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Tactical Research Transition Boots TR111 Review AR 670-1 Compliant

Survival in the desert is a constant fight against nature – these harsh, unforgiving and often life-threatening conditions have seen many armies perish. Adequate supplies are essential but when maneuvering through sandy terrain, individual fitness and combat gear, particularly military boots, determine the extent to which a force can march. Over the past few years, Tactical Research Transition Boots TR111 Review AR 670-1 Compliant have proven to be a popular choice for US soldiers because of their durability, comfort and configuration to the desert terrain.

Tactical Research Transition Boots

Traditional military boots are known to be heavy, rugged, and cumbersome, taking their toll on soldier’s feet. With agility becoming a significant and often deciding success factor in modern day combat scenarios, demand for a shoe with natural feel and robust handling is on the rise. In other words, athletic soldiers are increasing, and to address their needs, the concept of minimalist shoes has arisen. However, these minimalist shoes often appear somewhat alien to the traditional soldier, so Tactical Research came up with a revolutionary idea of ‘transition’ boots. Allowing natural movement of the feet, these boots are comfortable, yet compliant with the Army Regulations (AR-670-1) and provide a smooth transition to minimalist ‘barefoot’ designs. With over 100 years of shoe-making experience and an exclusive Tactical Research Division experimenting on advanced materials for shoe manufacturing, Belleville Shoes came up with a masterpiece with the Tactical Research Transition Boots TR111 (Desert Tan).

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Here is a list of boots related to Tactical Research Transition Boots TR111

Features of Tactical Research Transition Boots TR111

A few of the characteristics that distinguish Tactical Research Transition Boots TR111 (Desert Tan) amongst the competition are listed below:

1. With an attractive, desert tan shade and a combination of leather and synthetic materials, the shoe gives a stylish look that is also AR -670-1 compliant. The leather is flesh out and 1000 denier Cordura nylon adds strength and flexibility to these boots.

2. The shoes are light weight, weighing less than 2 lbs. per pair. Supported by a Vibram Tarsus sole, the shoes offer excellent traction because of their slip- and oil-resistant outsole.

3. The single-density, EVA-molded insole provides comfort to your feet; the hydrophilic mesh lining allows the shoe to breathe, protecting your feet against rot. Though you may have to break in the shoe initially, most of the users find it unnecessary because of the ergonomic support and cushion offered by these boots.

4. The shoes have 8 inches of support and pull-on loops make them easy to wear or take off. Stitched with double and triple seams, repairs are not frequently needed.

5. As a transition from traditional to Mini-Mil versions, the feel of the shoe is quite different and requires a bit of getting used to. The most important fact to keep in mind is that the sole gives a feeling of being barefoot, so the way you land on the ground is quite different from the traditional shoes. Therefore, it is recommended to gradually work up to extensive workouts.

What is the best terrain for the Tactical Research boots?

Tactical Research Transition Boots TR111 offer the feel of the terrain, and with their resistance to oil and slips, can be used in all types of terrains. These shoes have handled quite well in hikes and long marches; however, they have received greater ratings from the users deployed in desert terrain. Using these with thick socks is not recommended because they tend to get hotter than other boots in the hot desert climate.

Personally, I like their excellent craftsmanship and light weight. I wore them to Ranger school and graduated without any blisters. One of my colleagues wore them in Afghanistan and, considering the treacherous terrain, he found them to be a true value for the money. He liked their excellent performance in sandy and semi-mountainous zones. Also, if you are looking at a long day in uniform, these may be the best choice you make.

Maintenance of the Tactical Research Transition Boots TR111

Shoes’ longevity and durability is dependent on care and periodic preventive maintenance. These particular desert tan boots are not to be polished and any dirt can be removed by using a medium or soft bristle brush. Use warm water and mild detergent to clean the nylon fabric and scrub the leather. The boots should not be exposed to direct heat like blow drying; rather, air drying is a better way.

What is the sizing for the Tactical Research Boots?

Sizing is a major concern in ordering shoes online, so here are few of the tips particular to Tactical Research Transition Boots TR111:

1. As a Mini-Mil version with a slightly wider toe, sizing is a bit difficult unless you go through the sizing chart carefully. For me, with a medium build, the shoe proved to be an excellent fit, just like the sizing information said it would. However, this is not applicable to all because of the width of the toe and ordering half a size up or down your normal fit may be required. If your regular size is 9, for a wider toe, you may have to go to size 9.5, while an 8.5 would be for a slimmer build.

2. Any size with ‘F’ prefix is made for women, but if a particular shoe is not available in women’s sizes, going 2 sizes down than your original is recommended. Go for size 7 if you wear size 9 in your routine footwear.

3. When trying on a shoe, always use a pair of socks of the same type as you intend to wear in uniform. This would clearly indicate if the boots are too tight or too loose.

4. Be sure to correctly place your heel in the shoe; this stops your feet from sliding too far to the front. It may require adjustments to the laces to determine whether shoes are a correct fit.

5. Lengthwise, the shoes should have a little room for the toes while the width should be a snug fit. Taking a stroll in the shoes can help you in judge whether the shoes fit.

Recommendations for Similar Boots to Tactical Research

Tactical Research Transition Boots TR111 are rugged and a great value for the money. But you may also opt for any of the following bestsellers with similar characteristics:

1. Belleville 115 Tactical Research Mini-Mil Transition Athletic Coyote Brown Boot

This is the same boot described above, but in a coyote brown color. It is made from suede  leather and nylon, and has a slip-resistant Vibram sole. The pair weighs less than 2 lbs. and    has a breathable top to keep your feet comfortable and rot free.

 Buy your pair of Belleville 115 Tactical Research Mini-Mil Transition here

2. Danner Men's Tachyon AR670-1 Compliant Boot

Available in tan, the Danner Men’s Tachyon boots are made of leather and 500 denier nylon. The toe is abrasion resistant and the foot bed is made of polyurethane, which allows great durability and air circulation. With an EVA midsole as a shock absorber and a Danner Tachyon outsole, the shoe provides a comfortable feel without compromising on traction. It is one of the lightest boots compliant with AR670-1 and comes equipped with a speed lacing system.

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3. Rocky Men's 8 Inch S2v Work Boot

Made of leather with a Vibram sole, these US manufactured boots are available in desert tan. The shoes have roll stop ankle stability to minimize injuries and the sieve technology allows better airflow while keeping water out. Superior fabric insteps protect the feet from rope burns and the shoes are coated with PTFE to make them fire resistant. To protect against rot, the shoes have an Aegis Microbe Shield and speed lace eyelets with NATO hooks that make the shoes easy to wear.

Buy your pair of Rocky Men's 8 Inch S2V Work Boot here

4. Garmont Men's T8 Bifida Boots

These multi-terrain tactical boots are available in two colors: desert tan and desert sand. The shoes are made of canvas and nylon over suede leather, are incredibly durable, and support a Vibram sole. The foot bed is padded to offer comfort and support, and the airflow is excellent, which makes it viable for wet conditions. The shoe has proven its ruggedness over mud tracks, sheer rock faces, and desert sands because of its superior traction and shock absorption capabilities.

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A soldier’s footwear is of immense importance in modern combat; it is instrumental in providing him stealth, agility, and endurance. The carefully selected Tactical Research Transition Boots have proven to be of great assistance to soldiers, allowing them to make the best use of ground under adverse conditions to accomplish the assigned mission in a befitting manner.

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