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The Best Nightvision Camcorders

Whether you're capturing a midnight birthday wish or hunting ghosts in the deserts, a nightvision camcorder can be a wonderful investment.

With advancements in technology, night vision cameras become smaller, clearer, and more durable. So, which is the best nightvision camera for you? Read on to find out

Here's a list of Best Nightvision Camcorders

Things To Consider

The night vision technology is growing rapidly. Just a few years ago, most night vision recordings looked decidedly green.

Not anymore. With the latest camcorders, you can even capture 60fps videos in the night. The industry will be worth about $8 billion by 2020.

Before we look at the best night vision cameras you can buy, here are a few things to consider:

Video quality - While this might seem obvious, it actually isn't. Video quality is not just determined by the megapixel number. It is also not exclusively dependent on resolution. While both these are very important, what you should be looking for is a combination of megapixel as well as resolution, and frames per second.

Here's a video that explains the concept in detail.

Features - More is better. Or is it? A full spectrum and infrared mode sound sophisticated and cool, but for most of the general populace, they are absolutely useless. On the other hand, something like "Optical Stabilization" is genuinely very useful. It improves the quality of your videos immensely.

One look at the products sold online will tell you that these camcorders are peppered with features left, right, and center. So, it is important to know exactly what you want from your camcorder.

Using A Camcorder

While most products sold these days work just fine with an amateur operating it, a little knowledge will help you a lot. Pressing the record button will capture video, yes. But things like lighting, sound source, and correct aperture will enhance the same video. You don't have to take a videography course.

 Just an hour's reading on the internet will help you understand some key concepts of videography. For example, a simple rule to follow is "light falls on the subject and the source of light is never behind the subject." It took you about 10 seconds to read that. Apply the rule when you shoot your next video. You'll see the results. So basically, try to understand videography for best results.

Now, knowing what we know, here is a list of the best nightvision camcorders:

Top 5 Best Nightvision Camcorders

1. Gongpon-Camcorder with Night-Vision

We'll start with my favorite one on the market right now, the Gongpon Night Vision camcorder. The Gongpon shoots video at Full HD (1080p). It is designed primarily for vlogging which isn't a bad thing for normal users. You get a sturdy, small camera with an external shotgun microphone. Have you ever heard a deafening wind noise in your videos?

Gongpon-Camcorder with Night-Vision

Well, the Gongpon automatically detects wind and blocks that noise. The night camera is rather wonderful as well. The Gongpon is equipped with a 3 inch touchscreen that you can use to capture videos. The IR light will detect the difference in the light and deliver a clear, sharp video. You also get a remote control through which you can control the recording function.


  • 8 MP CMOS sensor.
  • Touch screen control center.
  • Wifi enabled.
  • 1080p image capturing.


  • Videos are shot at 30 fps.
  • The zoom function reduces the quality quite a lot.

Gongpon-Camcorder with Night-Vision Video Review

2. Kickteck 4k

Next is the Kickteck 4k recorder, one of the most popular ones you can buy right now. It has long list of features. The Kickteck records video in 4k. The 3 inch touchscreen can rotate up to 270 degrees. It has WiFi and a massive 2500mAh battery. The videos are shot on a 13MP CMOS image sensor and the Kickteck can take images at 48 MP. Notably, the night vision tech is the latest as well.

Kickteck 4k

The Kickeck uses IR-CUT light filers and IR night vision to deliver excellent videos. It also has the gold feature for camcorders, optical stabilization. So, even if you're shivering as you shoot, the video won't. If you want a small, simple, and easy to use night vision camcorder, this is the one to choose. Once you charge the battery, you can use the Kickteck for 3 hours.


  • 48 MP camera.
  • 13 MP CMOS sensor.
  • 4K video shooting.
  • Optical stabilization.


  • Tripod has to be purchased separately.
  • 24 fps videos.

Kickteck 4K Video Review

3. AiTechny 4K-Camcorder

The AiTechny is all about beautifying your videos. From face recognition to beauty-tech, it has it all. Along with 4K recording and WiFi compatibility, the AiTechny has a seriously powerful zoom feature. The 16x zoom barely pixelates the video. The videos are again shot at 24 fps which is the only disadvantage.

Using the “Nova Cam” app, you can use your mobile phone as the remote control for your camera.

AiTechny 4K Camcorder

 The external microphone comes with extra padding for better sound cancellation and the 13MP CMOS sensor works brilliantly in low light situations. When it comes to shooting at night, the AiTechny also uses the IR-CUT technology to deliver stunning clarity.


  • You can record as you charge.
  • Your smartphone can be your remote.
  • Also has a wide-angle lens.
  • Powerful zoom technology.


  • Enhances color way too much at times.
  • Understanding the interface can take some time.

AiTechny 4K Camcorder Video Review

4. LINNSE YouTube-camcorder

The LINNSE is specifically designed with young YouTube content creators in mind. It is sturdy, strong, and small. This is a no-frills night vision camcorder. It does not have 4K recording but has a 1080p recording.

The external shotgun microphone is designed to dampen the sound greatly. The LINNSE doesn’t have IR-CUT technology either.

LINNSE YouTube-camcorder

But it uses IR light to capture images and videos. The advantage is that operating the LINNSE is extremely simple. There are no settings that need to be fiddled with every time you want to record something. Just “aim and shoot.”


  • Time-lapse videos are enabled.
  • Easy to use.
  • Specially designed for vlogging.
  • Inexpensive.


  • No 4K recording.
  • No Optical Stabilization.

LINNSE YouTube Camcorder Video Review

5. Besteker Camcorder

The Besteker is designed for beginners. Though it’s inexpensive, it can play with the big boys. It shoots night videos at 1080p. And it uses IR vision like every other camcorder on this list. Because it’s an inexpensive camcorder designed for beginerrs, it does not have an external shotgun microphone but I think that is forgivable.

The Besteker uses a 5 MP CMOS sensor and also captures pictures at 24 MP.

Besteker Camcorder

 If this is your first camcorder, or if you’re going to use your camcorder very rarely, this is the one for you.


  • Price
  • IR nigh vision
  • 24 MP Camera
  • Perfect for beginners.


  • No 4K recording.
  • No external microphone.

Besteker Camcorder Video Review


For me, it’s the Gongpon camcorder. It is the best of both worlds. Yes, it does not have 4K recording but then again, you need to have a 4K mobile and a 4K TV to watch a 4K video.

Apart from that, it has everything. WiFi, external microphone, remote – to name but a few. That makes the Gongpon camcorder the best nightvision camcorder you can buy.