Top 15 Foot Care Tips

Top 15 Foot Care Tips

Top 15 Foot Care Tips

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Here is our list of Top 15 Foot Care tIPS

1. Only wear shoes that fit comfortably

What counts as comfortable is actually very hard to measure, but the best way to know if you're comfortably fit in your shoes (aside from not discovering blisters walking around with them) is if you can wiggle your toes freely when you're wearing them. This is important because shoes that are too big for you will cause too much friction between your feet and the walls of the shoe, causing blisters. On the other hand, shoes that are too tight will cut circulation around your feet, which is not only painful in its own sense, but makes your feet sweat more, making it stinky.

Here's a video on how to prevent foot blisters:

2. Use moisturizer lotion on your feet

Moisturizer doesn't exactly prevent or cure cracks on the heels, but they do help them get worse. This is because cracks on the skin get worse when it's left dry. There are special creams for your feet, but your favorite lotion can work as well. The best time to apply the moisturizer is just when you get out of the bath, so that your feet are still a bit damp. This makes it easier for the stuff to spread out and affect your skin easily. Applying moisturizer once before going out and once before going to bed works, but if you know you'll be walking a lot, make sure to bring some moisturize with you to use it between breaks.

3. Remove hard skin using pumice stone / foot file

Rough heels don't just look bad. They can damage your thin stockings too. The good news is that they're very easy to remedy with pumice stones. Simply use the file or stone on your feet after you've soaked it on warm water for 15 minutes. Tip: adding some salt or black tea on the foot bath will make the skin easier to soften. Make sure not to get carried away and rub the skin too hard, or you'll scratch your skin.

Here's a video on how to use a pumice stone on your feet:

4. Excessive flip-flop wear can damage feet

Flip-flops, as you notice, are very flat. Rarely do you see this kind of footwear to have some kind of heel or arch support. Without that kind of support, the feet are likely to ache after walking around too much. If you must wear flip-flops, make sure you only do so when you know you won't be straining your feet too much. Otherwise, you'll need good comfortable shoes to support your feet.

5. Carefully cut toenails

A lot of people think that trimming your toenails is just a matter of just cutting them short. It's not. The reason why it's always better to let an expert do your pedicure is that the nails have to be cut in such a way that their direction for re-growth doesn't result to ingrown toenails. If you must do the trimming yourself, keep in mind that the edges should be rounded. Nails cut in angles are likely to dig into the skin when they grow back, and that's going to hurt.

Check this out on how to cut toenails properly:

6. Clean beneath your nails thoroughly

The best way to keep the underside of your toenails clean is to cut them short so no dirt can hide underneath them. But if you must keep your nails long, make sure to regularly clean them by simply brushing the underside of the toes while you're bathing. Having dirty toenails aren't just unsightly - the bacteria in the dirt make your feet stink too.

7. Have your feet pampered every once in a while

Your feet are made up of muscles too. They get weary and tired as you go about your day, and you're not even aware of it. That's why it's important to treat your feet to a spa every now and then. A foot massage can help soothe any aches around the feet as well.

Ah, one of my favorite steps on this list is getting my feet pampered. I love to get my feet pampered with a glass of wine in my hand, sports television on while I sit back in a leather recliner chair.

Try this awesome foot massage techniques:

8. Fight against fungus problems

If you're taking good care of your feet as advised above, you’re less likely to have concerns with fungus. But there are a lot of home remedies for feet fungus if you encounter them. If the fungus isn't too severe, you can try tea tree oil, vinegar with apple cider, or a garlic solution. Even soaking with warm water helps. But if they don't seem to work, you're going to need to check with your doctor for some prescription medication. Don't tolerate the existence of fungus because they don't just disappear. If untreated, they can injure your feet more.

9. Needing sunscreen? Don’t forget to apply them on your feet

People often forget to apply sunscreen on their feet because they wear shoes when they go out most of the time. But if you're out and on your feet a lot (i.e. when you're at the beach, your feet can get sunburned too, and it can hurt just as bad.

10. Change socks often/Try to wear cotton socks

Socks are there to keep your feet comfortable, especially when you're wearing hard, less comfortable shoes. While it may seem comfortable to not wear socks when you go out sometimes, you're actually just making yourself more prone to blisters. If you want to sport a look without socks, try wearing foot socks or really short socks.

This video discusses how shoes and socks work together to keep your feet happy.

11. Let your feet breathe

There's a reason why telling your guests to put their feet up is a common practice - the act of exposing your feet to air after being stuck inside shoes for a long time can be very relieving. Make sure you do that every time you come home.

12. Never go to bed without washing your feet

You wash your feet for typically the same reasons why you wash your hands: to keep them clean, to prevent infections, and to ward of the spread of diseases. Your feet are part of your body too, so you have to clean them regularly as well.

Check this out on how to clean dirty feet that are black due to oil & dirt :

13. Let your feet soak in warm water

No fancy feet solutions needed! When you have time, just grab a basin with warm water and let your feet soak in them. Not only do they keep your skin soft, but they loosen up the feet muscles and promote relaxation as well.

14. Wash your feet with purified water

When we bathe, we don't always know what's in the water we use. That's why some people recommend bathing with purified water. It limits your body's exposure to impurities that can be bad for the skin. This applies to washing your feet as well. Tip: if you ever go outdoors and find yourself near a stream or river and you've got the time, why not let your feet soak in them for a while?

15. Always dry your feet well after you wash them

Remember that fungus grows in moist places. That's why it's important to make sure your feet are completely dry before you go out or go to sleep. All you have to do is to dry your feet with a towel when you leave the bathroom, something people forget most of the time.

That wraps up my 15 quick tips on foot care. Feel free to comment below if you have other ideas and suggestions.