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Suunto Ambit3 Sport Review

The Ambit3 Sport is manufactured by the renowned Suunto Company. This is a GPS (global position system) enabled watch that tracks keeps track a single or multiple sporting events. it has the capability to track running, cycling and swimming.

The watch comes in between three sporting watches from Suunto. It can also track the pulse and other events simultaneously. All these features don’t come cheap and they are also bulk but they are also very powerful and can be configured differently depending on the intentions of customer.

Suunto Ambit3 Sport

Rating: 4.2 / 5.0

I have tested the watch which i bought from amazon for $261 .52 and they offered me a free one day shipping once they received the payment. When buying the watch was recommended that i also buy a Suunto Smart Belt at $57.77 and a Suunto Ambit3 Peak HR Running GPS Unit at $329.99 which totals to about $649.28. Which is quite expensive but the price matched the quality and performance of this sport gear. The boxing unit housing the watch includes just four basic things inside the box:

  • The manuals
  • ​The watch itself
  • ​The heart rate strap
  • The USB charging/syncing cable

It offers great satisfaction and I thought that there a few things that you should know about the best gps watch for trail running.

General Screen Size and the Design

The first thing to notice on this GPS watch was its size and bulkiness. With a weight of 80 grams its much heavier that other watches from this category but despite it’s significantly bulkiness the Ambient 3 watch is comfortable to wear while exercising, it’s possible to put it on despite its bulkiness.

The face is surrounded by five buttons a start,stop, next, light,lock, view and back/lap. Several seemed to get pressed in for long too easily even on simple exercise runs or swimming. On the back is four miniature lower-level metallic points used for the substandard USB cable to fasten into.

Also another uncountable look on this watch is its size. With a 15.5 mm diameter the Ambit 3 Sport gear tends to be uncomfortable to people with thin wrists. Though, with this big face the watch provides a big screen to check at a glance even while exercising on the pool.

Suunot Ambit3 Features

  • At the lower end Ambit 3 supports cycling power and pulse hold up and you can't alter sports while exercising. At the higher end Ambit 3 Peak combines several features, notably
  • ​water-resistance and battery life and 
  • ​battery life and other add ons (temperature sensor, barometer)
  • Suunto Ambit 3 Sport has the ability to merge multi-sport GPS, pulse and other sensor support to a respectable extent with all time activity tracking.

The overall rating of the Ambient 3 would be“modest” or “enthusiastic ". the gear also supports calorie tally, and chart presentation of your movement level versus previous days.

Luckily the sport gear, scores far superior on exercising and sporting than monitoring and evaluating your sleeping hours. Purely just press the button to start, and select your daily routine or an exercise from a already saved list and go on with it as it monitors your body.

The Suunto does not track your sleep at all sometimes you might need to cut a slack from the alarms and daily monitoring.

Suunto Ambit 3 App

Like their competitors, they need to show a glimpse of what the other competitor namely Fitbit is doing with their desktop and mobile application and their social media.

The Suunto Ambient 3 supported app – (MovesCount) fundamentally duplicates counterpart desktop MovesCount website, The only difference between the app and the MovesCount website is the addition to program interval workouts. The app is presently on iphones. For the Android users the support is promised soon.

The app lacks information in monitoring daily exercises, and any the objective to which one works to meet with the exercising. At least a routine synchronization to another platform for example Strava is an option which can easily be utilized and the majority fitness communities, several report export formats including GPX and TCX formats are available for report exporting.

A number of applications can be downloaded through Suunto website and then can be installed into the Suunto Ambit 3 to, for instance, show your pulse as a proportion of maximum or display your stopwatch.

Suunto Ambit 3 Setup

Configuring the Suunto Ambit 3 watch is fairly cheap. There's a simple log in or registering procedure on the watch display, much of the data input is on application or Suunto website, to get a report on your pulse zones. The Custom exercise service and display service types are the most complex things to manage on the watch. The software, is as well designed and as understandable as their competitors and its quite easy to log in and navigate the website to generate reports or input data.

In the same seam,waist belt configuration with other different sensors works with no hitch. And a menu on the Ambient 3 watch is quite simple and straight to the point.

Suunto Ambit 3-Battery Life

The Ambit 3 sports gear has a rating of two weeks general use battery life, or fifteen hour battery life with five second GPS fix intervals. This is achievable in real-world testing.

The watch does not require multiple recharging if its not in for really heavy sports use for example one week with a jog, a swimming exercise and two cycling rides in totaling 10 hours of activity.The battery duration on a single charge depends on how the watch is used and in what conditions. Low temperatures, for example, reduce the duration of a single charge. The capacity of rechargeable batteries also generally decreases over time.

Suunto Ambit 3 Performance

A company with such reputation in the GPS and pulse monitoring. The company trusted with quality GPS was to some extent slower and a bit sluggish as compared to the Polar M400 – however only by a just a few seconds with their reputation we expected a much sharper GPS. The pulse belt fastened much quicker and with much ease.

The online community has complained about the pulse belt shifting during turns in swimming races, but. The solution is to strap it less hard and wear a tri top or just cinch the strap in harder.

In the swimming pool, the GPS performance much worse – but that's can be attributed to the GPS signals not performing well underwater.

Suunto Ambit3 Sport Video Review


To conclude the performance of the Ambit 3 was outstanding. The only concevable regret on the Ambit 3 was physical appearance and weight not its performance, features or others. The watch is so heavy it should not represent reputable company such as Suunto. – its simply regrettable and is not forgettable when worn relentlessly.

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