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The Top Military Hiking Boots

Whether you are jogging miles, or hiking mountains, there comes one clear-cut need for the participant: the proper gear. Let’s face it, when you engage in something that is going to push yourself to your physical limits the last thing you want on your feet are a pair of flip flops.

The proper gear means the proper preparation, and without preparation you aren’t giving yourself the chance to be the best you can be.

The right pair of military hiking boots can be the difference between making a hike a journey or an outright failure. The following list is going to be a collection of options that are solid, durable, and effective tactical hiking boots.


Boots That Were Made to Hike in and Are AR 670-1 Compliant

Tactical Research AR670-1 Compliant Transition Boots TR111

These boots are designed specifically for the soldier that wants the very best on comfort and protection for their feet. Weighing only two pounds makes them lightweight and with the injection-molded EVA design they provide maximum protection and shock absorption while moving on the ground.

*Here is our full length review of the Tactical Research Transition boots TR111 for you to read.

8mm Heel-to-toe design keeps you aware of what’s under your feet and lets you adjust accordingly.

Cowhide leather makes them resistant to the casual wear and tear; these are built to last.

Triple stitched seam design keeps repairs minimal.

The Vibram TALUS sole maximizes slip prevention.

These boots are an excellent choice to make sure your feet are getting the maximum protection, but also the very best traction available.

Verified purchasers of this boot claim it to be: “Great boots, very well made”, “The boots are excellent and feel broken in out of the box”, “These boots are awesome”. These have satisfied many people and for good reason, the give you the comfort and protection that you deserve.

Buy your pair of Tactical Research AR670-1 Compliant Transition Boots TR111 here

Danner Men's Rivot TFX 8 Inch Tan Boot

If you’re going into combat against harsh terrain you want to give your feet the best options to battle harsh conditions. The 8” Danner Rivot TFX Military Boot does exactly that. They are lightweight and grant you the very best when hiking a long distance or the casual walk. They have:

1,000 denier nylon design with a spacer mesh that allows heat to release from inside the boot keeping your feet cool and comfortable.

Vibram Rivot TFX design allows maximum control on rugged terrain.

Lace-to-toe design for maximum comfort.

These are lightweight, durable, and can make the harshest hike that much easier to overcome.

Other buyer claim the boots to be: “Finest kind, only boot I’ll ever wear” from a soldier deployed in Afghanistan, “Five stars, held up to a beating” from a casual hiker. These boots are for anyone that likes to get their hands dirty and push their bodies to the limit.

Buy your pair of Danner Men's Rivot TFX 8 Inch Tan Boot here

Garmont T8, NFS Lightweight Tactical Boot- Desert Sand

If you are looking for a boot that allows you to move with maximum speed and precision in a wetter climate then look no further. This tactical boot design is made for long periods of physical exertion and the suede leather allows for quick drying and maximum breathability. Additional specs to take into consideration are:

*Here is our full length review of the Garmont T8, NFS Lightweight Tactical boot for you to read.

A vibram sole that allows maximum control over your movements in the harshest terrain.

Enhanced ventilation design and quick-dry materials makes these a perfect choice for wet climate.

The vibram bifida sole contributes toward having the very best shock-reduction, as well as the best traction for challenging terrain.

With the lightweight design and quick-drying materials these boots are a great option to maximize your comfort when in less than desirable conditions.

Other verified purchasers have claimed “Awesome boots, have used them for a mountain survival course”, “Five Stars”, there is a universal collection regarding the comfort and protection these boots provide.

Buy your pair of Garmont T8, NFS Lightweight Tactical Boot- Desert Sand here

Nike SFB Field AR670-1 Compliant Army Tactical Boot

If you are hiking on a rough trail or pushing your body to the limit through some wet terrain the last obstacle you want thrown in your way is a pair of boots that are making the journey 10 times hard then it should be. The right pair of boots means more comfort, more protection, and the opportunity to perform at your very best.

The Nike SFB Field Tactical Boot is a lightweight boot design that provides the very best boot technology to give you comfort and traction. The boots are re-designed to keep the moisture out, the traction of the ground beneath you firm, and best of all, are designed to last.

*Here is our full length review of the Nike SFB Field Leather boots for you to read.

Rubber outsoles for maximum traction

Made of durable materials that will outlast wear and tear as well as harsh conditions that you hike through

Firm lacing system that keeps your feet in place and prevents all forms of injuries.

These boots have all the right specs to make sure you are getting the proper protection during the times that push your body to the limit.

A number of different reviews buyers universally claim the boot to have, “No break in period”, “Comfortable and lightweight”, and “Great boots fit and feel”. This boot is designed to cover all hiking needs ranging from simple to the more complex. These boots have everything you are looking for in tactical hiking boots.

Buy your pair of Nike SFB Field AR670-1 Compliant Army Tactical Boot here

Here is a video of Nike Special Field Boot for more information and review:

Rocky S2V Army AR670-1 Tan Special Ops Vented Military Boots

Rocky S2V Uppers

If you are the type of man that has a demand of nothing but the best kind of equipment then these boots are for you. They are made for the toughest terrain and the hardest drills; it could be sentry duty, extraction exercise, or hardcore hiking. If there is an operation then these boots can fulfill every purpose you expect from footwear.

*Here is our full length review of the Rocky S2V Special Ops Vented Military boots for you to read.

Cattle hide leather that is smooth and extremely durable from causal wear and tear.

Lightweight at 3.5 pounds a pair.

Advanced S2V technology that creates ventilation of the highest quality; this means moisture-resistance and maximum comfort.

Vibram soles for maximum traction and injury prevention.

These boots are made to be pushed to the limit; the proper tools grants the opportunity to see you at your best.

Several verified purchasers have claimed these boots to be: “The best boots I’ve ever bought”, “This is my third pair”, “Amazing fit and quality”. These come with not only great feedback but they are also 100% American made. Add patriotism to the perfect boot and what you have is a knockout.

Buy your pair of Rocky S2V Army AR670-1 Tan Special Ops Vented Military Boots here

Here is a video of Rocky S2V Special Ops Military Boots for more information and review:

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