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The Armourlite Phantom Shatterproof Glass Swiss Tritium Watch Review

The Armourlite Phantom Shatterproof Glass Swiss Tritium Watch is among the best devices which are known to be a shatterproof crystal. In fact, you don’t need to get worried about the crackings of your watch since it is not only perfect but outstanding. Recently, I bought the watch and deep it in water and it did not have any problem. This shows that the watch is water resistant, and it can withstand any abuse.

Rating: 4.3 / 5.0

Because of its ergonomic features mentioned above, the clock is used by police and fire brigade. In fact, it is durable from conditions of any kind. In addition to that, the crystals can neither be badly scratch nor broken. I have never get worried about the materials getting wrecked or loose as the watch is very sturdy.

1. The specifications of the Armourlite Phantom Shatterproof Glass Swiss Tritium Watch

The detailed information below describes the product specification which has made me realized its worth:

  • It has a dual back window with scratch resistant high impact glass.
  • ​The Armourlite Tritium Watch dual color black.
  • ​The watch’s case material is a black PVD coated with stainless steel.
  • ​Its warranty is two years.
  • ​The water depth is 100 meters.
  • ​The watch has Swiss quartz movement.
  • ​A case thickness and a diameter of 45mm.
  • A screw crown.

2. Features of the Armourlite Phantom Shatterproof Glass Swiss Tritium Watch

In addition to the descriptions highlighted, the following are some of the additional characteristics of the armourlite watch:

The watch is equipped with tritium gas which lights up day and night without the need of ultimate power source. With a battery life of 10 years, the accuracy of time and reliability will be optimized as you do the job. Another feature of the watch is that there are no more trips of going to the shop to change the battery since it has a 3mm crown which is very easy to change anytime. The dimension of the watch is 45mm. But, there is additional 3mm for the crown. Another aspect which made me go for the watch is that it a black PVD coating manufactures it with heavy grade stainless steel. Moreover, both the hand and the numbers light up in green. The addition features of the armourlite watch include a 10-year battery, the screw down crown; it is luminous and a down pin for maintaining the light water seal.

3. The customers review about the Armourlite Phantom Shatterproof Glass Swiss Tritium Watch

As I have described how the product has become of great use to me, the customer’s review highlighted will indeed give you a limelight that the product is the best. The reviews give you an insight of how other individuals have used the product:

Six months ago, I bought the watch. The primary reason why I had to go for the product is that the watch which I could see at night was a necessity. Fortunately, I realized that the watch is readable and bright in no light or low light conditions. With a heavy duty design, the watch has a great design and is of excellent quality. When I bought the watch, I have never got disappointed at all. I also like the heaviness which it has. This has made me be satisfied completely. This was exactly what I was aspiring to get. The watch has a rugged tactical look, and it is also nice to wear in an enterprise or casual working environment. I also wanted stainless a steel watch which the Phantom has. After utilizing the watch for one week, the watch did not have any problem. But, the second-hand grip was a bit loose, and it fails two to three times behind after persisting for a short period. On the other hand, the watch looks great, more affordable and it is rugged. Therefore, I highly recommend this type of watch for any individual.

I purchase the gorgeous watch for my husband who is a police officer. Over the years, he has been using some tactical watches, and they were awful and cheap. He has wanted to have a nice watch which looks amazing with its uniform. Luckily, I purchase the amount phantom watch for him which he liked it. During his training, he even wears it and it still looks beautiful.

The pros

One of the benefits of the watch is that it is very sturdy. Even tough I have banged the watch against, plastics, metals, and concrete, its shape has not been tampered with. This is because it is covered with bodily fluids. As a result, its working is like the day it was purchased.

Another benefit of the watch is that it is easy to use at night. In fact, it is luminous. Therefore, it is clear and bright even when there is total darkness.

The cons

The features highlighted are a clear indication that the watch is outstanding. However, there are some minor limitations. On rare occasions, the time and date might not be correct. This is frustrating at times since I need to double check my phone for confirmation of both the time and date.

If the size of the wrist cannot match perfectly with the holes, it can be uncomfortable. But, you can choose the right size, and you will feel great as soon as you bought it.


The highlighted information is provided for you so as to serve your needs of a watch. Even tough there are different types of watches which you can buy at a lower price than the phantom; you need to go for the high-quality watch. I have been researching on the website when I was looking for the best watch before I choose the tritium watch. What made me go for the product is the excellent quality which has. Tritium is a great looking watch. I have never become upset because of its stylish look as well as the ergonomic performance.

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