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Military Watch Regulation: Ultimate Guide

What type of watches is allowed on the field? Which color is forbidden? Are branded watches acceptable? These are the questions that perplex every single mind of wannabe soldiers, and sometimes even serving officers are found confused in this regard.

If you are reading this guide, you don’t have to worry anymore. All the questions will be answered in the prospect of Army Regulation law 670-1 1-14 A, which will leave all your misunderstandings far-off.

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An Army is a commissioned uniformed service for a reason. They are judged by the manners and discipline as well as personal appearance. Therefore, they are required to stay neat and well-groomed all the time. Wearing an army uniform with perfect settings in the field is one thing, but when you become an army officer you need to stay in figure, especially when in public in order to show the pride and esprit of the forces of your Nation.

It is the duty of commanding officers to make sure the personnel under their orders are following all the guidelines and instructions for what to wear, when to wear to what to fire, when to fire, responsibly.

Army Regulation law 670-1 1-14 A

The Army Regulation law 670-1 1-14 A, prescribes all the official policies of governing regulations for army officers. Topics that it covers, includes all the guidelines and instructions comprehensively regarding official uniform and accessories to be worn by male officers of the Arm Forces of the US.

The US armed forces are known as one of the most advanced and highly weaponize force. Today US hold the medal of World’s biggest force in soldier count. US today is not only making name in the field of devices and technology, on the other hand, its armed forces are adopting day by day new practices to ease the soldiers that are on the front line. Techniques, tactics, and technology are all involved in uniforms of US forces.

Recently in the wake of 2014, the Army Regulation 670-1 1-14 A have gone through some updates. After which, grooming standards, tattoos, accessories general wear and appearance of the uniform all include new policies.

Q. Watches Are Allowed or Not?

Each service has its own rules and regulation regarding wearing and the appearance of the corps. In the US Army, in light of “Army Regulation law 670-1 1-14 A”, soldiers are allowed to wear watches in the field. Though, sometimes the commanding officers, using their rights, forbid the troops to wear watches, then you have to follow him. But in general, watches are allowed in US army regulations to wear with the uniform in the field. But keep in mind, no logos, patterns, or obtrusive markings, plain watches only.

Q. Can Soldier Wear Other Than Black Watches?

What colors are allowed for military watches?

According to the source of a boy scout in the army, soldiers can wear whatever color of the watch they want but nevertheless, if the commanding officer finds the watch vulgar and indecorous, he can ban it from wearing. So, if you are getting even a single hunch of vulgarity coming out of your favorite watch, you could have to keep it aside. Though no one will prohibit you, if you are wearing an “elegant timepiece”, no matter whichever color it is made of. For some events, officers usually recommend to wear black watch only. If necessary, you may find a black watch for yourself, otherwise you might not be able to wear it.

So, more or less, you can now assume that only black watches are allowed for soldiers. Black is the color that is preferred in the field as it reduce being a target indicator. You might also need to change your backpacks, sunglasses and whatever to color black or its alike colors like brushed aluminum, brown, dark gray, gunmetal etc.

Q. Are Watches Allowed During the Training?

During the training session only, watches are purely restricted by the Army Regulation. You can take a watch with you on the training ground, but you won’t be allowed to wear them while training. Same goes for any other jewelry you are wearing. No extra weight or materials are allowed during training sessions, as it could upsurge the safety reasons and increase the hindrance for your body.

Q. Is There Any Size Specified for Watches?

If the question is about specification, then no. There is not any size of watches specified in the Army Regulation law 670-1 1-14 A for the soldiers. But if you’d ask about the size of watches, then the answer, as long as the watch is not looking odd on your hand, you can wear it. Not too loose, nor too tight, and you can wear your watch without any prohibition.

Q. Is There Any Weight Specified for Watches?

No, according to the regulations of the army, there’s no weight specified.

As long as, your watch is not of carry an odd weight, which can make create difficulty for you on the fighting grounds, it is not prohibited to wear.

Q. Is There a List of Known Brands of Watches Allowed?

No, the Army Regulations law doesn’t refer to any specified branded watches for soldiers. But remember, if your watch contains any large size of label, sign or anything that is representing the brand itself, then it could be banned by the army officials.

Q. Can Higher Ranked Army Personnel Wear Watches of Personal Choice?

The answer is simply no, the whole act of army regulations is for the entire army corp, not for any single division or rank of soldiers.

Regulations Regarding Other Accessories

Soldiers are also allowed to wear any eyeglasses with all uniforms. Decent-looking sunglasses are also legal for army personnel to wear when at the base, but are not allowed on the field on the front line. Officers working in the medical field may also wear sunglasses, but only unless the commanding officer forbids for safety reason in a field environment.

Soldiers may not be allowed to wear showy lenses, that contain extreme or bright colors. Very large glasses or too small that defect that the look of the uniform are also not allowed in the Army Regulation law 670-1 1-14 A. Chains, bands or showy ribbons are not allowed, as these gears restrain the soldier to give their full show during the fighting in the battle.

Soldiers are not allowed to wear trendy ankle bracelets, necklaces, ensigns, amulets or any talismans and all that. When you are a soldier these artifacts can really interfere with performing your duty to state. However, soldiers are not prohibited to wear any religious pendants or jewelry as long as it is not exceeding the limits of the regulations. And remember, whenever necessary, commanding officer can prohibit even the religious items because of safety concerns.

The plastic, rubber cloth or woven wrist bracelets are way too conspicuous and danger to wear on war zone, not to mention how it detracts the professional appearance of a soldier.

All the soldiers are bound to wear an ID bracelet, which is required must all the time as they come in use to identify the soldier during medical alert or if he/she found missing in action. Include the wristwatch or not, soldiers have to wear one item on each wrist only. Moreover, soldiers are allowed to wear two rings with army uniform, which could include their wedding ring.

However, a pendant is never allowed. But you could wear a necklace or any jewelry as long as it is not in bad taste. The only allowed exceptions are for religious items. Soldiers’ must not wear anything that results in extreme appearance. Colors too bright that detract the professional army uniform are also prohibited. Same goes for female officers. They must avoid bright complexion that doesn’t match with the uniform.

Violence of rules may result in adverse administrative action under the state order.

Soldiers must always keep the morale and pride of their homeland forces high. Soldiers’ physical appearance is the first sign of their adherence to their Nation.

Things to Remember for A Wannabe Soldier

  1. ​Soldiers’ uniform must be fit and tidy and they should have a minimum quantity of uniforms in spare.
  2. ​Soldiers are bound to wear only authorized badges and awards.
  3. ​Uniform of the soldiers should be made by certified manufacturers in order to keep up the quality and design.
  4. ​Soldiers must be always in professional image whether on or off duty.
  5. ​Soldiers must follow all the appearance and grooming standards set by the corps.
  6. If necessary, the commanding officer can anytime change the regulations.

Before joining the force, soldiers are given time to buy out all their needs of complete uniform. Then throughout their career they can update their wardrobe, but in accordance to the rules and regulations set by their commanding officers.

If anytime your commanding officer changes the regulation regarding the troops’ appearance, soldiers have to follow the new orders. Commanding officers have all the rights to alter the rules anytime and make the uniform policy according to the situation.

Complete Uniform of Army Personnel

US military have different kinds of uniforms for different ranks of army personnel and soldiers. Each classification can be named as battle dress uniform, corporate personnel uniforms and working class uniform. After the end of World War 2, US military adopted new types and patterns for the soldier uniforms.

US military uniform and its rules and regulation have made quite a name around the world, only because of its protective features. Uniforms of US armed forces are well designed to serve many purposes, which include strong disguise, distinction, robust logistics and to get ahead in psychological warfare.

Today, the US army has three color of service uniforms. New recruits get green colored uniform at first with a black necktie to enter their opening training sessions. That they have to wear all the time on duty, off duty and during travel as well. Even you may have to dress in green when attending informal functions under corps management.

Then after they enlisted the soldier, he/she earn a white uniform as their final clothing with some basic items of need such as combat boots and other MP accessories. The boots would be made of black leather with the vulcanized rubber sole and a closed-loop lace system. The whole uniform is approved with specific design and pattern. The trousers would be straight plain in design and without cuffs and with a single pocket on back.

And at the end, the army gives soldiers a blue colored uniform, which should be worn only on appropriate occasions. The soldiers are recommended to wear the short and long sleeved shirts with a coat or cardigan sweaters. And if they prefer wearing short sleeves on the sweater, then they are ordered to wear a tie on it.

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The items that army personnel may wear with their service uniform.

  • Gloves
  • ​Hat
  • ​Scarf
  • ​Badges
  • ​ID bracelet
  • Nameplate

All the items you wear must be first approved by your commanding officer, indeed. All the material you wear and even the badges you wear must be according to military specifications and have approval by the officers.

For female soldiers in US army, there is an exception. They may use any required accessary on the body that include the lips, tongue or any other as long as it is not readily visible. Females can wear earrings with the uniform, only when on duty in civilian areas. They are not allowed to wear earrings when on hospital duty or when in training sessions.

For both male and female soldiers, the allowed items that they can wear with uniform includes a pair of running shoes. Shoes may be branded, but it must not contain any logo or sign that shows off. Shoes should be worn with plain white socks, this is mandatory. Gloves, belts, vests, underwear and other item are all suggested on soldiers will and according to the environment. You will have to wear full PFU and IPFU uniforms unconditionally, if recommended by the commanding officer. All the PFU and IPFU uniforms are issued after authorization by the NSN and DLA. Your uniform should be attested of their stamps with contract number.

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