The Nike SFB Hoax, Redesigned But Still Not Compliant…

4/28/15 Update

The new and improved version of Nike SFB Field Leather boots are indeed AR 670-1 compliant.

Take a closer read at our full length review of the boots, and you can decide if they really are what everyone hypes them up to be for yourself. Here is the link: Nike SFB field Leather Boots Review AR-670-1 Complaint.

-Authorized Boots

Goodbye Nike Special Field Boot – US Patriot announced, that the outsole of the new Nike SFB Leather is still not in compliance with DA Pam 670-1.

The company is offering a complete refund or an upgrade, to everyone who pre-ordered. Gotta love a company whose willing to honor their commitments, even at the risk of a financial loss…

“Although the Nike SFB Leather boot has a sole made out of rubber, it also incorporates EVA material as well. The EVA portion makes the sole Non-Compliant. The boot itself is a high performance, quality boot and there is nothing inherently wrong with it, but in our eyes, the interpretation of the regulation is clear. As such, we cannot in good conscience continue marketing this item.

We are currently reaching out to all customers now to address this situation and resolve it as fast as possible. If you have a current order for the Nike SFB Leather boot, feel free to contact us at (800) 805-5294 or admin@uspatriottactical.com.

We apologize for the confusion but we take seriously our commitment to our soldiers and ensuring that we do not send out uniform items to them that are not compliant with regulations and the standards of the United States Army.”