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Ultimate Primitive Basket Fish Trap

There is a chance that the time will come when you need to survive in the wild. Without proper knowledge about the things that you should do, there is always a big chance that you will find it harder to get the right materials in order to gather enough food to sustain you.

If you stay at a place that is near a body of water then you are in luck because you can fish in order to survive. Trying to fish with the usual fishing rod might not do a lot of good though especially if you have to do it every day. It will take up so much of your time. The best option that you have is to create the ultimate primitive basket fish trap. At this point you may be wondering how you are going to do that?

Here is the process that you ought to follow to make that possible:

1. Gather vines of different lengths. You can usually get a lot of vines in the forest. Just make sure that you will not expose yourself to poisonous vines that may give you more harm than good.

2. Make sure that you will clean the vibes free of other leaves and items that might be holding on to it so that you will have vines that will be easy to use.

3. Place all the vines on top of each other like they would form a star pattern on the ground and you have to tie them up together with the use of a twine or a string that will hold them all together.

4. Do make sure that all of the pieces are tied together. You may have to go over certain areas one after the other to be sure about what you can expect to get from it.

5. Once you are already sure that they are all tied together, get the thinnest vine first and weave it over and under all the other vines. This would have to be done in an organized manner so if you start by placing the vine over for one vine, place the same vine under the next vine and so on and so forth.

6. You can place up the rest of the vines so that you will know how large the fish trap is going to be and still continue with going under and over to weave the basket thoroughly.

7. Do remember that you have to pay special attention to your base because this will determine how strong your fish strap is going to be. Once you have done your base properly though, weaving the fish trap will become much faster.

8. Focus on the opening of the fish trap. The opening of the fish strap should seem big enough for fishes to swim in but it will not be enough for them to go out. You would have to make the opening separately from the fish trap basket. Place the mechanisms on the inside of the fish trap and you will not have any problem at all.

9. What will happen is it would look like you have a really big opening and fish would start to swim to it but it has a much smaller hole that will make it harder for the fish to come out.

10. Place it on the area where you think fish usually flock together and you just might have enough fish to help you survive in the wild.

Here's a video to learn more on how to build a primitive basket fish trap.

Making a fish trap can seem like hard work and it does take a lot of time but if done well, it can last for a long period of time and will also give you an abundant amount of fish.

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