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Timberland Pro Hyperion Work Boot Review

Rating: 4.3 / 5.0

Whether you're a circuit repairman, performing light construction work, or climbing the sloping trails, Timberland PRO Men's Hyperion Work Boots may be a decent decision for you. They are likewise on our rundown of the top work boots accessible, and we will explain to you why.

For one thing, we just specify brands and boots that have effectively earned an esteemed notoriety, and afterward we burrow further to give you extra data on specific styles and brands to help you in settling on the correct decision, in addition to we rate them in regions of safety, solace, and price.


These boots were worked for solace, simply take a gander at them, they are a combination of runners and work boots. A hostile to exhaustion Technology comfort framework retains stun and returns vitality back to the foot in key zones, which implies solace and stamina, throughout the day baby. Timberland expert are so certain you'll concur that they offer a 30 day comfort ensure: if you're not totally happy with the solace inside the principal month, send em back for a refund. Talk about 'putting your cash where your mouth is'.

As a work boot that takes after to a greater extent a sneaker or climbing boot than a normal work boot, they fit like them also. They are highlighted with a lightweight, shaped EVA padded sole that gives athletic execution and hostile to exhaustion innovation that assimilates stun and returns vitality back to the foot for enhanced stamina. They likewise accompany a cushioned neckline for padding around the lower leg. Timberland additionally offers a 30-day comfort ensure, which implies, following 30 days and the boots are not as agreeable as you had trusted; basically return them for a discount. Check most agreeable boots list before you choose.


This boots are different and unique as they only comes in one color style. The Timberland PRO Men's Hyperion Work Boot looks like more along the lines of a climbing boot than a work boot. They style is intended for solace, adaptability, and simple development. They are a ribbon up boot with double reason beat equipment for binding customization. What's more, they can be used at work or for regular use.


These are not a safety toe work boot; in any case, they do have an extra layer of elastic on the toe zone that gives sufficient protection against scraped areas or stubbing. A Vibrio outsole gives satisfactory footing on different territories and the twofold elastic toe top and backstay is scraped area safe. Besides, the waterproof cowhide and layer keep your feet dry. The protections offered in these boots are intended for those working in semi hard work situations, not for unsafe occupations that require extra safety features.


Try not to be tricked, because they look athletic, doesn't mean they won't protect you. These boots highlight and additional wide amalgam safety toe, and hostile to slip sole, and premium cowhide with a waterproof layer for outrageous scraped area resistance and dry feet. Colleagues might be tricked into supposing you're wearing climbing or running shoes at work site, but Timberland expert extra no safety features with this high execution work boot.


Despite the fact that they don't appear as though it, These ARE work boots, and work boots are worked to last. The intense review calfskin used on the external skin of the shoe is highly scraped area safe, as is the shaped elastic sole. These work boots are not reasonable for the harshest of the harshest situations – e.g. if you work with wet cement or if you're kicking through rubble throughout the day. For every other person, they will be as tough as whatever other work boot.

In spite of the fact that these work boots may look like regular climbing boots, they offer a great deal more to the extent durability. Concrete construction alongside the Ever-monitor calfskin with scraped area safe innovation, the shaped elastic sole, and the twofold layer elastic toe protect are all features that are consolidated in these work boots to help with durable durability. Notwithstanding, we would not propose them for substantial construction, or employments that require extra safety features.


Most sizes can be found online for under $120. In spite of the incorporation of a safety toe, they weigh only 1.9 pounds. They're as agreeable as you'd anticipate from Timberland. Furthermore, in spite of appearances, they'll keep your feet dry paying little heed to where you happen to get yourself. The main truly question is would you be able to discover some jeans that won't conflict with the odd blend of red, white, dark, and dim?


Alongside being a decent decision work boot for climbers, they are likewise perfect for street construction, solid work, and carpentry. They are appropriate for outside also because of the waterproofing and the plentiful footing that the outsole produces. These work boots don't come outfitted with a safety toe and are not ASTM appraised. Be that as it may, they would make a pleasant expansion for somebody who requires the adaptability and development that these boots give. Likewise, these boots tend to work well for those with Plantar Fasciitis or level feet, as they have a decent size heel and give bolster in the curve range.


Waterproof cowhide went with a waterproof layer is intended to keep your feet agreeable and dry through any wet climate conditions.


These work boots will set you back somewhat additional than the normal price, at around $170. With regards to agreeable, high execution work boots, these are number 1, so we think the Timberland Pro Hyperion still speak to extraordinary esteem for such a high execution work boot.

Timberland Pro Hyperion Work Boot Video Review



You realize that sentiment extreme solace and lightweight feeling you get when you put on an awesome match of runners? That 'spring-in-your-progression' feeling? Well Timberland has conveyed that to the workplace with the timberland genius Hyperion work boots. These shoes consolidate the solace and ultra-lightweight integrity of athletic shoes with the safety and durability of work boots. Front line innovation.


These work boots were not intended for snow, ice, or exceptionally cool conditions, so won't be a victor with regards to keeping you warm in the coldest atmospheres. We're talking exceptionally icy.


  • Made from premium calfskin with a waterproof film for high levels of waterproofness.
  • ​Ever-watch cowhide used on the outers for outrageous durability and imperviousness to scraped area.
  • ​Ample compound safety toe – keeps your toes safe and your boots light.
  • ​Super lightweight shaped EVA mid-sole for athletic execution and solace.
  • 30 day comfort ensure – hazard free.
  • Jazzy athletic outline.

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