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Redfield Rampage 20-60×60 Spotting Scope Review


In my opinion, spotting scopes are quite literally gifts from the world of Science and Technology to people who absolutely adore the outdoors. There is nothing that these handy little contraptions cannot be used for from activities like hunting and bird watching to stargazing and marksmanship. I set out to get one for myself after picking up bird watching as a hobby. 

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After trolling the internet and surveillance hardware stores I finally settled on the Redfield Rampage spotting scope. This is no doubt one of the very best spotting scopes under $200. In addition to its affordability, I was attracted to its many amazing features and specifications that have been described in detail below.

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Features of the Redfield Rampage Spotting Scope

Magnification power and field of view

The Redfield Rampage has a magnification capacity of 20-60 x 60. In lay man’s terms, this means that the spotting scope has a magnification range of between 20 and 60 times of the normal image. This feature comes in very handy when the scope is being used in marksmanship and hunting where the image or the target object is brought into clear and sharp focus. The second (60) value represents the diameter of the front lens which is 60 mm. This provides a wide field of view which is a great advantage especially to birdwatchers.

Eye relief

This spotting scope model has an eye relief distance of 17 mm to 14 mm. This is a great advantage to users who wear thick-lensed spectacles as they can still see the entire field of view despite not having their eyes properly fit onto the eyepiece. This feature also allows you to wear sunglasses while you use it especially when the objects that you are viewing are in the direction from which the sun is shining.

Waterproof, Dustproof and Fogproof design

This is one of my favorite features especially when I am using the Redfield in foggy forests looking for birds. The spotting scope has been designed to include an airtight nitrogen filled compartment. This ensures that no moisture can get into the scopes interior causing blurriness when viewing. The nitrogen also ensures that there are no chances of moisture and air vapor accumulating in the path of light within the spotting scope. It also has seals around the lenses and the eyepiece to keep out dust and other solid particles. With such amazing technology, you can use it anywhere and anytime without having to worry about getting it wet or fogging up the reflecting prisms.

Internal optics design

Like binoculars, the Redfield Rampage spotting scope uses refractive prisms to enhance the distant images for clearer and closer viewing. The prisms themselves are made from completely multicoated Bak-4 glass which is one of the most popularly used in the world of optic technology. The full and multiple chemical coating enhances light transmission for clearer and better quality images. This feature is a great advantage for users who want more accurate and clear images.

Exterior reinforcements

The exterior of this spotting scope is both stylish and functional. The delicate interior units are housed in a strong cylindrical polycarbonate exterior case. Its shape enhances aesthetics while at the same making it easier to hold and use. The case is enforced with a rubber cover with a textured surface to increase grip while in use. The rubber also helps by acting as a shock absorber I case the scope falls and protects it from cracking or scratching. All these ensure durability which allows you to enjoy the scope’s services for a very long time.


Its dimensions are 16 inches Length by 7.5 inches width by 5.8 inches depth. The length can make it bulky and a bit difficult to carry with ordinary lagguage even when it is in its case. However, it is actually an advantage in that it accommodates more prisms and other internal optic units for the best quality images. It measures a mere 5.1 pounds in weight despite being so large. This is due to the use of polycarbonate as the case material. This comes as a huge advantage making it easier to carry around on your outdoor adventures.

Special Accessories

The first and probably most important is the tripod. The tripod stand is amazing and can be set up on flat surfaces, rugged hillside terrain or even on window mounts. This offers you support and allows you to use the scope easily. The second very important accessory is the case. This soft material accessory is used to store and transport the scope and the tripod stand when not in use. Others include a neck strap for those times when you don’t wish to use the stand and lens covers to protect your lenses from damage while in storage or transit.

Here's a video review of Redfield Rampage

Pros of the Redfield rampage

  1. It is lightweight and therefore easy to carry out.
  2. ​It is durable and resilient in harsh conditions like dusty and rainy environments.
  3. ​It is easy to set up and use.
  4. ​It is affordable and worth every penny invested.
  5. It produces high quality images due to the nature of the refractive prisms.

Cons of the Redfield Rampage

  1. The images at higher magnification settings are usually not as clear as those on lower settings.

Customer reviews

The Redfield Rampage has received some amazing reviews from users with a 4.4 out of 5 rating by Amazon users. They most popular features include the high magnification power, the water and dust resistance and the lightweight nature. The affordability is also attractive to most of these customers. The only problem that a few have with it is the poor clarity on higher magnification settings. This, however, only occurs when the atmosphere is not clear as seen in dusty areas or fog filled spaces.


Q. Are the eyepieces exchangeable?

A. Yes.

Q. Is it compatible with camera adapters?

A. No.

Bottom line

There is no denying that with such amazing features the Redfield Rampage is among the best spotting scopes under $200. So if you are interested in getting one for any of the many different outdoor activities, you should definitely consider this model. You will not be disappointed.

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