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The Best Army Duffel Bags with Wheels

Over time, duffel bags have become a symbol for soldiers. Made of thick fabric, duffel bags carry everything a soldier is not wearing into combat. The bags’ manufacturing quality directly affects personal administration of troops. Duffel bag origins predate he World Wars; they are named after the Belgian Town ‘Duffel’ which is famous for production of thick fabric.

Here is a list of the Best Army Duffel Bags with Wheels

Modern duffel bags have come a long way. They are not only sturdy and well compartmentalized, but also stylish and easy to handle. In addition, the inclusion of wheels has put an end to the misery of carrying the heavy bags, and now you can easily roll them. The noise from rolling wheels sounds like music to my ears because I’ll never forget moving around with my entire gear on my back during Desert Storm. Currently addicted to the comfort provided by this innovation, I have found the following wheeled duffel bags to be the best because of their quality, craftsmanship, and convenience.

Rothco ACU Army Digital Camo 30 Inch Expedition Wheeled Bag

If you want to switch to the comfort of wheeled duffel bags, the Rothco ACU Army Digital Camo 30 Inch Expedition Wheeled Bag is a great, low budget choice. The bag is spacious, adequately compartmentalized, and made from heavyweight 900 denier polyester that not only keeps the bag in shape, but also protects your belongings. Heavy-duty plastic wheels, coupled with a telescoping handle, allow you to wheel the duffel bag along.

A few other features of this bag are:

1. The bag measures 30” x 14” x 14” with a large compartment for the luggage and two pockets. The main compartment is equipped with a zipper for easy access while the pockets come in handy for keeping toiletries and passports, etc.

 2. The bag has two handles, one on top and one on the side. Both are stitch-reinforced and covered with an exterior web nylon strip for extra strength and protection from the rough handling that is expected in operational deployment conditions. The bag has a reasonably long life that can be extended by periodically spraying it with fabric treatment.

3. The bag can be carried over the shoulder by a strong and rugged nylon web shoulder strap. Plastic wheels can withstand prolonged use over flat surfaces.

4. The heavy duty plastic at the bottom ensures the bag keeps its shape even when half-filled, and the seams are stitch-reinforced.

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Mercury Luggage Code Alpha Wheeled Military Deployment Bag

With an additional zip-off accessory bag that I use for toiletries, Mercury Luggage Code Alpha Wheeled Military Deployment Bag is a well-organized duffel having the convenience of a modern suitcase and appearance of a traditional duffel bag. Adequately padded to protect your gear, the bag is reasonably cheap and durable.

The bag has following features:

1. The bag dimensions are 33” x 17” x 13” and it is made from 600 Denier Polyester with vinyl backing that keeps its shape and shine even after prolonged use. The exterior is padded for cushioning and the corners are well stitched and protected.

2. The main compartment has a mesh pocket and an internal divider that makes it easy to organize your luggage, just like you do in suitcases. A zip-off accessory bag ensures you will not have to fish in your duffel for toiletries and other small articles.

3. The handles are double stitched for extra durability and the plastic wheels (with ball bearings) are designed for extensive use.

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5.11 Tactical CAMS 2.0 Rolling Duffle Bag 50159

I saved the best for the last. It’s pricey but roomy and rugged for all weather use. The 5.11 Tactical CAMS 2.0 Rolling Duffel Bag 50159 measures 40” x 15.5” x 15”, and is amongst the largest wheeled duffels available.

If you can think of a useful feature, you will find it in this artfully crafted bag.

1. The bag is made from 1600 Denier Nylon and is resistant to abrasion and moisture. 152 liters of storage space means you can pack lot more in a single bag.

2. The bag is not only spacious but also well compartmentalized to keep your gear organized for easy access. The bag includes a business card holder, a document pocket, and dividers within the main compartment to keep your items organized. The light colored interior is helpful in finding your required items in dim and fading light, which is often the case in forward camps.

3. With a place for a name tag and lockable YKK zippers, your luggage is bound to stay secure and identifiable.

4. The wheels may appear a bit over-sized, but they make the bag easy to handle in conjunction with dual, self-retracting handles. Towing the bag behind other similar bags is also a handy feature when a large load is to be transported by          only a few soldiers.

5. Reinforced seams and rugged corners keep the frame intact, and the scratch resistant, waterproof bag is expected to stay with you through lots of bumpy rides.

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A quality duffel bag is a great investment for any soldier since it allows him or her to carry the maximum possible comforts to the theater of operation without worrying about transit damage.

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