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Top Gas Mask Filters – Ensuring Safe Breath in the Most Hazardous Condition

Gas mask filters are known to cater to a wide variety of emergency situations – be it military, enforcement of law, chemicals in the laboratory or industry. The main purpose to use this product is to prevent the entry of hazardous particles into the airways of the person in action.

Here's a list of Best Gas Mask Filter

Why use Gas Mask Filters?

Most of the premium gas mask filters are known to use activated charcoal filters to trap particles more effectively and provide protection against NBS and CBRN threats. The military grade gas filters can be used in two ways. It can be used to get protection against the simple suspended particles, similar to how a water filter works by removing the bacteria, smoke and other minute particles thus making the air fresh for inhalation. In addition to that it can also be used for emergency control situations such as epidemic control, industrial production, chemical waste disposal, etc. This is the point where gas masks come handy in comparison to the day-to-day dust masks and respirators.

What to look for in Gas Mask Filters?

While most gas mask filters are known to have a shell life of up to ten years, certain filters are known to come with a smaller shell life. This is not as important as knowing the duration you can use the mask for. You can easily find all the required info on the pack. Though most filters are known to provide efficient service for up to 14 long hours, if used within a closed environment with heavy concentration of toxic gases, it may hardly be effective for few hours. Depending on the concentration, it can be rendered useless even within the first hour of its usage. It is thus necessary to take care of all these facts before making the purchase as it can become quite risky to use it is such hazardous conditions without proper knowledge and protection.

Let us take a look at some of the best gas mask filters in the present market.

Top 5 Best Gas Mask Filter

1. NBC 40mm Respirator Mask Filter – 40 RD Thread Style

NBC 40mm Respirator Mask Filter – 40 RD Thread Style

This gas filter can be used for emergency protection against chemical and biological agents. It has come out with flying colors when put to test against warfare toxins and other chemical gases. This filter can offer great protection against aerosols. This filter comes with a shell life of five years.


  • 40mm professional grade gas filter canister for any emergency.
  • Can provide protection against a number of organic gases such as nitro-paraffin, benzene chloride, carbon tetrachloride, methyl bromide, acetone, chloromethane and carbon dioxide among many others.
  • Protection against toxic radioactive particles and microorganisms such as virus and bacterias.
  • Protection against biotoxins like sarin gas, arsine, mustard and inorganic gases and acids like hydrogen cyanide, hydrogen fluoride, formic acid, etc.
  • Can be used against terrorism agents like smallpox and anthrax and riot control agents like tear gas.
  • Can be used with any 40mm standard NATO filter supported gas mask.
  • 99.99% particle removal guarantee.

2. Gas Mask Filter 40mm CBRN Military Grade Gas Mask Filter (Made in 2017)

Gas Mask Filter 40mm CBRN Military Grade Gas Mask Filter

Known to offer protect users from a huge list of hazardous gases, this gas filter ensures clean breathing even among the most dangerous air contaminants. The aluminum housing can be sturdy against any potential damage. The filter with is impregnated with activated carbon, micro-glass and cellulose filter for the most efficient protection and absorption of harmful gases.


  • Provided with Drager Combination filter fitted with the latest technology 1140 A2B2E2K1HgP3 R D gas mask filter.
  • 6 long years of shell life.
  • Can fit all respirators and gas masks with 40mm CBRN filter support.
  • Offers protection against multiple vapors and hazardous gases. Comes with a part known to filter out 99.95% suspended particles and dust.
  • Thorough instructions provided.
  • 180wide angle Plexiglass PMMA viewing window to provide clear distortion free wide viewing area.
  • Very simple to use preparedness for emergency cases.
  • Can be used by both professionals and civilians.

3. NATO 40mm Gas Mask Filter Respirator Israeli Style NBC Protection

NATO 40mm Gas Mask Filter Respirator Israeli Style NBC Protection

The list of situations that you can use this gas filter in consists of wide variety of entries starting from biological situations to industrial uses. Provided with a 3m respirator, this filter can be used with any gas mask that supports 40mm filter treads.


  • Israeli finish for ultimate NBC protection against industrial contaminants, chemicals, toxic paints, and welding fumes.
  • Provided with 40 mm military grade filter.
  • Can be effectively used for 100 minutes in cases of CK gases with a flow rate of 30lpm at 3.0mg/lit concentration.
  • Charcoal filter to efficient cleaning of all suspended particles in the air.

4. Avon M61 Filter (For Avon M40 US Military Mask only)

Avon M61 Filter

This filter is precisely made for a particular type of mask – The M40 Avon US Military mask. It is a medium sized mask that can be used for a wide range of emergency conditions. The filter used in the mask can be used for 24 hours at a stretch.


  • Can be used for protection against biological components, nuclear threats, chemical toxins, radiological wastes and vapors.
  • Provided with twin filtration system.
  • Most suitable for being used for military purposes.
  • Comes with 5 years of shell life.
  • Provides protection against arsine, bromine, benzene, bacteria, chloro-acetophenone, cyanogens, fluorine, cyanides, hydrogen sulfide, phosgene, toluene and many other extremely hazardous components.

Avon M61 Filter Video Review

5. PD-100 Full Face Respirator with eye filter and double air filter.

PD-100 Full Face Respirator

Provided with two filters made of activated charcoal, it is one of the most commonly used gas mask filters for various environmental conditions, industrial processes as well as for laboratory works. With such wide range of usability, this mask also offers great protection to the eyes as well.


  • Can protect you against a wide range of toxins.
  • Protection against various biological agents.
  • It can save your life from nuclear and radiological waste products.
  • Dual air filters to provide clean breathable air for respiration in emergencies.
  • Thorough instructions provided.
  • Offers protection against wide range of gases such as nitro-alkane, carbon tri-chloride, ether, anilines, chloroform and much other wide range of pollutants.
  • Made with premium silicone to provide sturdy structure.
  • Provided with durable valve for efficient breathing.
  • Can be used in wide range of conditions like pesticide protection, epidemic prevention, filtration of toxic vapors, disaster relief, etc.


These are some of the best gas mask filters that can be used for multipurpose application. There are a lot of other filters and gas masks available in the market as well that can be used by civilians as well as professionals for any situation that may demand. You can search more to know about them before deciding on your choice.