Belleville TR111/TR115 Minimalist Transition Boot Review

Introduction to the Belleville Minimalist Transition Boot:

After the success of the minimalist training boot, Tactical Research created a new “Transition” boot. The TR111/115 was designed specifically for Service Members and Law Enforcement Officers interested in transitioning towards a more natural movement. The MINI-Mil® Transition is the perfect cross-over boot to prepare Soldiers for the demands of zero drop, “barefoot” footwear. Check out: Belleville TR111/TR115 Minimalist Transition Boot Review

To produce the Mini-Mil Transition boot, Belleville – has collaborated with Vibram to produce their second style of minimalist boot. As of September 9th, 2014, the boot comes in TR111 (desert tan) and TR115 (coyote).

The Best Price For The TR111 Transition Boot

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My thoughts on the Minimalist Transition Boot

For the last 3 or 4 years I’ve been a proud wearer of minimalist shoes, and quite frankly I can’t ever see myself wearing anything else.

As most of my regular readers know, I’m currently on my second pair of Mini-mil Training boots and I absolutely LOVE them. The transition was fairly easy, as my feet, heels, and ankles had a substantial amount of time to prepare. I’ve been able to replace all of my “normal shoes” with zero drop equivalents.

Now, the average Soldier that’s never worn minimal shoes will probably have pains associated from wearing the TR101’s. Until recently, all you could do is buy a pair of Mini-Mil Training Boots, and suck it up. Now, thanks to the boy’s over at Tactical Research, we now have an intermediary boot, to aid in the transition.

Enter Belleville’s Mini-Mil TR111/115

BLUF: These boots are extremely light, and make me feel as if I’m walking on a cloud of air. Perfect for garrison, while remaining capable of handling the rigors of a field environment. Everything begins with the sole, padded personnel carriers, courtesy of Vibram. The soles are branded “Talus”, made of 100% rubber that’s oil and slip resistant. The midsole is highly cushioned and shock absorbent. The TR111s have a 6mm heel to toe drop vs. the 2mm found in the TR101s.

These boots weigh in at a little less than two pounds per pair, and are available in regular and wide widths, sizes 6-14 (6.5 – 11.5 in half sizes). The retail price is $164.00, but I’ve seen them as low as $129.99.

Features of the TR111 & TR115

Intro to Product Features: This DA Pam 670-1 compliant boot has several unique features ready for you to exploit.

    • The TR111 is fully complaint with current Army Regulations
    • 8″ in height
    • Upper is made of Flesh side-out cattlehide leather and 1000 Denier Cordura® nylon. It has a Aero-spacer breathable, hydrophilic mesh lining
  • Midsole, is highly cushioned and shock absorbent, with a 6 millimeter heel to toe “drop”
  • Outsole, is made of 100% rubber, oil and slip resistant, using the exclusive VIBRAM® “TALUS”
  • Insole, a single density molded, with an EVA fully removable insert
  • Seams are double and triples stitched for enhanced durability
  • Weights less than 2lbs per pair

Click here for TR111 and the TR115 spec sheet.


Glen Becker, Chief Sales Officer of the Belleville Boot Company, provides a detailed over view of the TR111/TR115. Take a look if your curious about the boot.

Images of the TR111 Minimalist Transition Boot

Images of the TR115 Minimalist Transition Boot

Recent Reviews

Soldiers all across the globe are trying the new boots. Here are a couple of reviews from Amazon.

“Overall these are good boots. I normally wear Inov8’s so wearing these boots feel good. They are in the realm of zero drop boots so if you like a little more cushion between your foot in the ground, you wont get it with these boots. They are easy to break in, but you will get some rubbing on the back of your heel and the top of your foot. It happens, suck it up. I unpacked them from the box, and went on a ruck and my feet did not look like a wod of hamburger meat afterwards. Your feet can get hot in them, so do not ruck in them with thicker socks. I would recommend these boots to a friend, but I would warn them about the fact that they feel. “Link to Product on Amazon

“These boots are amazing lightweight, comfortable, sleek design, a little pricey but well worth it especially if your wearing your uniform all day. “Link to Product on Amazon

“Bought these boots yesterday, and was working in the yard with them right out of the box (with my combat boot insole). Surprisingly comfortable and the workmanship is good. I didn’t want a true minimalist boot, but needed something to help with the natural strike of my foot. The insole from the factory was micro-thin, and I replaced it immediately with my normal insole. The outer soles look rugged enough and I don’t feel the terrain when I walk with my insole. The weight of these boots recommends them. I particularly prefer the way the Belleville laces and fits as opposed to my Ultra lights. The Belleville also has a taper for the toe-line, so the boot follows the contour of the foot, which adds to the comfort. The Belleville name and quality of the boot led me to believe they were made in the USA, but are actually made in China. “Link to Product on Amazon

The Closing

So to wrap this up, if your tired of the heavy boots and looking for something new. I encourage you to give the TR111 Minimalist Transition Boot a try. Or the TR115, is you need them in coyote.

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