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Most Comfortable Womens Police Boots 2017

You are probably sleeping safely in your houses. A carefree sleeps at night and peaceful conditions at day. Have you ever noticed how it is so safe around you? How do the thieves and bad actors never reach you? Or whenever they try to get to you they always face those men and women in the uniform who have taken the responsibility of protecting you from every such person and act. Policing is not only nowadays left on the men but also the women have held themselves high in this field. Policing is not any easy job rather it is exacting and fussy, handling a variety of task at once with having lethal consequences and are life threatening.

Most Comfortable Women's Police Boots available on Amazon

Here is a list of the Most Comfortable Women's Police Boots 2016

The gear that a woman wears has a lot to do with her commitment as to get things done quickly she must be with the top quality gear that comforts her within the conditions she is. And without any doubts, one of the most important gears of police women is her boots. The boots are what she has to deal with all the time and there is no margin of choosing the second best in this. You have to get the best to feel comfortable all the day. Durable they must be with the highest expected quality with giving the police women a light feel on her feet. They must not bring soreness to her feet and should make her ready to respond to any of the tasks she is made to perform.

Top 5 Most Comfortable Women's Police Boots 

 1.  Magnum Panther 8.0 Boots

Rating: 4.1 / 5.0

Magnum another name of a company that provides the boots and shoes for multipurpose uses. Magnum Panther 8.0 Boots are durable and comfortable and useful for both men and women. These black boots come in with hard-wearing mesh panel and fast wicking lining which make the boots able to manage the moisture and keeps then fresh for longer with strong rustproof hardware.

They absorb the shock with the EVA insole and for having the maximum grip they have used SRA high traction rubber. They are specifically made for police officers and security personnel especially women. I was tired of the lack of grip and ankle protection in my shoes and then I found a pair of these which did give me the best quality for a reasonable price. The nature of my job required such boots and magnum panther 8.0 boots gave me a cozy and comfortable experience.

 2.  Kombat UK Spec-Ops Recon Side Zip Boot

Rating: N/A

The Kombat UK Specs-ops Recon Side Zip Boots were ideally designed for the military and police offices and the professionals who worked for emergency services. The best quality of these boots is their YKK dual zip, which makes them easy to wear and take off. The other good quality is that they are made of leather and 1000D Cordura which makes them light in weight and allows them to pass air in them.

When I was serving for the police I had issues with my gear and specially my boots but then I came to know about this on an online store and everything I ever demanded was delivered in a single package. I have been using them since then and they have been up to the marks that were promised by the company. Surely one of the best policing boots, I will say or I must say the best policing boots ever for women. They always keep my feet warm, moisturized and fresh with its umbrella lining and nylon laces. Everybody who has ever used it or ever will not end up disappointed of the comfortability it delivers.

 3.  Lowa Women's Gore-Tex Combat Boots

Rating: 5.0 / 5.0

As far as I have experienced they are best boots I ever wore. As a keen walker and military personnel, I have experienced that they are the best boots that could be used for this purpose. I have been using the one of its pairs from last 4 years or even more than that and just only replaced its insole once.

They have closed hook lacing which makes it able to have a tighter grip and 2.0 mm- 2.22 mm buffalo leather at the upper part of it. I have had treks and expeditions in them as well as any of the military operations and general use and they have also been the best in any of the situations. They perfectly match the value for your money and provide the best values for the police women who look for keeping their gear best fit for their job.

 4.  Lowa Patrol Boots

Rating: N/A

If you are thinking to buy a quality pair of police boots for women then you must take a look at Lowa Patrol Boots which will probably last for years and you won't be thinking about buying a new pair of boots anytime soon. The German boot makers offer the best quality of boots.

When I bought a pair of these boots I thought it would last a year or two as I was constantly having policing activities of patrolling around areas that were not so flat and fertile but shockingly these boots gave me around 4 to 5 years of quality value. I usually covered hundreds of miles daily in them and they only required resoling a couple of times and nothing else was needed in them. They are not-Goretex lined version and provide you with a best sole and grip. They look alike mountain boots but are useful for patrolling purposes and other policing activities.

 5.  Lowa Mountain GTX Boots

Rating: N/A

Ten years ago I bought a pair of these and I never expected that they will keep up with me this long but surprisingly I still use them and had their resoling once from LSR (Lowa specialist re-soler). These are the best pair of boots I have got so far and they have been best in providing the durability and comfy pleasure on my long duties as I am the police officer.

The one who has to be on uneven tracks and rocky areas but these shoes provide the best experience when I am on duty. They are comparatively comfortable than any of the boots I have ever used. They are fairly wide and fit great on my feet. They provide great support to your ankle and provide the grip that can make you chase almost anything. Lowa mountain boots have provided me great support on my duties at hilly and rocky areas, steep slopes or muddy areas or where ever I have been shifted to due to my policing and patrolling duty

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