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Rocky C4T Trainer Boot Review [UNAUTHORIZED]

​As someone who reviews military gear for a living, I generally consider three factors when evaluating anything new. First, I look at how well the product functions – essentially, its overall quality. Then I look at the price of the product and how it compares to similar items. Finally, I consider the company behind the product.

To be honest, if the product works well and is a good value, I don’t pay much attention to the company. Of course, the company needs an ethical approach to business. Also, I prefer a company based in America, especially if I’m recommending gear which will mainly be used by American troops. But usually the story of the company isn’t a huge issue for me.

That’s not the case with Rocky Boots. The story behind Rocky Boots is a tale worth hearing. Check out my full review, and the full story of the company, below.

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The Unique Story of Rocky Boots

After the Great Depression, two brothers found themselves out of work. Mike and William Brooks had both lost their jobs at a Columbus Shoe Co. All they knew how to do was make shoes. So they opened a shoe company with borrowed equipment in a rent-free factory in Ohio.

The company grew, and by 1958 made over 2,000 pairs of shoes a day. The brothers were convinced shoes were no longer a moneymaker. Their own nephew, who had worked in the business his entire life, wanted to run the shoe company – but the brothers were so convinced the shoe business was doomed that they sold the entire store to a third party.

The nephew believed he was destined to run a shoe company (an idea that clearly runs in the family). He bought the company back from the third party, took over, and eventually passed the business on to his son. In 1977, the son created the Rocky Boots brand, which went on to become what it is today -- one of the top names in tactical, hunting and outdoor footwear. Rocky Boots even has a long history of providing boots directly to the U.S. Army.

Here is a list of Boots related to Rocky C4T Trainer

C4T Boots and the U.S. Army

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Rocky C4T Trainer Boots are unauthorized boots. They are NOT compliant with the AR 670-1 standards for U.S Army dress and grooming. While you’re certainly welcome to discuss the boot with your Unit Commander, the chances aren’t great you’ll be able to convince them to allow the unauthorized boots.

Top Features of the Rocky Men's C4T Tactical Boot

Still, these are great boots. They have a variety of quality features including:

• Lightweight EVA rubber outsole. Resistant to heat, oils, chemicals – even sharp metals!

• Water-resistant and fast drying.

• Speed eyelets and NATO hooks that work with 550 cord laces.

• Rounded toe.

• No metal parts on entire boot.

The C4T Trainer Boots is the lightest boot offered by Rocky Boots. The shoe is comfortable enough to wear during normal activities, but durable enough to use on the toughest trails. The design of the shoe is simple and classic. Currently, the only color available is Desert Tan.


The boots may be non-compliant, but they're a great deal if you need a pair for around the house. You can buy directly from the Rocky Boots website. A pair of C4T Trainer Boots depending on your shoe size, will run you $77-$190,.

Sizing is true, unless you plan to wear thick socks. If so, I’d say you could probably go up a half size. Returns and exchanges are no problem. Customers can return any purchase within one year.

Great Boots, Great Value

A lot of people will be unable to use the C4T Trainer Boots in military setting, because it’s an unauthorized boot. That’s really too bad, because this is a solid item. The craftsmanship is top of the line, the boot is extremely strong and comfortable, and the price is very affordable.

In addition, the story of Rocky Boots is truly one-of-a-kind. The vision and drive of every member of the family has guided the company into what it is today. I’m proud to wear their boots and I’m proud to support their company.

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