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The Top 20 Best Walking Shoes for High Arches in 2017

A high arch, also known as cavus foot, is a condition where one’s foot has an extremely high arch, or the arch is raised more than normal. Due to this condition, too much weight is placed on the heel and ball of the foot, when standing or walking. Typically, a Cavus foot deformity is caused by muscle imbalance; this can occur when you stand or walk in the wrong shoes. The condition is common amongst women who wear high-heels on a regular basis, especially heels that are not meant for their feet. However, it is also common in men.

Here is a list of the Best Walking Shoes for High Arches in 2017

ImageWalking ShoesRating
Men’s Altra Provision Walking Shoe4.0 / 5.0
ASICS - Gel-Quickwalk 3 SL Walking Shoe5.0 / 5.0
Asics Men's GEL-Tech Walker Neo 4 Walking Shoe4.3 / 5.0
Brooks Addiction Walker4.5 / 5.0
Saucony - Grid Omni Walker4.2 / 5.0
Saucony Men’s Echelon LE2 Walking Shoe4.3 / 5.0
New Balance Men's MW665 Walking Shoe4.1 / 5.0
Men’s Hoka One One Valor LTR Walking Shoe4.1 / 5.0
Vionic Men's Endurance Walker4.0 / 5.0
New Balance Men's 1865v1 Neutral Cushioning Walking Shoe3.6 / 5.0
Women’s Hoka One One Valor LTR4.3 / 5.0
New Balance Women's Fresh Foam 1080v6 Running Shoe4.5 / 5.0
New Balance Women's WW665 Walking Shoe4.2 / 5.0
ASICS Women's Gel-Nimbus 18 Running Shoe4.4 / 5.0
Women’s Altra Provision Walking Shoe4.0 / 5.0
ASICS - GEL-Tech Walker Neo 44.2 / 5.0
Saucony - Progrid Integrity ST 2 Women's Walking Shoes4.5 / 5.0
New Balance Women's WW1745 Walking Shoe4.2 / 5.0
ASICS Women's GEL-Nimbus 17 Running Shoe4.5 / 5.0
Women’s Ryka Devotion Plus 2 Walking Shoe4.3 / 5.0

According to this 2005 study, carried out on seventy subjects, those who have cavus foot stand a higher chance of experiencing foot pain. Army studies, according to The New York Times, have also discovered that recruits having high arches experience the most lower-limb injuries compared to flat-footed recruits.

In some cases, high arch can result from medical conditions like:

  • Cerebral palsy
  • ​Charcot-Maria-Tooth
  • ​Stroke
  • Muscular dystrophy

The condition can also be caused by inherited structural abnormalities.

Regardless of the cause, conservative treatments are always recommended. These treatments include home stretching programs, orthoses, or accommodative footwear.

An individual having a high arch may experience the following symptoms:

  • ​Heel pain when walking, running, or standing
  • ​Claw toes or Hammertoes
  • ​Loss of balance and instability
  • ​Shortened foot length
  • ​A weakness of foot muscles
  • ​Difficulty fitting shoes
  • ​An unstable foot that can sometimes lead to ankle sprains
  • Calluses on the heel, side, or ball of the foot

Individuals with high arches may experience difficulty finding the right shoes. This is because they need footwear that can support their feet and accommodate their high arches at every foot strike. With the right shoe, they can distribute their body weight on their feet instead of putting too much pressure on the heel.

The best arch support needs to be rigid, but also flexible enough to allow your foot to flex naturally. Wearing comfortable shoes, with better arch support, will improve your walking while providing comfort. Here are the top 20 shoes:

10 Best Walking Shoes for Men in 2017

 1.  Men’s Altra Provision Walking Shoe

Rating: 4.0 / 5.0

This sneaker is ideal for men who have to be on their feet all day. This includes doctors, restaurant workers, UPS drivers, and almost anyone who needs to be on his feet for long hours. It has been built on super-stable Provision platform to keep your feet well positioned and comes with StabiliPod technology that will act as a stabilizing tripod on the wearer's feet.

Any high-arch man can use this stylish shoe to improve on daily routine as it provides optimum flexibility, comfort, and stability while walking. The AltraProvisions are light weight, and their soles are flexible to provide the best shock absorption while cushioning the heels.

They have been designed for maximum steadiness without making your feet tired and can be helpful for short or long distance walking. Their Innerflex midsole will provide you with great flexibility,and their FootShape toe box will allow your toes to relax and spread with greater comfort.

Most reviewers agree that these shoes are comfortable and have been designed to improve stability and walking comfort.

 2.  ASICS - Gel-Quickwalk 3 SL Walking Shoe

Rating: 5.0 / 5.0

This is the descendant of 2SL, but an updated version that comes with better features. GEL-QuickWalk 3 SL combines value and performance in one great shoe. It looks great and is an affordable sneaker that has excellent cushioning to keep your feet comfortable.

It is an excellent choice if you are seeking to maximize your workouts because it combines a Rearfoot Gel cushioning system and AHAR (Asics high abrasion rubber) outsole to provide you with the much-needed comfort. AHAR is placed in all the crucial areas of the outsole to provide durability while the Rearfoot cushioning system reduces shock during an impact and allows the wearer to easily transition to midstance.

It is suitable for walking, running, or training. It is also recommended for those men who have a range of athletic pursuits and need training shoes that can meet those expectations.

Consumers who have worn these shoes agree that they are lightweight, solid, and have a good sole for walking. The Gel-Quickwalk 3 SL is still new and has not earned gathered plenty of reviews yet, but from its look, the future is bright. It is available in both synthetic and mesh leather uppers.

 3.  Asics Men's GEL-Tech Walker Neo 4 Walking Shoe

Rating: 4.3 / 5.0

These lightweight walking shoes have a breathable mesh, an excellent shock absorption, and enough cushioning. While they are ideal for high arch men, they can also assist with bunions, not to mention that they can be worn with orthotics.

The rubber outsole is manufactured using AHAR rubber, confirming that these babies were meant to last. At the first glance, I thought they make great running shoes, and I was right. Apparently, their heel cushioning is suitable for both walking and running. Its upper stretches well and the toe box has enough room.

These walkers will position your archers as though they were custom-made for your feet. They also have a removable insole in case you want a customized insole. I have scoured the corners of the web for comments, and what I have found is satisfying.

Most consumers agree that the Neo 4accommodates their ankles comfortably while providing more stability and a secure feel. However, some claim they are unsatisfied with the cushioning in the ball of foot area. I think sneaker heads will never agree on the right amount of cushion.

Its great design and features have made it dominant among the best walking shoes in the market, to date, and it gets the job done without looking flashy. Unfortunately, it comes in only two colors(black and white)and may limit consumers who are looking for a range of colors.

If you have miles of walking awaiting, get out there with the Neo 4, and you will be grateful. Its smooth heel-to-toe transition will guarantee longer walking hours.

 4.  Brooks Men's Addiction Walker

Rating: 4.5 / 5.0

TheBrooks Addiction Walker are known for their great arch support. Their Hydroflow technology is what gives them superb cushioning and shock absorption and makes them ideal for those with plantar fasciitis and cavus foot.

In my opinion, they look like any casual walking shoe, but they are more than that because they provide a comfortable fit and great support every day. When you look at them closely, you will notice they have midfoot cushioning and support on the midsole and inside the shoe. Those who have used them admit that they feel comfortable and provide enough motion control and stability.

The shoes are manufactured using full grain leather for a longer life span. They are also favorable because they have been crafted using an award-winning insole, referred to as MOGO. The insole is effective in reducing shock and is made using a durable midsole compound.

The shoe also features Brooks signature PDRB triple that should make your walking more stable by preventing the ankle from rolling over. Some consumers – especially those with slender feet – think they look big and bulky, but that can be justified by their extra features. Some reviewers also think the shoe should have a better design, considering the colorful and sporty shoes of the 21st century. Methinks performance should outweigh looks, but I may be wrong.

The shoes have been designed to inspire people to be active, and most reviewers agree that they provide enough comfort and are firm enough for a long-distance jaunt. They can be found in black, brown or white.

 5.  Saucony - Grid Omni Walker

Rating: 4.2 / 5.0

They are made using full grain leather and can be worn in both an athletic or casual setting. The Grid Omni Walkers are designed to reduce heel strike so you can enjoy your walking while they take care of your mid, rear, and forefoot. The foreis made using high rebound compound while the mid has a support bridge. These great features have been complemented with remarkable insoles that provide the best high arch support.

These babies are not new in the market, they have been tested severally and have proven their sturdiness. In fact, with the recent improvements, they have outdone a number of walking shoes. They are motion control shoes that have been manufactured using high durometer rubber sole that slows down the pronation speed.

The shoe can come in either black or white and can be found in either leather or synthetics. When worn on a daily basis, and for a long time, they will look worn but will hold their shape for a long time.

One of their cons is that they are not waterproof and are not suitable to use during wet weather, the best way around this is to avoid using them in wet places. Some reviewers also claim that they can produce a squeaking sound, but as noted, that can only happen within the first few months and is not the case with all Omni walkers. 

Overall, they are suitable for athletic activities, with their sock lining, and are bound to enhance performance. Their Grid System will cradle your foot as you take every step and their HRC Cushioning provides exceptional comfort and cushioning support. This is the perfect piece for flaunting your masculinity.

 6.  Saucony Men’s Echelon LE2 Walking Shoe

Rating: 4.3 / 5.0

It has a leather upper and enough cushioning to keep your feet comfortable. In addition, it provides excellent traction control and shock absorption and is a durable piece that has been crafted with comfort in mind.

The shoes have PowerGrid technology that centers the foot in the heel and absorbs impact while distributes pressure. This leads to a smooth and comfortable stride. The shoe has a great heel-to-toe transition that creates balance for your feet. It also has a removable EVA insole and is recommended for people with a high arch. Its Comfortlite sock liner will cradle your heel and reduce pressure in the forefoot.

The rubber outsole has been crafted using IBR+ that is lighter and more cushioned for the much-needed comfort. Its plush tongue and collar, together with its breathable fabric lining, makes it comfortable for any walker. This walking show will make a big difference in his foot and his leg health.Reviewers agree that the shoe is comfortable, and even though some think it is pricey, its value matches its great features.

 7.  New Balance Men's MW665 Walking Shoe

Rating: 4.1 / 5.0

While the shoe is appealing to the eye, it comes with a multitude of great features that focus on making your walks comfortable. These features are meant to pamper your feet as you engage in brisk walking.

First, it is extremely lightweight and is equipped with the ABZORB technology to provide the ultimate cushioning. Your feet will also receive stability and balance as you take your strides since it is equipped with the Walking Strike Path technology. And when you look at the heel collar, it is well padded to prevent your heel from slipping.

I’ve held the shoes, and one feature that I’ll admit I liked is the breathable mesh that is great for air circulation. The mesh in the men’s MW665 will eliminate the possibility of stinky feet and makes this shoe perfect for individuals who work on their feet for long hours. When it comes to the toe box, there is enough room to make you feel comfortable.

Another notable feature is its highly resistant rubber sole and its removable insoles that have been well padded for extra comfort. A major drawback is that this New Balance is limited when it comes to color choice, but its attractive, sporty design conveniently makes up for that. Most reviewers admitted they loved this work of art.

 8.  Men’s Hoka One One Valor LTR Walking Shoe

Rating: 4.1 / 5.0

Hoka’s Meta-Rocker geometry is sure to support every stride, and its full-grain leather upper means it is going to last you for a much longer time. It is new among the highly-rated walking shoes, but from its appearance, one can judge that it has that extra cushioning that is needed.

These shoes are ideal if you are going to be on your feet the entire day as their ultra-size midsole provides the signature cushioned ride. Most consumers love them and admit that they take a few days to break in. If you are going to do plenty of walking, they will allow you to carry your weight comfortably.

Consumers admit that these sneakers are way ahead of regular sneakers as their thick sole and snug fit makes them perfect for exercise. This particular model has been praised for sustaining wearers for long days without fatigue.

 9.  Vionic Men's Endurance Walker

Rating: 4.0 / 5.0

They have been crafted using either rich leather upper or synthetic, and are equipped with mesh panels to allow for proper air circulation. They are beautiful athletic shoes that have been designed for a customized fit. Their detachable biomechanical orthotic insole helps in supporting the feet and improving posture and balance.

The Vionic’s are perfect for absorbing shock and minimizing stress on the ankles, knees, and feet. They feature Vionic’s Orthaheel Supportive Technology that is useful in reducing over-pronation to eliminate any associated pains. These shoes will enable their wearers to walk with ease and comfort while looking trendy.

They are also known to be ideal for high arch sufferers and will help you stay comfortable while preventing exhaustion. These Vionic’s have been designed by a podiatrist with EVA insole to give you the necessary arch support.

Some consumers, especially new owners, have reported that they feel an odd sensation for a few days, but this usually lasts for a short while as their feet adapts to the Orthaheel technology. Their podiatrist-designed, removable footbed is one of their outstanding features.

10. New Balance Men's 1865v1 Neutral Cushioning Walking Shoe

Rating: 3.6 / 5.0

Without a doubt, the men’s 1865vl look attractive with its great design and sturdy rubber sole. One outstanding feature, about this shoe, is that it has been designed to support all arches, meaning it can support all arches.

It has a supportive SBS stabilizer nylon that provides a seamless fit, and the lacing makes its width adjustable. It is excellent for men who work out on a regular basis or love to walk for a long time. It also features an advanced medial and forefoot support that is meant to create stability as you take each step.

One major complaint among consumers is its higher pricing. I believe the pricing is set on the higher side because of its accommodativeness, so if you can get over the price, these shoes may become your favorite.

If you are lazy and don’t want to go to the park, some consumers have disclosed that it is perfect for the treadmill, so you do not have to beat yourself up. The cushioning unmatchable, and justifies the pricing.

10 Best Walking Shoes For Women In 2017

 1.  Women’s Hoka One One Valor LTR

Rating: 4.3 / 5.0

The women’s Hoka One One has proven to be comfortable and durable over time. Just like its male counterpart, itsultra-sized midsole provides a signature cushioned ride for that woman who is looking to walk for a longer time.

They deliver extra comfort and cushion as you take every step and are guaranteed to give you a smooth ride and excellent propulsion. The Lycra ComfortFrame allows for much flexibility and a personalized fit.

The leather upper guarantees a longer lifespan while the padded tongue and heel collar ensure maximum comfort. These shoes have a lace-up front that makes it possible to adjust them to the right fit. Their outsole has a rubber placement that provides exceptional durability,and their lightweight heel counter ensures a secure heel fit.

Most female consumers admit that this pair is perfect for standing for long hours. It is also suitable when exercising. Most customers agree that they are comfortable and super soft.

The most noticeable feature is their thick cushioning. The drawback is that they come in only two colors: black or white. However, their colors are so diverse and can match with various outfits.

 2.  New Balance Women's Fresh Foam 1080v6 Running Shoe

Rating: 4.5 / 5.0

They are known to support the foot firmly and look great when worn with casual clothing. They have a roomy toe box that lets your toes carry the weight equally from the heel. They are also light and come with plenty of cushioning as they are equipped with the ACTEVA LITE midsole, which is lighter than standard foam.

The Ortholite Sock liner adds the extra cushioning. Compared to older versions of 1080, I think this particular model is higher off the ground, meaning it has plenty of supportive material. It is an improvement from the v5. So, if you are looking for a replacement, look no further.

It looks great and comes in a combination of striking colors. It is also orthotic friendly. While most people agreed that It is comfortable and provides enough comfort, a handful of customers lamented about the pricing. Honestly, the technology and raw materials that go into this piece warrant its pricing.

 3.  New Balance Women's WW665 Walking Shoe

Rating: 4.2 / 5.0

What a better way to stay fit and trendy. The women’s WW665 have enough mesh to allow for easy breathability while their cushioned sole delivers comfort at every step.

New Balance never disappoints. And we are talking about a century of shoe-making. Personally, I think I am one of their loyal customers because they stay true to their word. This is not an everyday shoe; it is a piece that has been designed with great features to make her walks comfortable.

While it is lightweight, it has enough cushion to enable you feel comfortable and is equipped with the ABZORB technology that provides ultimate cushioning. This technology is the reason they are recommended for people with high arches. In addition, the breathable mesh and Walking Strike Path technology makes it perfect for individuals who walk outdoors for longer hours.

Their breathable mesh will minimize sweating, and the padded tongue and cushioned collar provide the feet with enough comfort. Their outsole is made using quality rubber and confirms that the shoes are long-lasting. Help yourself with a pair and enjoy the breathable mesh and synthetic overlays.

 4.  ASICS Women's Gel-Nimbus 18 Running Shoe

Rating: 4.4 / 5.0

The FluidRide Midsole provides the best cushioning property and reduced weight for these shoes. The shoe also comes with Forefoot and Rearfoot GEL Cushioning systems to reduce shock during impact. The cushioning system also allows one to move across multiple planes.

The extra cushioning has created debate on various platforms across the web, and I think ASICS stayed true to their word when they used “Nimbus” and “Gel.” It has a more organized overlay pattern and fewer bumps along the edges of the midsole. Among cushioned shoes, I think it needs to be ranked highly considering its durability and support.

Its outsole has plenty of thick rubber to maximize comfort and durability. The rubber makes it an excellent choice for walking as it reduces the impact when it comes into contact with the ground. The seamless and smooth upper is also visible. The shoe is designed to hold onto your feet tightly, and the FluidFit upper adapts to your foot.

Generally, this shoe, like most Nimbus shoes, is well built and offers the right amount of cushioning. So, its price is justified. Its main drawback, and one that a handful of consumers have pointed out is that it can be a little heavy for training. But that is unavoidable if you are looking for a well cushioned, stylish, and durable shoe.

 5.  Women’s Altra Provision Walking Shoe

Rating: 4.0 / 5.0

This is a new addition. Its design is enough proof that it is made for walkers and it comes integrated with the Zero Drop Platform, meaning the heel is not raised; a feature that allows you to have a natural foot strike.

It also has enough room in the toe box and is suitable even for women who have wider toes or bunions. It is an excellent choice because it can be kept on the feet all day. Its outsole is made using textured-rubber and patterned flex grooves to ensure maximum grip on slippery platforms.

The shoe has been manufactured with three zones that enhance stability by acting as a tripod; these zones prevent pronation or excessive foot collapse. It also has a sporty foot shape to allow the wearer's toes to relax and spread out for more stability and speed. The midsole has grid-like flex grooves that enable the foot to flex where necessary.

Its zero-drop feature places your heel and forefoot at the same distance from the ground to ensure proper impact while the unique midsole and outsole patterns are helpful in letting your foot flex. The Altra Provision walking shoe is ideal for fitness and everyday wear.

Consumers agree it is worth every penny because it can improve mobility. Other users have praised its toe box citing that it allows the toes to splay out more. Its drawback is that it is limited to color black and white. Regardless, its features will make anyone overlook the color.

 6.  ASICS - GEL-Tech Walker Neo 4

Rating: 4.2 / 5.0

These sneakers have been made with a material that allows them to be super light while keeping the feet dry. They are fitted with enough cushioning to provide a comfortable fit and can assist those who suffer from bunions. One notable feature is their 3M reflective that enables them to be used at night or in low-light areas.

The Asics Gel-Tech Walker Neo 4 has fulfilled its mission according to testimonies by most users. They are designed to ensure you do not hurt yourself while walking in rocky areas or get blisters for walking long hours. The shoe, like its male counterpart, is designed for all arch types and is very durable. In fact, consumers have reported recovering from twisted ankles and knee injuries after using it.

Unfortunately, some users claim it is heavy, but that is because it is ‘loaded’ with great features. I have examined it on the shelve, and I think has a simple design and incorporates some neutral colors that make it resemble an everyday shoe.

The mesh lining and removable sock liner enable it to take an orthosis. The Trusstic System ensures the shoe is lightweight while also durable, while Biomorphic Fit makes it stretchable. The shoe is also equipped with an Impact Guidance System to enable it maintain the foot’s natural gait. The Ortholite sock liner takes care of sweat while Solyte improves cushioning and comfort. The GEL cushioning is responsible for absorbing shock and enables the shoe to conform to the ‘required’ shape when walking.

This is an excellent choice if you are looking for comfortable running, walking, or standing shoes. Apart from being helpful to people with high arches, it is also useful to bunion sufferers.

 7.  Saucony - Progrid Integrity ST 2 Women's Walking Shoes

Rating: 4.5 / 5.0

It is one of the best shoes for high arches and makes a great walking shoe with its great rubber sole and full grain leather upper. The shoe has a smooth heel to toe transition with its rear foot grid system and provides one of the best arch support among walking shoes.

Its toe box has enough space and is deep enough to accommodate a wider foot, and its orthaheel technology makes it the perfect choice for those who have foot ailments. It is ideal for distant walking because it is foam padded on the inside to provide enough comfort, and the leather ensures sturdiness.

Considering its great features, it is very affordable, though some consumers complain about its weight. A handful of user shave claimed it does not offer great support on wet pavement or smooth floor while others have cursed about its limited color option.

The Progrid Integrity ST 2 is designed for runners, but it is also ideal for walkers and anyone who suffers from a foot condition. The shoe is perfect for women who use orthotics or have high arches. It has been fitted with a thick midsole to provide the required arch support.

 8.  New Balance Women's WW1745 Walking Shoe

Rating: 4.2 / 5.0

This shoe has great cushioning that makes its wearer extremely comfortable. It has a wide toe box to ensure a comfortable fit and to accommodate people with wider feet. It is convenient for individuals who have to spend a longtime walking or moving around.

It can be worn for a longer time without causing soreness and is highly recommended for people with high arches. It comes with a broad range of features to provide comfort while walking or running.

The shoe features ABZORB technology for the extra cushioning and Revlite technology to ensure a stable walk. It is also fitted with N2 technology that provides a cushioning that is closer to the ground. The sole has a rubber compound to give the shoe maximum durability and toughness needed for daily wear.

The women’s WW1745 is specifically designed for women who have abnormal feet structures and uses its Revlite midsole to provide arch support during walks. The unique ground contact outsole prevents wear and tear and enables the shoe to be worn for a longer time.

Another great feature is the Fantomfit technology that makes wearers feel as if they are walking barefoot. Plenty of consumers agree that they are light weight and provide the needed support. Users also agree that it is durable and has plenty of room for the toes.

 9.  ASICS Women's GEL-Nimbus 17 Running Shoe

Rating: 4.5 / 5.0

It belongs to the same family as the Nimbus 18, but it is an older version that has refused to ‘die.’ The Nimbus 17 increases your mileage with every step due to its light weight and seamless construction. It can hold your foot comfortably while propelling you forward with its FluidRide midsole.

Nimbus 17 will also keep your feet dry with its ComforDry Lasting and X-40 Sock liner. Clearly, after Nimbus 16, Asics got some work done and made some serious amendments to restore the much-needed balance. This shoe offers exceptional cushioning from heel-to-toe.

Through its materials and design, it provides overall comfort that emanates from the midsole cushioning and upper changes. When a Nimbus 17 and examine it carefully, you will notice the details in its construction; from the seamless overlays to the mesh material.

Compared to older versions, Nimbus 17 received a boost in its midsole to improve its cushioning and to make it more comfortable. The upper was also redesigned, and the use of mesh, no-sew, and seamless is very noticeable.Its main advantage is that its top unit can adapt to your foot to provide a glove-like coverage. Its cushioning has also been appreciated by several consumers. Complaints included the outsole wearing out faster, and the forefoot area being stiff and narrow. But generally, a majority agreed that this shoe offers comfortability on the roads.

10. Women’s Ryka Devotion Plus 2 Walking Shoe

Rating: 4.3 / 5.0

These shoes are a great option for walking because of their shock absorbency, excellent cushioning, and extra padding. They also have great color combinations and are comfortable, affordable, and stylish.

They have been designed with comfort in mind and utilize Ryka’s cushioning technology, referred to as RE-ZORB. The technology has been used along the length of the midsole. The sneakers have been designed to make them breathable, lightweight, and flexible. Women’s Ryka Devotion comes with all the comfort and performance that will make her happy and is perfect for fitness walking and training.

The network of pods incorporates the RE-ZORB technology that coordinates with the body’s movement to determine every step. I have personally seen them in an outlet store, and I had to stop and feel the fabric because it looked so stylish.

When I checked the reviews, I noticed that most women approved them as walking shoes because of their comfortability. They have a lace-up close if you are looking for a personalized fit and the padded tongue and collar provide enough comfort.

How to determine your arch type and your level of pronation

Determining your arch type

Using an easy step, you can find out the type of shoe that you need. One way of learning about your shoe type is to look at the shape of your arch. And this can be accomplished using a wet test.

For your wet test, you will need a piece of dry dark-colored paper, and water in a basin. Here is the procedure:

  1. ​Fill the basin with water and place your paper beside it
  2. ​Dip your feet in the basin then step out onto the dry paper
  3. Once you have left a print on your paper, step out of the paper

Now, you need to understand the prints. When your print shows almost the entire foot, with very little or almost no curving (at the arch area), you have a low arch or flat foot. This kind of foot rolls excessively inwards and can lead to pain on the knees.

If your print has a large curve between your heel and the ball of your foot, you have a high-arched foot. This foot type rolls outwards as you walk. This condition can lead to knee problems if you do not find the right shoes.

If your print does not have a huge curve, and a significant portion of the feet is visible, you are somewhere between a low arch and a high arch; that means you have a normal arch.This is the common foot type and is sometimes referred to as normal pronator. This kind of person is okay with most shoes.

People who have a low arch or flat feet tend to overpronate. Conversely, those who have high arches are likely to under pronate. But those with normal arches will have normal pronation.

Determining your level of pronation

Pronation can be defined as the rate at which your foot rolls either inward or outward when it strikes the surface/ground. The shoe test is the easiest way to determine your level of pronation. So, take one of your shoes and observe its wear pattern.

Pay close attention to the heel area:

  • ​If the inside area is worn out more, then you are an overpronator (foot rolls inwards)
  • ​If the most worn out part is the outside of the heel, then you are an under pronator (foot rolls outwards)
  • If the wear is uniform, then you are a normal pronator

Once you know your arch level and the level of pronation, it will be easier to pick the best walking shoes; whether they are for everyday walking, commuting, trail walking, speed walking, or running errands.

Best Walking Shoes for Everyday Walking

Choosing your everyday walking shoes should not be a difficult task. The main things to put into consideration are:

  • ​Weight – light weight is better
  • ​Construction
  • ​Flexibility and support – your shoe should be able to bend under the ball of your foot. In addition, the shoe should also be able to twist from the heel to the toe
  • ​Breathability
  • Cushioning – more cushioning should be provided under the ball of your foot
  • Walking style - pick a shoe that will match where you will be doing your walking; whether it is on dirt roads or pavements

Best Walking Shoes for Commuting

The best commuter shoes need to strike a balance between comfort and style. These shoes must have a good grip to sustain your hours of walking, on pavements and subways. But comfortability is always key. For women, for example, a shoe that has straps or a vamp will suffice.

On the other hand, wearing heels will alter the center of gravity and will increase the chances of falling. Commuting shoes should relieve you from the woes of commuting, and that means more comfort. Not blisters.

Best Walking Shoes for Trail Walking

Trail shoes for walkers need to have rugged soles for traction and protection against rocks. Compared to regular road shoes, they need to provide more stability. In addition, they need to be as flexible so that each step is taken without a struggle.

When picking the shoe, consider the trail or path that you are going to navigate through. Is it a muddy trail, a rocky path, or an uneven terrain?

Other things to take into consideration:

  • ​The load you are going to carry
  • ​Are you going to need waterproof shoes?
  • ​Height – Some walkers think taller shoes increases ankle support
  • Breathability, weight, and grip

Best Walking Shoes for Speed Walking

Speed walking shoes need to be flexible. The best shoe needs to be flat from the forefoot to the heel, and the heel should not have excess cushioning. However, the heel cushioning should be enough if the walker needs to cover a long distance.

Since walkers strike with their heel, rather than forefoot, the heel and the ball of the foot should not have a significant difference in height.

Overall, flexibility is essential for speed walking shoes. A shoe that is more flexible will handle the repetitive heel-to-toe rolling motion with much ease.

Best Walking Shoes for running errand

A pair of good walking shoes will ensure you are comfortable while you run errands. These shoes should protect your feet while improving your posture. You are going to do plenty of walking, and you need to make sure your shoe choice can protect your arch and allow for enough flexibility in the ball of your foot.

Factors to consider are:

  • ​Weight
  • ​Cushioning
  • Flexibility and support
  • Breathability

The importance of good arch support

High arch shoes have been designed with cavus foot in mind and will help stabilize your walk. A number of studies confirm that arch support is effective for correcting foot problems. Dr. Frederick Dietz, an orthopedics professor at the University of Iowa College of Medicine, also agrees that sometimes you only need additional arch support to correct a high arch, especially if the condition is inherited.

The sharp pains in your feet may be the result of walking in the wrong shoes and may be a reason why you need supportive shoes. In the United States alone, about 75% of people experience foot pain. Sadly, most foot painsare caused by putting on the wrong shoe.

Correct shoeshave extra cushioning to help with walking, without having to drag the feet. They have the right padding and arch support to ensure weight is well distributed. In the end, a well-defined arch will guarantee comfort and stability. On the other hand, wearing the wrong shoes will continue to put pressure on the foot and will increase the probability of ankle sprains.

The common disadvantages of high arch shoes

According to consumers:

  • ​High arch shoes are costly
  • ​Their colors are limited
  • ​Their sizing can be incorrect, sometimes
  • Breaking in may take longer

Customer reviews

Most customers are satisfied with their high-arch shoes and confirmed that these shoes had rectified some of their foot conditions. These clients agree that high arch shoes can help with stability and motion control.


While a high arch may make it difficult to walk, finding the perfect pair of shoes is a step closer to learning how to live with the condition.

Wearing corrective shoes is a form of conservative treatment that will prevent your condition from worsening. It will also spare you from extra costs resulting from foot injuries.

It all boils down to finding out your arch, and pronation, then sourcing for the best shoe; one that will provide enough stability and the right cushioning.

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