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Reebok Stealth Boot AR 670-1 Compliant Review

With more than 100 years of experience, Reebok invested considerably into his Research and Development departments so it can offer its clients the best quality on the market. The experts at Reebok are using high quality materials and modern techniques, so they can apply the latest standards in order to obtain shoes that are perfect for any type of situation. The boots that are designed for the army, are a part of the Reebok FootForce Duty Wear line, and their goal is to protect the soldiers' feet while in combat or just training. We are proud to present our Reebok Stealth Boot AR 670-1 Compliant Review below.

The Reebok Stealth Boot, which is specially designed to be compliant with the AR 670-1 regulation, is built to be durable, modern, resistant and a perfect fit.

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Here is a list of Boots similar to Reebok Stealth Boot Ar 670-1 Compliant

Requirements of the AR 670-1 Army Boot:

The new standards of the army boots are now being updated by many army boots manufacturers, whether it means replacing a few materials or building from scratch new models. Here are the new standards:

      All leather

      No zippers

      Between 8 to 10 inches in height

     • The color of the sole and the upper part must match

      The sole is made out of polyurethane and rubber

      No mesh material

      Plain toe

The Reebok military construction:

The military construction of a boot that is compliant with the AR 670-1 includes a full leather material, high abrasion nylon uppers and slip resistant soles. In addition to these, there are also included non-metallic shanks, heel cushions and also the crucial shock elimination technology, which prevents your feet from sensing all the pounding.

The Rebook Stealth boot offers its customers heel stabilization and arch support so they avoid any injuries to to their legs and back. Replacing the metallic laces with non-metallic one, prevents rust and improves the time it takes to wear them.


While checking Amazon for more information about this particular type of boot, so you can make a comparison with other brands, you will also be able to see that it has overall positive customer reviews, even though a few of them also raised a series of negative events. For example, one of the customers said “ the upper ankle part of the boot rubbed a sore spot onto my leg, but that's OK, I just figured the boot had to soften up and break in”, while another mentioned that “I have to wear them with the laces open”.

No other negative comments related to his issue can be found about these shoes, so the above mentioned comments may just be a problem of personal taste and necessities, not a widespread problem.

The positive comments are abundant and very useful when you are preparing to make such a purchase. Among these comments, a customer wrote “I have several pair of these Reebok boots, and I love them”, while another one said “These work boots are great. They fit and feel wonderful. It's almost like wearing tennis shoes”.

The benefits

Having a perfect set of army boots while you are serving, may actually make the difference between performing at an excellent level or being mediocre. This being said, it doesn’t matter if you are deployed or you are stateside, your feet must be comfortable, very well supported and airy.

Another thing you need to keep in mind is that, besides all the above characteristics, your boots must also meet the current standards of the army and your ranking officer.

Currently, there are a lot of options available on the market, all being AR670-1 compliant. Brands such as Reebok, Nike, Belleville, Rocky and Tactical Research, have gathered their knowledge and techniques to provide the best products for your needs. Here are a few other examples of army boots that are similar in quality and design:

      Belleville Waterproof Insulated Combat Boots - $174.99

      Nike SFB Field Leather Boots - $150

      Rocky S2V Enhanced Jungle Boots - $199.99

      Mini-Mil TR111 Transition Boots – $129.99

It is important to keep in mind that when you go out and buy a pair of boots, you should also check other facilities besides being compliant to the army regulations. Among these other options, the most important ones are: waterproof, safety toe and light weight. Choose these options according to your needs; if you are a tanker, you need to choose boots that are a bit more reinforced, but if you are in the infantry, we recommend boots that offer more maneuverability.

Offering yourself good and positive conditions while you are a soldier, it it truly one of the most important obligations you for yourself. Having this in mind, your unit commander is free to be as restrictive as he wants, so you need to check with him before making a purchase.

Performances of the Reebok Stealth Boot AR 670-1

Although these boots are extremely comfortable and flexible, they can also be compared to a tank. I don’t mean this in a negative way, or because they are made out of harsh materials, I’m just trying to say that they can be used on the toughest terrains with confidence as they offer great traction on any type of surface.

Being packed with modern and safety features, the soldiers that wear them will be able to pass a multitude of battles without any problems.

Many manufacturers also thought about appearance, so they decided to make these boots quite appealing, thus many professionals (contractors, builders, etc.) are turning their attention to these types of shoes.

The ankle support is strong, and with the built in zipper, you can put them on much easier and faster. The Reebok Stealth boots are definitely a positive difference in comparison to the issue boots as they are loaded with different high quality materials and technologies.

Keep in mind that these boots are specially designed for strong and active people, that are in constant movement, sweating and forcing them constantly.

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