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NcSTAR Mark III Quick Release Review

The NcStar Mark III Quick Release is part of the Mark II tactical series released for use by all types of people by NcStar. Over the years, the company has developed an ingenuity of providing high quality rifles at reasonable prices. The company gives priority to feedback from its customers, which can be seen in the quality of rifles they produce. In addition, they strive to provide the most reliable customer service of any rifle accessories company. The optics used in these scopes are the best by industry standards. They come with a lifetime warranty that guarantees customer satisfaction.

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Build Quality

Over the years, Nc Star has developed a reputation for being able to develop high-quality scopes and other rifle accessories that cost dirt-cheap. Even though you might think, you are buying a cheap you will be surprised. I can tell you that NcStar has managed to bridge the gap between cost and quality. The scope is both waterproof and shockproof so that you can use it for an intense chase through the woods or for target practice at home.


This rifle comes with an illuminated mil dot reticle. This is one of the best types of reticles for people who love hunting and for professional purposes. This scope will definitely not let you down if you plan to use it for a tactical mission. This type of reticle comes in handy when you want to estimate the exact range of the target. This should be easy when you are hunting game that you know well.

The reticle has blue and green illumination. This can prove invaluable when you are shooting at target against a blue backdrop, such as the sky. In addition, when you are hunting game in a green area, the reticle color will prove their worth.

Features and Adjustability

This rifle comes equipped with a bullet drop compensator. The BDC is calibrated for the 5.56 55gr NATO. This will come in handy when you are using the rifle for targets within the 500-yard radius. Even though it does not have ACOG, this will be more than enough for home based use such as hunting and simple tactical operations.

If you do not understand what a BDC is, I should mention that it is one of the most popular features in the riflescopes of today. It allows you to shoot at targets with precision with little adjustments to scope elevation. The BDC works by having a number of aiming points built into the reticle pattern. These aiming points are calibrated for use at different distances. However, if you go for this type of scope, you are limited to a specific type of cartridge. This seems like a small sacrifice to make for the better accuracy. BDC are especially important for rifles with the low 4x magnification such as this rifle has.

The lenses on this scope are multi-coated. If you have never used a scope before ten you will not understand the significance of this feature until you try hunting in sunlight. The sun totally interferes with your ability to see and it can even temporality blind you. This feature will assist you to hunt in all types of weather; even in the strongest sunlight, you will be able to wee your targets with ease.

Safety Features

Another awesome feature that comes with this scope is the 3-inch eye relief. This should be appropriate for use on a standard Ar-15 rifle. You will have no problems with this rifle. The scope also comes with a sunshade; this will prove invaluable when you are hunting at high noon.

Another great safety feature is the use of bikini style lens covers. These covers are dirt cheap if they get lost. In addition, they offer far better protection than the flip up covers. For one, flip ups are prone to breakage if they are exposed to extreme cold. This means you would have to deal with having to cut short your trip or risking your lenses being scratched. A flip up covers has the disadvantage of requiring specialized equipment to be replaced. This should not be an issue with the bikini style lenses.


NcSTAR Mark III Quick Release scopes are quite light. The scopes weigh only 14.1oz, which is extremely lightweight. You will not even notice that the scope is mounted once you grip your rifle. The relatively short length of 6.63 inches is also quite awesome. This allows for use on a wide range of platforms such as the AK47/SKS, Ruger, Bolt Action rifles, Pistols and the AR-15.

NcSTAR Mark III Quick Release Tactical Scope Video Review

Customer Reviews

The NcSTAR Mark III Quick Release had an average of 122 reviews by the time I was writing this article. Out of those reviews, it has managed to get a rating of 3.8 stars out of a possible 5 stars. This is quite impressive, which shows the quality of this rifle.

One of the notable features that earned this scope such a strong rating was the easy release. The scope comes equipped with a feature that makes it exceeding easily to mount and dismount. Another notable feature about this riflescope is its compact size. The small size allows it to loaded on pistols for more accurate shooting. However, one customer complained the metal sites on his pistol were not visible when he loaded the scope; with this powerful scope, you will not require your metal sites.


  • Cheap yet quality scope
  • ​The use of BDC
  • Use of illuminated reticles is a plus


  • The quick release button is tiny. However, this should not be a real problem and it will not affect how you use it.


The NcSTAR Mark III Quick Release is a sturdy sniper scope that works great in any operation. Users will have a wonderful experience using. In addition, the quick mount and release feature is quite welcome. The objective lens is also quite wide, which will allow you to capture nature with ease. Even at the longer ranges, the sights do not lose their clarity, which is a problem with some scopes. I would definitely recommend that you buy this riflescope.

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