.

It's uncommon to discover a bag that can house the majority of your embellishments in the field. However, Maxpedition represents considerable authority in this kind of thing.

The organization's new Gyrfalcon Backpack is planned with a lot of room and quality to convey whatever heap you require in the field.

The Gyrfalcon Backpack has a general size of 10.5 inches long, by 9.75 inches in width and 22 inches in stature.

Maxpedition's Gyrfalcon highlights a removable, customizable interior casing with sheet, and additionally a wide load-bearing midriff belt with PALS connections. It additionally has a completely measured outside for versatility.

Among backpacks were displayed new third era exceptionally famous bag Falcon, a three-day backpack Gyrfalcon, odnolyamochnye backpacks Gila and Pecos, little regular Incognito Laptop bags and Duality, which emerges the likelihood of move from dvuhlyamochnoy to odnolyamochnoy outline, travel backpack SoloDuffel, and also particular backpack for shooting Ordnance Range Backpack with two removable compartments under the arms.

Maxpedition Gyrfalcon Backpack Price

The new items will show up in various plain hues, conventional Maxpedition. Future retail esteem not revealed all the news, it is realized that the backpack Falcon III will be evaluated $ 197, requesting regular bags Incognito Laptop will cost $ 140.

Among the new models of bags can be distinguished and Incognito Duo Incognito Quad, which are intended for ordinary utilize and incorporate into its outline a shrouded compartment under the short arms. New bags, like the previously mentioned backpack, totally fabricated utilizing tough nylon with a general thickness of no less than 1,050 denier, water-repellent material is further handled Teflon synthesis. All lightning only fabricated by YKK, plastic fittings UTX-Duraflex.


Maxpedition took its information of building hard-utilize nylon field gear and ergonomic plans and set up together profoundly adaptable strategic backpacks that are trusted by experts and regular citizens everywhere throughout the world. Through steady item advancement, Maxpedition continually enhances their knapsacks to convey the item that responses to the details of their custom base. Maxpedition strategic backpacks are widely tried in every climate condition to ensure their items don't not fail under anxiety.

A removable waistpack gives the client much more stockpiling alternatives, as does the included load strap for appending boxes, jars, barrels and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

Capacity proceeds with five pressure straps and two webbing tie downs for lashing load.

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