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New Balance Men’s Abyss II 8-Inch Tactical Boot

For any man looking for the right solid, tactical boots to while in or around the water, check out the New Balance Men's Abyss II 8-Inch Tactical Boot. Whether you plan to swim, fly, or walk, the NB Abyss has the technology to keep your feet healthy and comfortable. With the Abyss II, you will have the right rubber sole needed for superior grip on slippery, wet surfaces and perforated Pu insert that is used for water release with an air mesh upper for ultimate ventilation and drainage. They’re built for use in operations on both land and water as the SEAL foot bed insole has a removable shank to let you customize the fit based on the needs of your current setting.

New Balance Mens Abyss II 8-Inch Tactical Boot

Est. Price: ~$52.00 - ~$55.24

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The NB Abyss II boots features an air mesh upper for superior ventilation with double coating synthetic urethane, high-quality rubber sole, a synthetic upper, and completely water resistance with sole mesh ports to keep water out. The boots weigh in at 49.44 ounces and come in whole sizes only that ranges from 6-15. It can fit most XL fin pockets with reinforced TPU upper eyelets.

Best Environment for Use

These boots are recommended for any fisherman looking for solid tactical boots in and out of the water, or trips in the wilderness, specially canoe camping. Users say the New Balance boots perform flawlessly when out in the terrains although wished for more ankle support as some negative experiences included one boot falling apart during the trip. It’s perfect for large lakes and rivers along with small ponds and creeks. If you work on concrete all day, these boots may not be recommended for work as they don’t come with a safety toe.


The boots provide great ankle support and fits well with heavy-duty socks, though it may be a bit too flexible to provide full ankle support. The boot itself is pretty much made for a flat foot boot. If you have high arches, it’s definitely recommended to buy a new insert as the ones the boot included are super thin and offer no support for the foot’s arch. New Balance included three inserts for these boots which makes it more customizable to fit. The only challenge is to try a few insert combinations to find the right, snug fit.


The thickest part of the insole is in the front of the arch. The lacing tabs make the adjustments more challenging to loosen and tighten the laces every time. The laces are thick and thin and are about 63” long, like a sine wave on both sides as the thick parts make it more difficult to pull through the lacing tabs. With a standard boot lace it may be quite easier though can be fixed by installing eyelets so the lacing works like a normal shoe. The sole is flexible and may not suit everyone’s preference. The boot material feels pretty tough and long-lasting, though this will always be determined based on how you use them. If the boots are worn during light gardening or yard work – there’s no telling how long, it will last.


From urban floods with broken bricks and cement to rocky steps; the NB Abyss II can withstand some bad treatment and heavy workloads. With a high amount of physical abuse, the knitted part sand sole doesn’t seem to give any signs of wear and tear even from a 5 hour full-on tactical training.


The New Balance Abyss II Tactical boots are not waterproof at all, but there are drain holes that will allow water to drain out when it seeps in.


Since the thickest part of the insole is on the front of the arch, the boot may be uncomfortable to walk in over a short period of distance. The pain will likely result over longer distances or if you’re handling a heavy pack. The soles of the boots aren’t razor zipped as advertised, meaning they have a series of paired lugs around the edges and separated by a narrow groove. The narrow spaces easily hold in dirt, which isn’t necessarily a serious problem though may be just added mess to clean up. The 8” model seems to have better ankle support when laced all the way up through the Abyss II model does not include a steel shank insert. There is a white material backing throughout the tough material, however the white lining is not easily seen and can perhaps be darkened with a black marker.


The design of the boots is fairly decent and appropriate for work out of the field. On the other hand, what you see is what you get and what you may approve of in terms of style – others may not. The model comes in two colours: black and coyote; with two models in 6 inch and 8 inch. For more ankle support, I suggest taking the 8-inch model.


These boots are mainly made of synthetic fabrics including high-strength nylon; which allows the feet to breathe and aids in natural bending and movement of the ankle and foot since it is less rigid in those crucial areas of potential strain. There’s a reinforced toe protection in the front that does its job on protecting your toes from any in adverted hits and bumps with rocks and boulders you may get in the way. The outside also has a protected cover that protects the boots as well. As compared to other boots such as Timberlands, which had a very slippery and stiff sole, or the tough boots of the Portuguese Army; the NB Abyss II beats them without a doubt.

Three Layered Insoles

As for comfort, flexibility and security, there are three insoles inside. The first layer is made out of a hard plastic compound that’s used to protect the foot from any uneven terrain and hazardous pointy objects. The second layer is made of a thick, yet soft sponge that provides perfect cushion for strenuous activities including jumping, running and even used as a spring to harness the energy you produce while running to have an extra boost. Lastly, the third layer is the anti-germ and thinner insole.

The insoles all share several holes in the same area whose main function is to drain all the moisture and water from the boots; resulting in keeping the foot cool and dry. When you look beneath the boot, you may notice the holes that allow water to drain as these were made with certain features of operation in mind in terms of deployment from the water then proceeding to land with the motion and natural body heat to dry the feet.


This model is a US only and cannot be imported to other countries. Upon recent research, the boots were made by New Balance upon the request of the US Navy Seals with some great features such as the fast water drainage and impeccable breathability.

Are these boots good for hiking?

As for walking or hiking, a better suited hiking boots would be better for use especially for long term hikes. The NB Abyss II is comfortable and extremely light, as it depends on the use of inserts. Hiking boots are definitely stiffer than these boots but you take out the inserts, you can flex to boots to more extremes.


I like how lightweight the boots are especially when walking through water. The ankle support is great and necessary when dealing with strenuous activities. I also like how fast the boots rain the water out and how fast it dries with fairly good ankle support. The boots are reasonably light weight and comfortable with the right socks and lace tension. Another great thing about the boots is how they still look brand new after the dirt and mud washes right off.


These boots do not provide a safety toe with is crucial if you work with concrete all day. The lacing of the boots may seem a bit unusual compared to regular boots but stays in place very well. Although the boots are designed for endearing tough water terrains, they don’t dry as quickly as one would hope but far quicker than other usual hiking boots. The boots are conveniently made for those who have flat feet, so those with narrow feet may find the toe box to be bigger than preferred. This feature may be a downfall especially when travelling downhill. It might be recommended to use two pairs of wool socks to fix the minor error.

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Overall Conclusion

The New Balance Abyss II are definitely recommended for anyone who desires a pair of boots which are both comfortable and durable to use for any day-to-day activities or typical Airsoft games on the fields. For those who live outside the US, perhaps you should think twice before you try to purchase these boots depending on your country’s import policies and fees as they can come in pretty hefty. The boots will cost around US $110 which is a fairly decent price, though will be difficult to get anywhere else.

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