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Merrell Women’s Moab Vent Review

Rating: 4.6 / 5.0

There's nothing all more surprising that to loosen up on an end of the week by going on a nature trip. To enjoy the most of your trip, you need all the gear that you will require, similar to a trusty backpack and a decent combine of climbing boots.

A standout amongst the most rugged climbing boots in the market that you have to check out is Merrell Women's Moab Ventilator Hiking Shoe, an imaginative climbing boot from the world-fame shoemaker. Here is Merrell Women's Moab Vent review.

The Advantages

  • Produced using brilliant leather and mesh material
  • ​Sports a bellows tongue that supports keep debris out
  • ​Keeps your feet dry all the time with the assistance of its breathable mesh lining wicks
  • Features QForm Comfort midsole for outrageous cushioning
  • Comes with Vibram sole
  • ​The Full Run Down
  • Construction and Material

The Merrell Women's Moab Ventilator Hiking Shoe is well made. It is produced using superb cowhide and mesh material. It also comes with defensive synthetic calfskin toe bumpers giving ideal solidness and resistance from any abrasion. If you are searching for a climbing shoe that will last a long, long time, this is the one that has been searching for.

Fit and Comfort

Two of the biggest benefits of Merrell Women's Moab Hiking Shoes are a solace and the surprising measure of support that it offers. Despite its rough form, this climbing boot is surprisingly lightweight. Another astounding thing about this climbing shoe is that runs a half-size small with a spacious toebox making it perfect for individuals with wide feet.

The Merrell Women's Moab Ventilator Hiking Shoe, as the name implies, is made for breathability. This element is exceptionally credited to the shoe's mesh vents that help keep your feet pleasant and dry constantly. You will also likely notice that it dries faster when you take it on a climb on a wet territory. It doesn't also feel squishy if you get them wet.

Pros and Cons


  • I use these shoes each and every day! I do me every day errands wearing them, and I wear them to work. They're just so agreeable you'll never need to take them off, yet the thing I came to welcome the most about them is the means by which they assuage the bundle of pressure by moving my foot on the outside
  • ​These are the best women climbing boots I've ever claimed! I totally overlooked having blisters or sore feet since I started wearing them. Also, my feet problems are an army, and they truly helped me putting a considerable measure of them under control
  • ​I've perused a lot of women climbing shoe reviews, and it's not an especially interesting perused, oh my goodness. Be that as it may, I've at long last run over these, and the sheer number of positive reviews made my psyche for me for getting them. Since I did some climbing with them, I can honestly say each one of those reviews was valid, and I have a feeling like my climbing knowledge just stepped up.
  • ​Great cushion and support!
  • ​I claim four pairs of these. They were altogether purchased in light of a designated purpose: climbing, running errands, strolling the canine, and the oldest match serves for cutting the yard. As you can see, I use them for actually everything possible, which should say enough as to how I feel about them!
  • ​I gave them an appropriate beating amid our climb through the Death Valley, and they took everything like champs. They are to a great degree well made and solid as far as I'm concerned, and I can hardly wait to test them against some different trails I have as a top priority.
  • ​They accomplish something extraordinary to my feet, and I just appreciate the experience without asking an excessive number of questions J I've had surgical procedures done on both of my feet, and these somehow prop me up for 4-5 miles in one go, which was unbelievable before I got them. Much obliged to you, Merrell, for giving me back what I adore most!
  • ​The support is awesome, plus they look sharp and run splendidly with a couple of jeans and a casual shirt. I wear them to work, which includes 8 hours a day of continued strolling. I don't know how I would oversee it without these awful boys.
  • ​The measure of adaptability these boots have is simply staggering! They are stiff and defensive when I go over some sharp rocks, yet at the same time, they take after consummately the development of my feet. Excellent boots and one extremely cheerful customer here.
  • ​They give culminate footing where it counts the most. Slippery ice? Wet rocks? Slimy territory? Don't sweat it!
  • ​They're extremely lightweight and, in particular, fit consistent with size. It's my main concern when I'm requesting shoes on the web, and I'm happy Merrell did what numerous different manufacturers simply refuse to; make your shoes as large as you say they are!
  • ​Exceptionally sturdy bumper guards!
  • ​They're the lightest boots I've ever had, yet the most defensive at the same time. In the short time I wore them, we've been through some harsh terrains, and they perform beautifully. Not even the sharpest of rocks had nothing on them!
  • Awesome shoes in general, yet the point that truly amazes me is the manner by which agreeable they are amid the declining descent. The toebox is so large I've had absolutely no problems with my toes suffering the full effect of downhill development.

Merrell Moab Vent Hiking Shoe Video Review


  • Just like some other item, the Merrell Women's Moab Ventilator Hiking also comes with its own flaws however they are minor. The flimsy insole and heel cushioning is not as extreme as you need them to be, they can be easily supplanted in any case. Aside from these minor drawbacks, the shoe works like nothing else.


The Merrell Women's Moab Ventilator Hiking Shoe is a sturdy and lightweight travel pal that you can utilize at whatever time and anyplace. This shoe comes with several selling points that are extremely worth looking at. They report an excellent solace gave by them, suitable support and mind blowing footing, eager sturdiness and an incredible level of general design and execution, a lot of toe room and an agreeable vibe amid the declining descent, extremely sturdy bumpers and an ideal insurance from dangers underfoot. If you are searching for a climbing shoe that delivers what is supposed to out of the case, you can never turn out badly with this fantastic shoe from Merrell.

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