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The Best Military Running Boots

Boots are tough, hardy footwear built for difficult work in extreme environments. While you might spend most of your time marching through mud, snow, or sand you will undoubtedly find yourself needing to move quickly. Boots are often not particularly comfortable for running, but there are features that make some much better suited than others, as well as a few things you can do to prepare yourself for long runs. Here is my review of The Best Military Running Boots

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If you are looking for a pair of the best military running boots, then make sure to read the following tips and look for these features:

Important Features for Running Boots

The style of your shoes or boots has a significant effect on how you move around, so finding the right pair of boots can make running much easier and less painful.

1. The first feature to look for is the weight of the material. Heavy boots will obviously make running more tiring, so having a lightweight, but durable, pair of boots will make it easier to run long distances. Similarly, the cushioning in the boots’ insoles is essential for shock absorption, reducing the stress on your feet. If you plan to go for long runs, finding lightweight boots with plenty of cushioning should be your priority.

2. It’s also important to consider the type of terrain over which you’ll be running. Boot soles vary widely and a pair of boots suited to running in the city will be very different from a pair that is designed for running in muddy, rural conditions. Make sure that the sole of your boots has enough traction for your expected conditions. The boot materials should also be customized to your conditions. If you expect wet conditions make sure that the boots are waterproof. Hotter climates call for boots made of a breathable material to make sure your feet stay dry.

3. Another consideration is the shape of the boot itself. Boots with heels that are too high can cause a number of issues such as blistering, bunions, and general foot pain. A heel that is too rounded can make balancing more difficult.

4. The boots’ midsoles can affect their quality significantly. A midsole made of dense, stiff material greatly increases the shock absorption that the boots offer, reducing the load on your feet. Dense midsoles increase the weight of the boot, so striking an ideal balance between shock absorption and boot weight can sometimes be difficult to do. This is one of the many reasons that trying on and testing the boot at the store is so important.

5. The insole of the boot is the final piece that you should consider when looking for the best military running boots. Ridged insoles can make balancing easier and running more comfortable. Many boots also come with or are capable of being fitted with an insert. These inserts can be customized to the shape of your feet, greatly increasing comfort. If you have the resources, custom inserts make running for long periods much easier.

Preparing for a Long Run in your Boots

Even a pair of the best military running boots will feel uncomfortable if you have not properly prepared your feet for the run. Your feet stand between you and the ground, so you need to make sure you care for and protect them.

1. First, purchase a good pair of socks. Socks that are worn through or very thin do nothing to assist your feet with absorbing the forces of your run and can increase blistering, making your run incredibly painful. The right pair of socks is the most important accessory to have when you plan to go for a run in boots.

2. When you go to purchase your running boots, bring the pair of socks that you plan to wear with them. This will help you size them properly. Purchasing boots that are just barely too big is better than boots that fit perfectly or too tightly, as feet tend to swell during extended walks or runs. Be sure to wear the boots and walk around the store for at least ten minutes before purchasing them so you can identify any issues that they may have.

3. Once you have purchased the boots, wear them frequently for short periods of time and work up to longer periods. Treat the boots with softening agents to help speed the break-in process. After they begin to break in, take them for a short run of a mile or two. This will allow you to identify any points of friction and begin the formation of calluses on your feet.

4. When you finally take your boots for a full run, be prepared to stop for a few minutes every hour to hour and a half to care for your feet. The time spent resting will be more than made up for by the increased level of comfort. Pack two or three extra pairs of socks as well as some foot powder. When you stop for your breaks, note any friction points or “hot spots” on your feet and apply moleskin to prevent blistering. Let your feet breathe for a few minutes and apply foot powder to help keep them dry. If your socks feel damp, switching to a fresh pair will keep your feet happy and healthy.

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 Running in military boots can seem like a painful task, but the right pair of boots will make everything better. Light, comfortable boots that you have taken the time to break in, combined with proper foot preparation and care, can  make even the longest run seem like a short, light jog. The addition of customized inserts, as well as comfortable,  supportive socks, make them even better. As long as you follow these simple tips and look for these important  features you can find the perfect pair of boots for you.

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