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Spec Ops T.H.E. Ultimate Assault Pack MultiCam Review

Busted back-pack man – you've seen him. He's the person on the trail who's pack is half-fixed with super-stick, channel tape and a chip-cut. Spec-Ops hopes to illuminate such misfortunes perpetually with their premium line backpack lovingly titled: "Spec Ops T.H.E. Ultimate Assault Pack MultiCam Review" Sounds entirely great, isn't that so? Be that as it may, is it? We're here to separate it for you. With an aggregate inner limit of 2550 cubic inches, this thing debilitates to hold everything on Earth.

Rating: 4.7 / 5.0

In spite of the astounding limit from an inward edge pack, Spec-Ops keeps it a la mode with five accessible hues: Black, Coyote Brown, MultiCam, ACU Universal Camo Pattern, and Digital Desert Camo. To be clear, for those last three decisions, that implies standard Beetle Bailey style green-armed force camo, blue-white-dark camo, and maroon-white-beige camo separately.

The "T.H.E." signifies "Tactical Holds Everything" and this awful kid is in fact a contender. Highlighting another 2013 outline that brags enhanced freight access, ergonomics, solace and sturdiness – we needed to check whether any of that case was very. On the other hand if such changes had an effect on the center characteristics of its space-sparing, measured configuration. Subsequent to having it go through numerous days with our heaviest analyzers, we thought that it was all held up. Most importantly, it's a mammoth in the guts division.

We treated it like a cushion we were irate at and hurled it around, laid our weight on it, ran it against rock dividers and then some – and the outcome was a feeling that the pack may outlast our youngsters. We cherished that its hydration pocket for bladders is in the mid-purpose of the pack so you get no impression of having an "irregularity" on your back. Contemplations like this make it exceptionally agreeable given its size at 19″ high and 13″ wide (additionally a 12″ base area decreases to 9″ at top). The whole pack is produced using really strong 1000D Cordura Nylon fabric alongside enduring zippers and clasps that are uncommonly strengthened to counteract strap disappointment or wear and tear. Spec-Ops calls them their solely outlined "fight clasps" and they brought about the ideal result in our tests. At long last, it's great to realize that each bit of the pack is ensured forever and 100% USA made. Feeling better as of now.

Star and Con Checklist

  • +) Practically every part of it is over-assembled: exceptionally sturdy, extremely useful
  • ​+) Plenty of space
  • ​+) Visible in low-light
  • ​+) Hydration pocket is in the center
  • ​+) Very measured, all around situated MOLLE space
  • ​+) Made in USA with lifetime ensure
  • ​+) Did we specify this thing is well-made and tough? May be a looong time before you require a substitution
  • ​- ) The cost is high at $220 rundown and we couldn't discover it for under 200 online or with rebates
  • ​- ) Somewhat substantial, on the off chance that you weren't expecting that
  • ​- ) It's hip belt piece doesn't exactly function and also you'd envision
  • - ) No "strap holder" to place strap when not being used, pockets are simply void space (i.e. no "additional" hierarchical compartments inside)

To wrap up, in our estimation, this is one of the principal packs you ought to take a gander at on the off chance that you ever even somewhat considered requiring a "bad-to-the-bone" backpack. Whether it's a short trek or a long journey you're arranging – this item is an issue solver. Unless you require something lightweight for running or basic utilization, Assault Pack conveys. It's top-grade sturdiness, adaptability, limit, and meticulousness make it an emerge. Expensive, yes – yet you get what you pay for. This pack is justified, despite all the trouble.

Whether you're a genuine backpacker, ex-military day-tripper or some place in the middle of, If you're here, you clearly know the significance of a decent backpack. You know you require quality, strength and, with regards to conveying your apparatus, military backpacks are a certain wager.

Whether you're searching for a little day pack like the 5.11 Surge 24 or an out and out campaign setup like the Maxpedition Falcon II, the accompanying intelligent backpack graph will help you discover which pack is a good fit for you . We've all got our own sentiments, some in view of military experience (like me), yet at last, you have to choose which backpack is a good fit for you, as we're here to offer assistance. In the wake of scanning about, we additionally have an amazing article on the most proficient method to pick a pack.

Pack the main offering, honest to goodness individual Tactical Assault pack in both Iraq and Afghanistan for as far back as 10 years!

Spec Ops T.H.E. Ultimate Assault Pack Video Review

Genuinely MODULAR: The main pack of its kind! Completely Modular both all around! See our complete line of Drop-in, bolton gear coordinators for gadgets, individual rigging, Hydration administration, load conveying and solace.

Expanded CARGO OPTIONS: We included a cushioned, zippered body board for extra stockpiling, discretionary edge sheet, SAPI/ballistic plates, or delicate protective layer boards. (likewise makes an incredible administrator pocket for Laptops and tablets also).

NEW DOUBLE-DOWN GRID-LOK PANEL: 2 FUNCTIONS IN ONE: Our blend of Velcro and particular extra mounting framework takes into consideration connection of extra freight pockets and Velcro backed military emblem, name tapes and in particular, the USA banner!

Quicker EASIER CARGO ACCESS: We have re-situated the zippered access purposes of our 3 principle freight compartments to encourage simpler opening and shutting while stacked and in addition adding to the useable volume of every compartment.

Adjusted HYDRATION: No more protuberance on the back! We have moved the Hydration pocket to the mid-purpose of the pack (between principle compartment and external pockets) for more noteworthy solace, better adjust and less demanding insertion/evacuation of bladders.

FULL INSIDE VISIBILITY: Now the whole inside of the principle payload pocket is completely lined in our trademark High-Viz yellow for shockingly better perceivability and simpler access to substance.

Advanced STORAGE: We moved the zipper on the principle compartment to an external position to make a trap-entryway style pack for better freight administration.

Expanded DURABILITY: We added to our as of now bomb-verification plan with a twofold layer, solid pack body with less creases and emphasize focuses to build general quality and sturdiness. In addition, all connection circles, drag handles and zippers are sewn totally through the pack's twofold layer body for most extreme quality.

Fight PROVEN SHOULDER HARNESS: Our one-piece breathable shoulder brace outline still the hardest most practical available! (More than 250,000 PACKS AND NOT A SINGLE PACK RETURNED WITH A HARNESS FAILURE!).

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