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Top 10 Best Tactical Backpack Brands

When it comes to investing in a tactical backpack, it seems the options are endless. With plenty of startups jumping in on the action, it’s important to keep in mind the basics of quality, durability, and versatility.

No matter your budget, don’t waste your time and money on bells and whistles that can be useless and deter from the overall purpose of your purchase. Keep in mind your training, what you know works, and a brand you know is trusted across the board.

Here is a list of the Top 10 Best Tactical Backpack Brands

Top 10 Best Tactical Backpack Brands Reviews

1) Spec Ops

With T.H.E. Ultimate Pack as it’s best seller this pack has room for a hydration system and easy access of bladders and inside is lined with High Viz Yellow for easier visibility of contents. With the hydration system located in the center, the pack is balanced perfectly with no lumps or bulkiness poking around. Constructed with rugged material and zippers, this pack is a favorite for it’s durability. Can take a beating, tossing, slinging, and will last for years compared to any other pack on the market. 

Spec Ops is known for their quality and durability and customers who purchase this pack pick up several for different purposes (work, business, bug out). 100% lifetime guarantee and rated 5.0/5.0 on

>>>Buy Spec Ops T.H.E. Ultimate Pack here<<<

2) 511 Tactical

With wraparound MOLLE, the Rush 24 is their best seller on Fleece lined pocket to keep sunglasses accessible and safe and easily transferrable to be used for business, military, or play. The Rush 24 is highly favored for Every Day Carry (EDC) on the larger end. Not too large or too small, but the right size for versatile use. 

The Rush 24 does not contain perfected electronic protection, but can still accommodate computers, tablets, and other electronics for office use. Rated 5.0/5.0 on Amazon.

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3) Maxpedition

The Falcon II is the #1 seller for Maxpediton on and is rated highly at 4.6/5.0. This pack can hold up to 72 hours worth of Bug Out gear and can fit securely under the airline seat when flying. Outfitted with longer straps for larger individuals, the Falcon II can also be carried on the chest without restricted visibility, leaving the back available for another duffel or pack.

Highly recommended for ability to fit in restricted areas and extend out when necessary to fit extra essential gear. With all the little pockets and cubbies, the Falcon II is ideal for long deployments or an extended trip. This pack is appropriately priced and worth every penny.

>>>Buy Maxpedition Falcon-II Backpack here<<<

4) Tactical Tailor Operator

The Malice Pack, a modified version of the ALICE pack, a top seller with Tactical Tailor. Available only on their personal site, the Malice pack is ideal for the military person always on the go and packing a ton of gear. Available in Version 2 or 3 (approximately $20 difference) and compatible with ALICE pack frames, straps, and belt. 

This pack is perfect for those going on deployment that need the durability of a solid pack and want the same quality of the issued ALICE without the unnecessary bulk. Able to hold a sleeping system, fits comfortably, and equal weight distribution for comfortability.

>>>Buy Tactical Tailor Operator Malice Pack here<<<

5) Eberlestock

The Eberlestock G3 Phantom Sniper Pack features a pullout rain-cover, compatible PALS webbing, Back Scabbard webbing for rifle carrying and side-mounted sleeves for 2 hydration packs. Rate “5” in every category by the National Tactical Officer Association. This pack is ideal for those carrying a side arm or thigh holster and need a place to put a long arm as well. The rifle carry can accommodate a shotgun or other long arm issued weapon in a safe and comfortable manner. The pullout rain-cover is additional protection against wet weather and possible sandstorms, keeping the elements out of your gear and most importantly, your weapon.

>>>Buy Eberlestock G3 Phantom Sniper Pack here<<<

6) Condor

The Condor Tactical Expedition Combat 3 Day Assault Backpack is rated 4/5 on Amazon, this pack fits two 3L hydration bladders and plenty of individual compartments for easy access. Lots of extra space for purification tabs, sewing kits, and knives. 

This pack is raved about for ability to hold fluids in hot and humid climates. Hydration is key while on the move, and this pack will keep plenty of water at desired temperature.

>>>Buy Condor Tactical Expedition Combat 3 Day Assault here<<<

7) Sand Piper

The Long Range Bug Out Bag is the go to bag for Bug Out situations. Fits hydration packs, is extendable, and also compatible with MOLLE and PALS accessories. This pack is favored for the ability and versatility of the MOLLE packs and addition of accessories. Make this bag as big or small, extended or compact as you desire. Either way, you won’t be disappointed with its capabilities.

>>>Buy Sand Piper Long Range Bug Out Bag here<<<

8) Red Rock

The Large Rebel Assault Pack features MOLLE compatible webbing, mesh ventilation, plastic D-rings, and four quick release compression straps for expansion. With installed D-rings, this pack can really carry a punch of additional qualities. Although metal D-rings will work better, the plastics are a good start to see what you prefer for your pack. Plenty of MOLLE webbing to add additional accessories to build the pack up to your specific needs.

>>>Buy Red Rock Large Rebel Assault Pack here<<<

9) Grey Ghost

The Lightweight Assault Pack is their top seller and built to meet Special Operations weight requirements. Attachable directly to modular vest or a larger pack and includes all the necessary attachment hardware. Made of 100% nylon, rated 5/5 on skdtacom. This pack is ideal for the Ranger, SEAL, BUDS, or SNIPER type who needs a light weight pack to accompany their job detail.

The sleek design is great for those on the move constantly, reducing the bag snagging, catching, or tearing on miscellaneous obstructions.

>>>Buy Grey Ghost Lightweight Assault Pack here<<<

10) 3V Gear

The Paratus 3 Day Operator’s Pack contains EVA foam backing and is fully MOLLE compatible. The pack dimensions are maximum for flight carry and has heavy duty carry/drag handle. Very comfortable and durable, this pack is built to take a beating. Won’t rip, tear, or fall apart in weather exposure, and sure to last many years. Raved about for amount of gear it can hold and comfortable grab handles. Rated 4.6/5 on Amazon.

>>>Buy 3V Gear Paratus 3 Day Operator’s Pack here<<<

No matter what brand you decide to go with, just remember the quality, durability, and versatility. All of these brands are American made and take extreme pride in serving their military customers. You can’t go wrong with supporting brands that strive to support you.

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