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Rocky C4T vs. Nike SFB

ROCKY C4T and Nike Sfb Field Leather Boot breakdown:

As a combat boot fanatic I believe your combat boots are not just an accessory to compliment your uniform or protect your feet, but are important foot gear that can help you meet your daily mission goals. So it should not be a surprised that after serving over 22 years in the military, that I have purchased many different brands throughout the market, and have now found two brands that I absolutely love, which is the Rocky C4T and Nike SFB Field Leather Boots.

Most of my peers don't understand my combat boot obsession, and disregard purchasing over the counter boots because they prefer to wear Government Issue, only to pull their feet out of their boots one day and can barely recognize their feet due to wear-and-tear from the boots. So with the need to maintain semi-sandal presentable feet and combat boots that will stand the test of time, I have made it my mission to always find combat boots such as these, that are gentler and kinder to my feet.

Rocky C4T Military Boots

When I purchased my first Rocky C4T a year ago, at that time I was just looking for boots that were lightweight and of course comfortable to wear on a daily basis. As a person who wears combat boots for a living, I think I can speak for all soldiers and service members when I say, that we love working and training with Confidence, Courage, and Commitment, but after hours of rigorous work, the only "C" word that's really on our minds, is the word COMFORT. So after two weeks of wearing my new Rocky C4T boots, I quickly realized that I was getting a lot more than just comfort.

My favorite features of the Rocky C4T boots are:

     • Has amazing grip on dirt and rock

      Made hiking and marching so much easier, due to the lightweight

      Has built-in drainage holes that provided ventilation

      Its water resistant and quick to dry when wet or soiled

     • Has a padded collar that actually protected my shins

      Contained special insulated material that kept moisture from my feet

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Nike SFB Field Leather Boots

It was back in January of 2008 that the Nike SFB Field Leather Boots was introduced to the world. Since then Nike has been dedicated to ensure that these boots are perfectly suited for the soldier or service member, and redesigned the boot in 2014. I have worn both versions, and I am here to tell you that with the help of military and tactical professional focus groups, the updated version is a pretty nice upgrade from the original.

The redesigned boot still has many of its original features like the 8 inch high canvas with added material around the ankle. It also has ventilation holes in the arch for flexibility and breathability. We also cannot forget the added leather pull loops in the back of the boots, which comes in handy when taking them off or putting them on.

*Here is our full length review of the Nike SFB Military boots for you to read.

My absolutely favorite features of the Nike SFB are:

      Added front-toe kicker that protects your feet from injury

     • One piece sole that extends throughout the boot for more support

      Has awesome sock liners that contours to your feet for more comfort

      Great durability due to the double and triple stitching throughout the                    canvas of the boot

     • Has seven metal eyelets for easier lacing

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Comparisons of Rocky C4T vs. Nike SFB military boots

Since I have now come out of the closet as a combat boot fanatic, and still on the fence about which brand I would prefer, I feel that it's only appropriate for me to at least compare the Rocky C4T them. I'll even add the top five questions I am being asked by my peers when seeking advice about these brands.

1. Which brand is cheaper? I'm not one to watch were I spend all my coins, but I have found that overall the Rocky C4T can be cheaper. Yet still, I have found that if you shop around online you may find bargains with both brands, so it's best to do some research before you purchase.

2. Which brand will last longer? I found that overall both boots are very durable, and always remind my friends that durability is really determined by what a person does on the job on a daily basis. With that being said, if I had to choose one of the boots, it would be the Nike SFB, just because of the added durability due to the double and triple stitching throughout the canvas of the boots.

3. Which brand looks better? This question always makes me laugh, for aren't we talking about combat boots? I mean when has the word combat ever been describe as pretty? Yet still I believe that this is solely determined by a person's individual taste...enough said.

4. Are both brands within uniform regulations? Uniform regulations for boots are determined by a military member's branch of service. The good news is that both brands are appropriate for rucking, hiking, and training, so it doesn't matter what branch you're serving in.

5. Which brands weighs the least? As a true combat boot fanatic, of course the weight of my boots is very important, so this question is very understandable. Hands down the Nike SFB wins this challenge weighing in at 10.5oz, while the Rocky C4T weighs in at a hefty 15oz.

Rocky C4T vs. Nike SFB Field Leather Boots: Who wins the battle?

So my dilemma is that I think that both of these boots are great and have their own unique stylistic features. The one thing that they both have in common is that they are very lightweight combat boots.

​The main differentiator, however, is that the Nike SFB Field Leather Boots are AR 670-1 Compliant and are Authorized, while the Rocky C4Ts are not

Now with that said, if you you are agnostic to owning "authorized boots" then the major deciding factor between the two boots in my opinion, will be your preference in style. The C4T look rounder on the edges and the Nike SFBs are more rigid and have a bit more definition to them. Other factors like durability and weight between the two boots are really similar, so I wouldn't look at those metrics for differentiation.


I just LIKE THE WAY they look. THE TEETH-LIKE SOLES have great grip, the design is unique, AND SINCE THEY ARE "AUTHORIZED" NOW, it TIPS THE SCALE for me. It gives me an excuse to drop a few more bucks for premium wear.

The Nike SFB Field Leather Featured

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