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The Most Comfortable Military Boots in 2021

Most comfortable military boots

Soldiers, choosing the best army boots is a critical part of our duty life. Different feet need different boots, and at the end of the day, it honestly can be the boot that carries you the extra mile.

Comfort is honestly the prime factor in getting you where you need to go, and often should be the first component that goes into your evaluation of any boot. 

If a boot doesn't feel right, does any other feature the boot have even matter?

What are the Best Men's Combat Boots?

By no means is this an exhaustive list of “comfortable” boots but will provide you with guidance in selecting your next pair based on your personal needs.

We’ve organized this list based on comfort and price. As you’ll see with some of the options we’ve provided, price does not necessarily equate to comfort as some of the more affordable options are just as comfortable as their more expensive counterparts.

In other words, the list below isn't in any particular order. I like each one mentioned. Let's get right into it, shall we?

Here's a list of the Top 5 Most Comfortable Military Boots (AR 670-1 Compliant)

1. Garmont T8 series: Bifida/NFS/Extreme AR 670-1       Compliant

Garmont T8 Bifida Tactical Boot4.5 Stars
Garmont T8 NFS Tactical Boot4.5 Stars

Garmont T8 Extreme Tactical Boot
4.5 Stars

Garmont, the Italian brand, became a favorite manufacturer of tactical boots in the late 2000’s. Formerly known for Alpine and ski boots, the Garmont line of tactical boots originally came to fame through SOF direct action units like the 75th Ranger Regiment.

Once their prowess in combat was proven, the T8 was quickly adopted by many line infantry units for their reliability and durability in austere environments.

Besides the expert craftsmanship of the T8, the entire Garmont line of boots is supremely comfortable. Yes, they can get hot because of the full grain leather, but the sole and insole of the boot provide excellent stability and all around comfort to the wearer.

Garmont offers several variants of the T8, including the Bifida, NFS (Need For Speed) and the Extreme (Cold Weather).

  • Garmont T8 desert tan boots with Bifida Sole features rugged soles designed for climbing over all type of terrain, hiking, and running. Bifida's are great for wet climates because the boots dry very quickly, and are well-ventilated.
  • If you’re looking for a lightweight version, the NFS offers a revamped sole made of soft rubber that looks and feels more like a running shoe than a combat boot.
  • The Extreme has 250 grams of thinsulate and is approved for most cold weather packing lists, including Ranger School. The T8 Extreme come equipped with a unique Vibram sole that performs extremely well in all weather conditions.

Combat boots in the Garmont T8 series are great options for lightweight combat military boots

We wrote a review of our favorite waterproof combat boots here.

Need more images? Here is a high definition video of the Garmont T8s

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2. Rocky S2V Boots AR 670-1 Compliant

The most popular combat boot to date, the S2V has rightly earned its place at the top. The insole of the boot is exceptionally forgiving and meshes well with the sole of the boot to provide excellent stability and breathability in hot and cold weather conditions.

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Rocky has announced plans to redesign the sole of the S2V to include a more well-defined heel for air assault and climbing operations. The insole is just a small piece of what makes the S2V so comfortable: the upper and laces also work in sync to provide the best experience for the wearer.

The S2V Jungle, released in the winter of 2013, is slightly less comfortable than its original counterpart. The Jungle variant does outperform the original by leaps and bounds in hot and wet weather environments, even after a complete soaking, the S2V Jungle will be perfectly dry after about 10 minutes of walking.

The S2V is remarkably comfortable but is definitely one of the more expensive options on this list. Be prepared to shell out around $200 US to be able to lace up a pair of your own.

*for a longer review, see my post here.

3. Nike SFB Field Leather Boots AR 670-1 Compliant

Nike SFB Field Leather Boots Authorized

The new SFB Field Leathers take several cues from its predecessor: Lightweight, aggressive sole, and an insole based off of the ever popular Nike Free running shoes.

To shed weight on your feet, you will sacrifice some durability and stability, but if speed is your game, these boots will get you there.

Features Include:

  • The sole performs well with the insole, providing support for wearers with high and normal arches, but the sole of the shoe might give you trouble if you have naturally low arches. But the tradeoff is that you will have better ankle protection.
  • The arch of the sole is lined with “teeth” that grip wet surfaces and ropes exceptionally well and make this an excellent training boot.
  • The SFB Field also dries extremely fast, and the sole design allows for quick shedding of mud and debris. The lace system has also been slightly redesigned to be a more angular boot, and the new field model has a heel loop to secure the laces around the back of the boot.
  • In the lightweight tactical boots arena, the Nike SFB Field Leather boots are definitely one of your top choices. They make for reliable and comfortable running boots as well due to the flexible design.

Video Review of Nike SFB Field Leather Boots

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The SFB Field fits a little small for size, so we’d recommend ordering one-half size up, or if you already own a pair of Nikes, go with that size. Since the SFB Field is a relatively new boot, there isn’t a whole lot of guidance we can provide about the longevity of these boots, but they do make an excellent training or garrison choice.

For a longer review, I have you covered. Check out my review of Nike SFB Field Leathers Here. 

4. BLACKHAWK Warrior Wear AR 670-1 Compliant

BLACKHAWK has been manufacturing tactical gear since the early 2000’s but debuted their first tactical boot shortly after third-party boots became allowed in the US Army. Their first line of the tactical boot, the Warrior Wear, features a full grain leather upper, soft rubber sole, and an expertly crafted insole.

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The boot is lightweight and still designed for a field environment. Does it do its job well? You bet it does. The leather protects the entire foot of the wearer and guarantees excellent durability. I rotated between these boots and my favorite Oakley during my time in Afghanistan. The two kicks shared a lot of similarities like weight and comfort, but the Blackhawks just wore better and held together a lot better. My Oakleys had cracks in the leather, and the threads began to wear out. The Blackhawks, on the other hand, held together just fine.

Check out this 5 minute review of the Blackhawk Warrior Wear

What environment should the boots be worn in?

From my experience, they are one of my boots of choice in wet or muddy conditions. It did a great job keeping my feet warm and clean. The downside though is that they are not water resistant and there are no drainage holes, so you will have to careful with where you step. Additionally, during the summer months, on the other hand, they were a bit hot to wear and more substantial than other alternatives like the Nike SFB Leather Boots.

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With that said, if you choose to wear them in the summer, that's still just fine because the boot by design is lighter than most. I recommend wearing a nice pair of thin but durable socks to help keep your feet protected but cool.

What are these boots best for?

The Blackhawk Warrior Wears are great for constant movement. If you are on the ground doing patrols, rucking, or conducting tactical training, then you want to be wearing these boots. My feet can endure more since the fatigue is cut down from my feet not being sore. That's a huge plus I get from wearing quality boots.

What about sizing?

From my experience, they have been true to size

Concluding thoughts

The sole is a softer compound to provide a more gentle “ride” and does wear somewhat quickly. The Warrior Wear doesn’t dry as fast as some of the other options on this list, but this doesn’t take away from the overall quality of the boot. The Warrior Wear is also very reasonably priced for the performance and comfort it offers. Some issues with quality control have come up since BLACKHAWK switched their manufacturing site from the United States to China, but it hasn’t degraded the brand to date. From my experience, they do not need time to break in.

5. Belleville One Xero ar 670-1 Compliant

One of Belleville’s newest models, the One Xero is an excellent option for both garrison and field environments. It was one of the most common boots I saw as a summer Ranger, and my classmates constantly bragged about how comfortable and durable the One Xero was.

What makes the Xeros comfortable? What are the advantages?

  • The Xero is also extremely lightweight and has Belleville’s name backing the quality of the boot. To further emphasize, the One Xeros is one of the lightest Berry Compliant boots you can find in the market.
  • Belleville has continued their production of classic models that we’ve featured before, but the One Xero is a testament to Belleville’s commitment to listening to Soldier feedback and advice. The sole is extremely forgiving and provides excellent stability with a very rigid heel cup.
  • The insole is firmer than some of the other options we’ve provided, but it does best while carrying a heavy load or climbing and descending steep hills. Belleville has also priced this boot to be an extremely affordable option for the long life and quality you’ll get out of the One Xero.

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What about the downsides of the boot?

The Xero are lighter than most army boots on the market. Truth is, there is always going to be a trade-off for durability in this department. Although they are flexible and great for active tasks, if you are running on tough terrain, you'll be feeling the rocks a little more than the more than heavier boots. Also, if you are in need of boots for colder temperatures, consider picking up one of the more heavier boots to balance this out. I recommend Rocky S2Vs for colder temperature and heavier boots for tougher terrain

How long do they take to break in?

They break in very quickly. They don't require much "breaking in" time because of how spacious the toe box is. They are very comfortable, lightweight and have solid traction. 

How's the sizing on your Belleville One Xeros?

Questions relating to sizing is always a subjective topic, but i'll give you an answer. To me, the boots were pretty "true to size." I think this has to do with the fact the toe box has space, giving it flexibility in fit. 

Choose your size for your pair of Belleville One Xeros

Comfort has long been my most significant factor in deciding what boots I’ll be fielding, and the options we’ve provided with this list won’t steer you wrong. There are other options, as some Soldiers swear by the rising trend of minimalist combat footwear, while others prefer what they were issued at their home station. If you have any other suggestions on what you believe to be the most comfortable authorized boot, let us know in the comment section!

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