Top 10 Authorized Boots Made in the USA

Here at Authorized Boots, we take pride in quality footwear. We take special pride in footwear that has been crafted inside the United States.

Our soldiers demand performance in the field and in country, and these boots are guaranteed not only to perform to the exacting standards of combat soldiers, but look great in a garrison environment as well.

I have attached photos to illustrate the style of each boot for your convenience.

Today we'd like to present you with the top ten authorized boots manufactured in the USA.

Each boot featured here is Berry Compliant and authorized under the clarified AR 670-1.

  1. Rocky S2V Jungle

    • Let me premise this with saying that I am personally biased towards these boots.
    • They are absolutely fantastic. As a summer Ranger I couldn't have asked for a better, more durable, or capable boot.
    • The upper is specifically designed to shed water and weight and features a minimal heel cup to allow ample movement in swamps and sand.
    • The Vibram sole is also one of the best I've had the pleasure of fielding; it sheds mud and dirt quickly and keeps the wearer sure footed at all times across any terrain.
  2. Nike SFB Field Leather Boot

    • Nike SFB takes a cue from its lightweight predecessors and sheds every ounce it can in favor of speed.
    • The sole is a dual compound rubber that features a soft inner lining encased in a firm, durable rubber sole.
    • The sole has many features that make it an ideal boot for any condition. If you were a fan of the old Nike's, you'll find that these will serve you just as well.
    • These are my personal go-to boot when speed is critical.

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  3. Danner Rivot

    • The Rivot is available in both a hot and cold weather version. The cold weather version will run you several more dollars but nothing beats warmth if you're a Winter Ranger at Camp Merrill.
    • The Rivot is extremely lightweight and handles varied terrain well, even under load.
    • The soft sole won't help much on paved roads or if you're fast roping, but will give you a comfortable ride in soft dirt and hard packed trails.
  4. Belleville ONE XERO

    • One of Belleville's latest additions to their line of footwear is the ONE XERO.
    • The XERO takes its cue from the rising popularity of lightweight boots among soldiers.
    • The XERO has several drainage holes throughout the upper of the boot that are lined with mesh to prevent debris from entering the boot.
    • These boots are excellent for hot weather conditions and perform extremely well in wet, hot environments and provide ample support for carrying heavy loads.
    • Designed with the idea that lightweight is not just a feature but a requirement, the 320 is one of the lightest Berry Compliant boots in the market.
  5. Rocky S2V

    • When the Rocky line of military boots was released in the early 2000s, soldiers quickly bought out the entire first run of the S2V.
    • The S2V boasts a Vibram sole, speed laces, and double stitching at all seams. The sole is both sewn and vulcanized to the boot to increase durability.
    • The S2V remains the most popular and best selling boot among soldiers, with recent models adapted for the Navy and Air Force.
    • The S2V is extremely durable and comfortable but has been known to cause the arch to drop if worn excessively under load.

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  6. Belleville 340

    • The second Belleville boot on our list features a thicker sole, more leather on the upper, and a reinforced heel cup.
    • These features add weight to the boot, but offer the wearer much more protection in a field or combat environment.
    • The harder sole is better suited to packed roads and rocky terrain and offers serious durability in the field.
  7. Belleville 310

    • The Belleville brand has been selling quality footwear since 1904. Belleville began marketing footwear to soldiers in World War I and has continued to provide our soldiers with quality footwear.
    • The 310 features a softer, lightweight sole with a speed lace system that ensures the foot is seated properly in the boot.
    • This boot continues to be a favorite among Airborne students for its light weight while providing good ankle protection with a firm heel cup.
  8. McRae Ripple

    • Ripple-soled boots have been the most enduring sole in the United States Army's modern history.
    • The ripple sole was originally introduced in Vietnam-era jungle boots for its rock-steady traction in muddy and uneven terrain but was quickly reintroduced when soldiers were allowed to purchase third party footwear.
    • The ripple sole is extremely popular for ruck marches as it provides even footing on paved and unimproved surfaces.
  9. McRae Panama

    • The “Panama” style outsole originally came into production in the late 1980's when deployed soldiers needed a lightweight and low-profile sole to take on soft packed ground and sand.
    • The Panama became extremely popular among soldiers deployed during Operation Desert Storm when General Norman Schwartzkopf adopted the Panama boot in Iraq with the First Infantry Division's famed assault.
  10. Bates USMC Lightweight Durashocks

    • The Corps has a very strict policy on what boots are authorized.
    • The Durashocks that make our top 10 are super lightweight and come pre-stamped with the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor.
    • The stamped EGA ensures that these boots will be authorized in garrison and their weight is well suited for hot, arid environments and urban operations.
    • Keep in mind though, the soles will wear quickly in airborne and fast-rope operations or if you carry heavy loads on paved surfaces.

At Authorized Boots, we know you demand quality footwear. We understand how important your feet are. We understand that “going to work” might mean carrying 70lbs over a mountain or carrying a friend to a waiting Medevac. This isn't by any means a definitive list of combat footwear made in the USA, but we do hope that it helps you navigate the difficult process of finding the perfect boot for you.

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