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Real Flame 24″ Convert-to-Gel Log Set Review

I grew up with a wood-burning fireplace, and I loved it. However, sometimes it created problems if it was not vented properly. If someone forgot to open the flue, the room would fill with smoke, and instead of enjoying a nice warm fire, my family would be hiding out in another room trying to breathe in fresh air. Then there was the issue of affording firewood; it got expensive very quickly.

Rating: 4.3 / 5.0

This is why I was excited to try the Real Flame 24” Convert-To-Gel Log Set. I was hoping to get the inviting and warm fireplace feel, without having to constantly worry about kindling, flues, firewood, and other hassles that come with a wood-burning fireplace.


The Real Flame 24” Convert-To-Gel Log Set comes with three different parts:

  • Six Piece Log Set
  • ​Grate
  • Decorative Lava Rocks

The log set is designed to fit in most fireplaces, but you should consider measuring your fireplace before purchasing the product. The dimensions of the log set are: 24.5” x 13.8” x 11.5.” 

Three fuel cans are used at a time, and there is an easy access handle that makes changing fuel cans simple. The log set can be used in dormant fireplaces, and it does not need any sort of ventilation. The set is made from hand-painted cast concrete and steel, and is meant to mimic the look and feel of wood-burning fireplaces.

The product weighs about 35 pounds, so it is slightly heavy, but is still manageable. The log set must be used with Real Flame gel fuel, which is sold separately. 

Customer Reviews

Currently the Real Flame 24” Convert-To-Gel Log Set has 138 customer reviews on Amazon. Before buying the product myself, I spent hours reading the reviews to get a real sense of what to expect. I found the moderate to high ratings the most helpful. When considering the actual product, I ignored the one and two star ratings, because those reviews were not about the product, but instead about accidents that had happened during shipping, or about how the customers had not correctly read the description of the product.

Overall customers are pleased with the Real Flame 24” Convert-To-Gel log set. According to customer reviews, they were the most pleased with:

  • How easy it was to assemble
  • ​How easy it was to replace the fuel cans
  • The ambiance was realistic

However, some customers were not completely satisfied with product, and found fault with a few things:

  • Buying fuel cans can get expensive, and barely last three hours
  • ​It does not create a lot of warmth
  • Default products created unpleasant smells or the overall effect was disappointing


  • One of the nice things about the Real Flame Log Set is that it can fit inside most fireplaces, no matter how old they might be. It also does not matter what type of fireplace you may have (wood, gas, electric). The set can be used without the need to open a vent or flue, making it really easy to keep an eye on.
  • ​The product is easy to assemble. The only tool needed is a screwdriver, so even the worst builders can put it together.
  • ​It is easy to replace the fuel cans. There is a handle attached to the front log, so you only have to lift the log up to switch out the cans.
  • The product is hand painted, so it looks realistic. The fuel cans are also fairly well hidden, so the flames look natural. They also mimic the popping sound real fires make.


  • The fuel cans only burn for two and a half to three hours. While this is plenty of time for those who do not use the Real Flame Log Set every day or for long period of times, for others this can become an expensive problem.
  • ​You can only use Real Flame Gel Fuel. A pack of 24 fuels cans is 72 dollars on Amazon. If you plan on using the product every day, buying fuels cans will become expensive very quickly.
  • ​The Log Set does not produce as much warmth as regular fireplaces. So do not expect to rely on this to warm your house during cold winter months.
  • The product seems to be more fragile than Real Flame advertises. There are quite a few customer reviews complaining about how some pieces were broken when it arrived, and the Real Flame company did not honor the warranty when the product was ordered off of other sites. So while it’s more expensive to order directly from Real Flame, it might be the better option.

My Overall Review

I ordered my Real Flame 24” Covert-To-Gel Log Set off of Amazon. I received the log set within a week, although Amazon does provide free two-day shipping on this product. Amazon price is $169, while it costs over $200 on the Real Flame website. I did not buy the warranty, because if the product did arrive damaged I would have just sent it back for a full refund.

The product was fairly easy to assemble; it took me a little longer than the estimated 15 minutes, but that was not the product’s fault, but instead was a result of my poor building skills. It fit into my fireplace perfectly, but once it was assembled it was kind of heavy, so I needed my husband’s help getting it into place.

Overall, I was pleased with the set. It does not replace the feel of a real fireplace, and it isn’t something I would recommend if you plan on using it often, as the fuel cans are pricey. However, if I wasn’t sitting too far away, I could feel warmth radiating from the flames, and when I didn’t have the covering on my fireplace, it did sound like a real crackling fire. Since the fuel cans are placed in between the logs, the flames look pretty realistic too. The fuel cans lasted about two and a half hours.

I would definitely recommend this product to someone who wanted the occasional, relaxing ambiance of a fireplace.