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Snappy Quick-Change 5-Pc Review

Smart has set the standard for countersink bits! These bits not just bore the best possible size pilot gap for the screw however will countersink (82 degree) for the screw head and counterbore (3/8" or 1/2" distance across) for the fitting! The vast gold set screw in favor of every piece guarantee a tight piece fit with no slip, considers simple modification of the bore bulge for various screw lengths and simple bore substitution (any standard boring tool will work). These bits are made of compound steel that is through solidified for long life and can be re-honed. Lets examine more on what Snappy Quick-Change 5-Pc has to offer.

Product Description:

Smart countersinks will bore the pilot gap for the screw, countersink for the leader of the screw and counterbore for the 3/8" plug. Relax the set screw to modify the boring apparatus to coordinate the length of the screw. The 1/4" hex shank will fit the Snappy fast change throws or any standard drill hurl. The countersink is tungsten carbide tipped for prevalent wear resistance and cut a perfect countersink or counterbore even in extreme materials. The turn drill includes a TiN (Titanium Nitride) covering for long life and allegorical woodwinds for more chip leeway.

Rating: 4.6 / 5.0

The unit incorporates 5/64", 3/32", 7/64", and 1/8" all with 3/8" countersinks, and a 9/64" with a 1/2" counterbore. Ideal for cover ledges, melamine, fascinating hardwoods and other intense materials.

Speedy Change 5 Pc Countersink Drill Bit Set by Snappy. Blend countersink and/or counter bore for standard wood plugs with standard hex shank will fit all force bit speedy change tosses. Made of composite steel and through solidified with a 82 degree countersink edge. The boring tools are movable for various length screws with a 3/8" or 1/2" distance across counter bore. Your drill won't slip when utilizing extensive 1/4" attachment head screws.

Made in USA Origin Disclaimer:

The showed nation of cause data may not be exact or reliable with maker data. For redesigned, exact nation of root information, it is suggested that you depend on item bundling or producer data. Smart Drill Bit Adapter Set, Bright complete fast bores. Use in metal, wood or plastic., Made in USA by Snappy.

Standard Hex Shank

Fits all force bit snappy change hurls. Brilliant complete rapid boring tools that can be utilized as a part of metal, wood or plastic. Singular bits are replaceable. Every connector acknowledges a scope of sizes. Set additionally incorporates a hex attachment to encourage drill substitution. Change over your standard boring apparatus to hex force bits with this set.

Item Features

  • Set incorporate 1 every: 5/64", 3/32", 7/64", 1/8" and 9/64"


  • Boring apparatus Size: 5/64, For Screw Sizes: 2 and 4
  • ​Boring apparatus Size: 7/64, For Screw Sizes: 6
  • ​Boring apparatus Size: 9/64, For Screw Sizes: 8 and 10
  • ​Boring apparatus Size: 11/64, For Screw Sizes: 12
  • Boring apparatus Size: 13/64, For Screw Sizes: 14


  • Impeccably focus the pilot opening for pivots, drawer guides, handles, and so forth.
  • ​Hex Shank fits all speedy change hurls like those found of 1/4" sways.
  • ​Rapid piece for augmented life.
  • ​Replaceable bits.
  • ​Standard hex shank fits all force bit brisk change throws.
  • ​Composite steel and through solidified for long life - can be resharpened.
  • Two woodwind development for quick and clean chip evacuation.

These work extraordinary. I am building every single new cupboard for my house, and have bored and countersunk a few hundred gaps in the development procedure. No issues by any means, and boring apparatus profundity change is simple on account of the curiously large set screws.

Snappy Drill Bits Demo

Personal Experience With The Product

I already had an arrangement of lesser quality drills of other brands and thought they were performing alright, even with a little remove around the gaps and conflicting countersink profundity. However, subsequent to utilizing these I understand I was tricking myself, there is not a viable alternative for quality.

Well it's been a little more than a year and these are still as sharp as the day I obtained them. My collaborators are continually needing to get them. Worth each penny. I have become used to the outline blemishes said beneath and it doesn't trouble me any more.

I like them yet the countersink part dosage not bore as smooth as a portion of alternate ones I have utilized. I wish they would have had four teeth rather than two on the countersink part. Something else I have found in the wake of utilizing these a couple of more times is that the countersink part is not sufficiently profound and the shavings from the bit have no where to exit. So I need to haul the bit in and out two or three times to shed the shavings. Other than that they are super high caliber.

These are the best countersinks I've ever claimed. After a few arrangements of countersinks with straight screws not able to hold the bit set up, these are a joy to utilize. They work awesome! Simply wish this set had included profundity stops. Consider the 25-pc fast change boring apparatus set from Snappy. It incorporates this countersink set and fast change boring apparatus.

Blend countersink and/or counter bore for standard wood plugs with standard hex shank will fit all force bit speedy change throws. Made of amalgam steel and through solidified with a 82 degree countersink point. The boring apparatus are flexible for various length screws with a 3/8" or 1/2" width counter bore. Your drill won't slip when utilizing vast 1/4" attachment head screws.


These are as well as can be expected purchase. Smart countersinks have held up superior to some other brand I have purchased. On the off chance that you get some at the neighborhood tool shop you will be frustrated. I have had this set for quite a while. Still sharp after numerous employments. You may need to purchase some substitution boring apparatus every now and then. They tend to break on the off chance that you contort or twist the boring tool excessively. Generally awesome purchase.


A few issues I have seen so far has been the way that in the event that you purchase the Snappy Premium Rotating Depth Stop to use with them, the profundity stop won't fit the greater part of the countersink bits and is not effortlessly movable on the ones it fits. the countersink bores are unstable and break effortlessly and you can not utilize a standard piece with them. So feeble and hard to utilize I wound up simply utilizing the decreased countersinks I effectively claimed and eye balling them.


They can splendidly be utilized as a part of a drill press and make sure to get precise, i made focused gaps in sections where I couldn't some time recently. simple to clean. A few people state they brake effectively however they will break in the event that you don't penetrate straight considering the bit is encompassed by a lodging.