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Maxpedition Sabercat Versipack Review

I recovered the Proteus a while now and thought that it was little for my specific needs, so I was cheerful to see the Maxpedition Sabercat Versipack turn out, which is a ton like a biggun' Proteus. As should be obvious in my experince with the pack, the Proteus fits serenely inside the Sabercat principle compartment.

General Configuration

Maxpedition Sabercat Versipack seems to serve as a pleasant abdomen pack which can be worn front or back mounted. Unless something else is standing out, for the most part you can wear it in the back amid go to keep it off the beaten path and after that turn it in advance when required. Since the primary belt is so thick, the failure around while running component isn't terrible in any way.

Rating: 4.7 / 5.0

Technical Information


How about we simply ahead and separate every one of the pockets and so forth. At the extremely top is the Maxpedition style sleeve with stun line and string lock rig. Circle velcro is down the center for patches. The sleeve and line permit you to slam things in there for low security, yet simple to get to ability. If this range is somewhat more than you require, don't hesitate to remove the line apparatus to streamline things up a bit. This top zone has its own pocket with twofold zipper mollusk shell opening that folds far from the client. Inside is a sleeve with 1" even flexible circles on one side and a zippered network pocket on the other. This is an extraordinary spot for the littler treats.

Primary compartment:

This additionally opens up with twofold zippers which can get a bit of mistaking for the upper compartment zippers. I prescribe attempting to keep them lurched from each other to make things less demanding. The zippers go further down the pocket to make for an exceptional wide opening that permits full access without tumbling straight down. This compartment likewise opens far from the client which significantly makes it incomprehensibly simpler to utilize while still on your body. On the highest point of the inward principle region is another bigger zippered network stash that has 2 vertical versatile circles. These are useful for further thin association and the circles work awesome for restorative things. Inside the center pocket are sleeves with versatile velcro folds on the front and back. Both likewise have circle velcro boards within to include Maxpedition extras like the 3 mag holder. Nothing else is on the sides, and a there is a grommet on the base for waste. I feel this is a decent trade off of association capacity without additional poop acting as a burden.


Around over on the front is a greater than it looks twofold zippered pocket. The side pressure straps hinder the zippers a tiny bit, however not all that awful. The outside has modified PALS webbing for channels for vertical pressure straps and to take into account including different pockets. Between the PALS is circle velcro for name tapes and littler spirit patches. The Maxpedition logo is generous on the webbing rather than the circle like on some more established items which ought to make both client and Maxpedition cheerful 🙂 On the internal back of the front pocket is a sleeve with a cross section sleeve on top and partitioned down the center. A key cord is additionally included. Nothing is on the inward front, yet I don't see that as a major issue. If I could transform it, I might want to see some flat flexible there.

The sides have cloned medium measured pockets with twofold zipper access. The outside has a decent measurement of PALS for including pockets or general association focuses, yet the side pressure straps forcefully hinder how far one can open these side pockets. One can open the pocket completely, yet then it is a bother to recover the back force rope the because of the pressure strap covering it. On the internal back of these side pockets are straightforward lattice sleeve dividers and bottoms have extra grommets. Albeit not entirely obvious, the outside front of every side pocket has a thin sleeve useful for more things like electric lamps and apparatuses.


The back is shortsighted with modified PALS webbing to permit utilization of different long MALICE clasps to join the Sabercat to other apparatus. This back board has side access with velcro conclusion than can take into account the belt folds to be tucked into change the Sabercat into being a pack instead of a waistpack. The belt straps themselves have decent cushioning with rubbery/nylon network within for solace and cooling and PALS webbing on the outside for awesome association point and extra pocket mounting alternatives. If the majority of the belt PALS are utilized with new pockets, you can get a significant bat-belt of hardware stockpiling going. The fundamental belt association is a straightforward 2" SRB, reward flexible circles are incorporated to hold down the additional webbing slack. The base of the Sabercat is shortsighted, however the vertical snap straps can be changed in accordance with hold different things like bed moves down there.


With respect to center ease of use the Sabercat endures the same issue the Proteus does in which you need to separate 2 SRBs to get to any of the fundamental compartments. One can't simply keep the SRBs detached from that point forward the handle they are joined to will slump around all around. In my brain, this SUCKS really hard. Fortunately this is an alternative so the individuals who absolutely burrow pressure straps, they will be there for you. For the individuals who impart my insight, get out your scissors and remove the top "handle" and the side pressure straps. The base straps you may have the capacity to make a few mods to keep them valuable, yet if you don't anticipate any sewing, you should cut those off too. I simply don't see the pack being sufficiently enormous to require pressure, particularly if you have anything officially inside it. Pressure tirade aside, once you get the Sabercat how you need it, it is a truly decent ride. General comfortable since it frames a thick cushioned belt and can be immediately utilized while worn or can be withdrawn and tore on open for full get to. With the extent of the Sabercat it can perform numerous capacities, yet a couple that strike a chord would be a decent measured doctor pack or survival/E&E pack. There isn't much similar to the Sabercat out there, so look at it if you are in the business sector for a flexible butt-pack.

Maxpedition Sabercat Versipack Video Review


After archiving how the Sabercat comes regularly, I modded it on up to my inclinations.


  • Principle compartment: 10" x 7" x 4", inward divisions with two 7" x 4" circle fields
  • ​Frontal: 7" x 7" x 1.5", interior division with key maintenance
  • ​Sides: 7" x 4" x 2.5" with cross section division
  • ​Top: 9" x 4" x 1" with flexible coordinator, division, network pocket
  • ​Pals connection webbing: Front, sides
  • ​Attarch: Fits long Malice cuts in back (sold independently)
  • Midsection belt: Padded hip backing with movable 2" midriff belt for up to 56" abdomen; concealable

Mods Include:

  • Removed the handle, transformed the upper back webbing association focuses into circles.
  • ​Sewed new webbing circles with stepping stool locks to lower front PALS to at present permit lower webbing straps to work as bedroll lashes.
  • ​Cut off side pressure straps. Sewed front associations into circles and sewed side belt associations with make another PALS channel.
  • Included 550 line handle up top, just intended to be a brisk snatch. If I need an all out handle I will associate a shoulder strap to the top D-rings.

Notes: With the pressure straps gone I feel I am ready to get to every one of my stashes much less demanding. The circles I made with the webbing will give me a chance to utilize ITW repair SRB clasps if I ever alter my opinion. Sewing the additional PALS channel on the belt sides takes into consideration more particular connection space.

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